“RVS.” Gaidar’s summary

“RVS.” Gaidar’s summary

Settled and dilapidated sheds, where the Germans brought hay and straw. Ataman Krivolob shot four Muscovites and one Ukrainian here, so the boys are afraid to play here. Not afraid only Dimka: he hides in the shed two cartridge rounds, a ramrod from the rifle and a rusty Austrian bayonet without scabbards and plays in different commanders. If white, then he slanders: “The Communists wanted? Freed wanted? Against the legitimate authority…”. If the red: “Against whom are you going? Against your brother a worker and a peasant?” Generals need you and admirals… “

Playing, Dimka forgets to arrive on time home and runs, afraid of punishment, but at home PE: arrived Head, which recently reds were taken into the army. He hit Bumblebee’s boot, followed by Dimka. He promised to expel the “Petersburg proletarians”. Father at Dimka in St. Petersburg. The head hides from the reds in the hayloft, has a rifle.

Dimka climbs to look at it, opens the bolt and, not understanding how, pushes the cartridge into the barrel. Appears Head, rifle shoots, Dimka flees, but receives from Golovnya a poke in the back. Saves him from beating a detachment of Red cavalrymen. Dimka is afraid to go home.

Meets Zhigan from the city, who sang the song “Long live the Soviets!”. She sings songs on the trains. He came to the godfather Onufrihe to eat away. She did not allow more than two weeks.

Dimka appoints a meeting

on the river in the morning – to catch crayfish. At home, mother scolds, but without anger. The next morning Dimka offers Zhigan to escape, as the Headband beats and drives relatives from home. Gigan suggests begging, after lying, that served both red, and green, and “brown.” Dimka proposes to go to war to the Reds. Began to assemble.

Nearby – a large front. All around the Red Army men were chasing gangs, or gangs for Red Army men, or the atamans tinkered among themselves. Green arrived, they drank with Golovnem, they dig a pit behind the hut of Zhigan. Near the village there was a battle, after him Dimka did not find meat hidden for a hike in the straw. The provisions were overtaken, and in the morning they decided to escape. Rumors of a wounded Bolshevik in the vicinity. The guys stole from the Dimka cellar a bowler and went to hide it in a barn, in a straw. They heard a groan there and, frightened, fled. The next morning Dimka found in the shed a wounded Red Army man, the one who had interceded for him before Golovnem. Zhigan came, the wounded were given food and water and promised to keep silent about him. Dimka took a piece of fat at home and traded it for an iodine bottle at the priest’s.

Time passed, you can not hear about the red ones, Dimka’s problems are: Headache beats, drives mom and Topa, the priest told his mother about iodine. Red promised to help. And while Goloven found out that the wounded man was somewhere close, they found a book bloodied with the letters RVS on the first sheet. The head shot Shmel, is about to go somewhere. The guys warn the wounded about the danger, Zhigan says that the city is red and is called to carry a note with the same mysterious letters. On the way he gets into the hands of the green, runs away, gets to the guys Kozolupa, sets them on the Levkin detachment. Soon the road forks.

Zhigan asks on the farm, for which in the city. The road was shown from the window. Zhigan delivered a note to the red ones, those immediately on horses. In the meantime, the village came to the village green, but at night it is difficult to search – they postponed until the morning. In the morning the Reds approached, drove the enemies away. Dimka and his family issued passes to Peter, and Zhiganu – a paper that he was “not a shantrap and not a jerk, but an element that proved his revolutionary nature on a fact”, and therefore “render him, Zhigan, a song in singing Soviet songs on all stations, trains and echelons “with the official stamp.

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“RVS.” Gaidar’s summary