“The Prometheus Released” Shelley in brief

“The Prometheus Released” Shelley in brief

Romantic utopian drama Shelley is written in a white iambic pentameter.

The action begins in the Caucasus Mountains, where in the gorge among the ice-covered rocks Tomet Prometheus languishes in chains. At the feet of his oceanides Pantey and Jonah sympathetically listen to his reproaches, addressed to the supreme god, Jupiter. Prometheus reminds the autocrat that he once helped him take power over the gods, for which Jupiter repaid him with black ingratitude. He riveted the titan to the rock, condemned him to torment: his body is tormented by the will of Jupiter, a bloodthirsty eagle. But this seemed to him a little. He also hated the people to whom Prometheus had given fire and a torch of knowledge, and now sends misfortunes to all mankind. However, Prometheus refuses to submit

to the tyrant. He believes that “love, freedom, truth” will triumph, he remembers his terrible curse to the tyrant and does not doubt that the despot will fall and retribution – the endless torment of eternal solitude – will overtake him. Prometheus does not intimidate either physical torment, nor fury, tormenting his mind and soul. He firmly believes in his destiny: “to be the support, the savior of the suffering man.” The only consolation for the titan is his memories of his beloved, beautiful oceanic Asia. Pantheus informs him that his loving Asia always waits for him in India.

Having appeared in Asia, Panthea speaks of the love of Prometheus for her. Asia is giving up memories of past love and dreams of reuniting with loved ones.

Together with the Panthea, Asia goes to the cave where Demogorgon is seated – “a powerful darkness” that has “no clear features, no image, no members”. Asia asks Demogorgon about who created the world, thought, feelings, crime, hatred and everything inherent in the earthly life, and to all questions Demogorgon answers equally: the autocratic God. But then who is Monsieur Jupiter, Asia asks, and Demogorgon says: “All spirits – if they serve evil, – slaves. / Such or no Jupiter – you can see.”


hope of liberation from the tyrannical power of Jupiter, Asia asks when the chains of Prometheus fall. However, Demogorgon again answers unclear, vague visions sweep across Asia.

Meanwhile, on the heavenly throne, Jupiter enjoys its power. The only thing that irritates him is the disobedience of a man who undermines his autocratic power.

On the chariot of the Hour is the grim Demogorgon. “Who are you?” – Jupiter asks and hears back: “Eternity”. Demogorgon suggests that Jupiter follow him into eternal darkness. The indignant Jupiter showered him with curses, but Hour has come – he is thrown from a throne, elements, to which he appeals, to him do not obey more, and he falls downwards, in darkness.

Joy embraces the gods at the news of the fall of the tyrant. On the chariot of the Spirit of the Hour, Asia and Pantheia descend to the Caucasus mountains. Hercules releases Prometheus from the chains, Prometheus is unspeakably happy to see the beautiful beloved Asia, is building plans for a new joyful life for himself and the people he saved. The Earth tells him and Asia of his torment when the spirit of enmity dominated her everywhere.

To everyone’s joy, the Spirit of the Hour reports that after the fall of the autocrat tyrant, great changes occurred: “contempt, and horror, and hatred, and self-deprecation in the eyes of men have gone out,” “jealousy, jealousy, treachery” have disappeared… Having descended to earth, Prometheus and Asia hear the Spirits of Human Mind singing the triumph of freedom and love. Wonderful visions sweep in front of them, and among them – the beautiful Spirit of the Earth, the child of Asia. The Earth describes an incredible transfiguration of the world: “… The swamp of thought that has fallen from the century, / The fire of love is outraged… / … From many souls a single spirit arose.”

Finally, Demogorgon, the embodiment of eternal darkness, appeared before them, announcing that thanks to the Son of the Earth, the kingdom of Patience, Wisdom, Tenderness, and Kindness had come. And in this kingdom will rule Beauty.

“The Prometheus Released” Shelley in brief