Summary Three fat men

Summary Three fat men

Yu. K. Olesha

Three Fat Men

In one city the doctor once lived. His name was Gaspard Arneri. He was a scientist, and there was no one in his country wiser for him. The country where Gaspard Arneri lived was ruled by Three Fat Men, gluttonous and cruel.
One summer, in June, a clear clear day the doctor goes for a walk. In the square, he suddenly finds pandemonium, hears gunshots and, climbing to the tower, sees the craftsmen pursued by guardsmen running from the Palace of Three Fat Men. It turns out that the people under the leadership of the armorer Prospero and the gymnast Tibul rebelled against the power of the Three Fat Men, but the uprising was defeated, and the armorer Prospero was seized. The bomb falls into the tower, from which Gaspar Arneri watches what is happening, she collapses, and the doctor loses consciousness. He woke up when the evening came. Around lie dead bodies of the dead. Returning home through the area of ​​the Star, the doctor sees how the other leader of the uprising, the gymnast Tibul, escaping from the guards pursuing him, deftly walks along the narrow wire directly over the square, and then runs through the hatch in the dome. At home the tired doctor is going to go to bed, as suddenly a man in a green cloak comes out of the fireplace. This gymnast is Tibul. On the next day, ten platters are being prepared on the Court Square for the captured rebels. Then an unusual occurrence happens: the wind blows the seller of balloons

along with the balls and he falls directly into the open window of the palace confectionery and gets directly into the huge cake. To avoid punishment, the confectioners decide to leave the seller in the cake, having smeared it with cream and clotted with candied fruits, and to serve in the hall where the main breakfast is held. Thus, the seller of the balls, trembling with fear that it will be eaten, becomes a witness of what is happening in the hall. Tasting the cake is temporarily delayed. Three Fat Men want to contemplate the captive gunsmith Prospero, and then, when they enjoy this spectacle, they are going to continue the feast,
The Fat Men have no children, and they are going to transfer all of their wealth and governance to the country of Tutti, who is brought up in the Palace, like a little prince. Fat men indulge him in every possible way and indulge his whims. In addition, they want the boy to have an iron heart, they do not allow him to play with other children, and his studies take place in a menagerie. Instead of a friend, an amazing doll was created for him, which is endowed with the ability to grow and develop with Tutti. The heir is extremely attached to her. And now the beloved doll is broken: the rebellious guardsmen, who crossed over to Prospero’s side and the insurgent people, pierced her with bayonets.
Fat men do not want Tutti’s heir upset. The doll must be urgently repaired, but no one can do it, except for the learned doctor Gaspar Arneri. Therefore, it was decided to send him a doll, so that by the next morning she, repaired, was again at Tutti. Otherwise, doctors are in serious trouble. Since the mood of the Fatties is spoiled, the cake with the seller of balloons is carried back to the kitchen. Povaryat in exchange for balloons help the seller get out of the Palace, show him a secret move that starts from a giant pot.
Meanwhile, in the Fourteenth market, Three Fat Men organize festivities for the people: performances, entertainment, performances, during which artists must campaign for Three Fat Men and distract the people’s attention from the plaques that are being erected for execution. In one such presentation, Dr. Arnery and gymnast Tibul are present, turned by the doctor for conspiracy into a Negro. During the performance of Lapitup’s strongman Tibul does not stand up and drives him off the stage, revealing to the people that he is not a Negro at all, but a real Tibul. Between him and bribed circus tied brawl. Tibul is defended by cabbage heads, tearing them straight from the bed and throwing them at the enemy. Grabbing the next head, he suddenly discovers that this is a human head, and none other than a seller of balloons.
While Tibul is fighting, Dr. Gaspard Arneri is found by the fat man’s messengers and handed him an order and a broken doll. Doctor Gaspard Arneri tries to repair the doll, but by the morning he clearly does not keep up. We still need at least two days, and the doctor, along with the doll, goes to the Fat Men. On the way it is stopped by guarding the Palace of Guards and is not allowed further. They do not believe that he really is Gaspar Arneri, and when the doctor wants to show them the doll, he discovers that she is not: after a doze, he dropped it on the way. The upset doctor has to turn back. Hungry, he calls into Uncle Brizak’s farce. Imagine his surprise when he discovers there heir Tutti doll, which is not a doll, but a living girl named Swauk, alike as two drops of water on the doll.
In the morning, Dr. Arnery is at the Palace. The doll is not only corrected to them, but even more like a living girl than before. Suok is a good artist and it is perfectly represented by a doll. The heir is ecstatic. And then the doctor asks for a cancellation penalty for the ten rebels. Indignant fat men have nothing left to do but to agree, otherwise the doll can deteriorate again.
At night, when everyone is asleep, Suok enters the menagerie. She is looking for Prospero, but in one of the cells detects monster, covered with hair, with long yellow claws, which gives her some tablet and dies. This is the great scientist Tub, the creator of the doll for Tutti: he was imprisoned in a menagerie for not agreeing to make the heir an iron heart. Here he spent eight years and almost lost his human face. Then Suok finds a cage with Prospero and frees him. With the terrible Panther Prospero released from the cell and Swauk break through to the very pot where an underground passage begins, but does not have time Swauk after Prospero and captured guards.
The next day the trial of Suok will take place. To Tutti’s successor did not accidentally intervene and upset their plans, on the order of the Fat people, he was temporarily put to sleep. Suok does not answer questions and generally does not react to what is happening. Angry Fat decide to give it to the tiger. Released from the cage tigers, seeing the victim, first rush to her, but then suddenly indifferently turn away. It turns out that this is not at all Suok, but the same spoiled doll that the rebel guardsmen took away from the founding teacher of the dance of Razdvatris. The real Suok was hidden in the closet, replacing the doll.
Meanwhile, gunshots are already ringing and the shells are bursting, the insurgent people, under the leadership of the armorer Prospero and the gymnast of Tibul, are storming the Palace.
The power of the Fatty comes to an end. And on that tablet, which the dying creator of the doll gave to the brave Suok, he revealed to her an important secret: she is Sister Tutti, who was abducted with him at the order of Fatties and then separated from her brother. Tutti was left in the Palace, and the girl was given a roaming circus in exchange for a rare-breed parrot with a long red beard.

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Summary Three fat men