Marcel Proust In search of lost time Towards Svanu Time eludes a brief moment between sleep and awakening. Within a few seconds, the narrator Marcel

IV Goethe Faust The tragedy is opened with three introductory texts. The first is a lyrical dedication to friends of youth – those with whom

MA Sholokhov Quiet Don After the end of the penultimate Turkish campaign, the Cossack Prokofiy Melekhov led a captive Turkish woman home to the village

Mechanic Etienne Lantier, expelled from the railroad for a slap to the chief, is trying to get a job at the Monsu mine, near Vore,

N. S. Leskov Enchanted Wanderer Several travelers are encountered on the way to Valaam on the Ladoga Lake. One of them, dressed in a novice

MI Tsvetaeva Pied Piper “Pied Piper” – the first poem Tsvetaeva, written in exile, in Prague. This is a prophecy about the fate of the