KA Fedin Cities and years In the autumn of 1919 Andrey Startsov comes from the city of Mordovia Semidol to Petrograd. He was mobilized in the army and arrived at the duty station. But instead of the expected dispatch to the front, Andrei is left a clerk at the headquarters. Soon Rita comes to see him – a woman with whom he was close in Semidol and who now expects a child from him. At the same time in Moscow, the German Council of Soldiers’ Deputies is a man who calls himself corporal Conrad Stein. He wants to return to his homeland, to Germany. CheckingRead More →

One morning, Buddha wandered alone along the shore of a paradise pond. He stopped in thought and suddenly saw everything that was happening on the bottom of the Lotus Pond, reaching to the very depths of the underworld. A lot of sinners were crowding down there. The Buddha’s eyes fell on one of them. His name was Kandata, and he was a terrible robber: he killed, robbed, set fire to, but still there was one good deed in his account. Once in the thicket of the forest, he nearly stepped on a tiny spider, but at the last moment felt sorry for him and removedRead More →

Fen Chunyu became famous as a brave warrior. He was generous, hospitable, but obstinate. Yes, and did not shy away from wine. Therefore, he was demoted from the post of deputy commander of the Huainan region. And he does not care at all: he settled in his own house, which is near the old-old ash tree, and washed down the old one. Once he was heavily drunk, two friends laid down to sleep on the veranda. It was then that Chunyu imagined that the messengers had come for him to call on the ruler of the country, Huainan. They met him there with an unprecedentedRead More →

The action takes place in the living room of the country villa Orpheus and Eurydice, reminiscent of the illusionist’s salon; despite the April sky and bright lighting, it becomes obvious to the audience that the room is in the power of mysterious charms, so that even the usual objects in it look suspicious. In the middle of the room is a paddock with a white horse. Orpheus stands at the table and works with the spiritual alphabet. Eurydice stoically expects when her husband will end communication with the spirits by means of a horse that answers the questions of Orpheus with knocks that help himRead More →

THE URGYM-RIVER Opera in four acts (eight paintings) based on the novel by V. Ya. Shishkov Libretto by V. Ya. Shishkov and S. G. Ostrovy Characters: Danila Gromov, merchant Peter, his son Prokhor, his grandson Anfisa Kozyreva, a pupil of the Gromovs Nina Kupriyanova, the daughter of a rich merchant (first the bride, then wife of Prokhor) Farkov, a mining engineer Daria, the wife of Farkova Vasily Fedorov, Revolutionary Bolshevik Nile, prospector Golovan, prospector Ilya Sohatkh, the clerk of the Gromovs Bailiff Tungus Bass Tenor Baritone-bass Mezzo soprano Soprano Tenor Soprano Baritone Tenor Tenor Tenor Bass Tenor Priiskovye workers, households Gromov, convicts, escorts, guards, guestsRead More →

FM Dostoevsky Teenager Arkady Makarovich Dolgoruky, aka Teenager, recounts in his notes about himself and recent events, in which he was one of the main participants. He is twenty years old, he just graduated from high school in Moscow, but he decided to postpone his admission to the university, so as not to be distracted from the realization of the cherished idea, which he had almost from the sixth grade. His idea is to become a Rothschild, that is, to accumulate a lot of money, and, together with money, to gain power and solitude. With people, Arkady, according to his confession, is difficult, he isRead More →

In the introduction, the author – Beggar – says that if poverty is a patent for poetry, then no one doubts that he is a poet. He is in the company of beggars and participates in the performances that this troupe gives weekly in one of the poorest quarters in London – St. Giles. The actor recalls that the Muses, unlike all other women, do not meet anyone by their dress and do not consider a flashy outfit a sign of the mind, and modest clothes are a sign of stupidity. The beggar says that originally his play was intended for the performance at theRead More →

Tired of the London bustle and crowded, noisy resorts, Mr. Lockwood decided to spend some time in the country wilderness, away from the turmoil and people. He rented an old landlord’s house, the Mind of Skvortsov. The house stood on the outskirts, surrounded by hilly moors and swamps in the north of England. The owner of Skvortsov, Squire Heathcliff, lived nearby, at the Wuthering Heights Manor, and Mr. Lockwood decided to visit him. Having met with the owner, the guest hesitated: the clothes and exterior of the owner of the estate were not very suitable to each other. He was dressed like a gentleman, butRead More →

In the hot summer afternoon the mouse prince Krokhobor drank water from the swamp and met the frog king of Vzdulomord there. He turned to him, as Homer turned to Odysseus: “Wanderer, who are you from what kind of family?” And came from where? ” Word for word, they met, the frog planted a mouse on its back and was lucky to show the wonders of the amphibian kingdom. We sailed peacefully, when suddenly the frog saw ahead of the water snake, was frightened and dived into the water from under the comrade. The unfortunate mousy drowned, but managed to utter a terrible curse: “…Read More →

T. Williams The Glass Menagerie This, in fact, is a memory. Tom Wingfield talks about the time – between the two wars – when he lived in St. Louis with his mother Amanda Wingfield – a woman endowed with great zest for life, but unable to adapt to the present and desperately clinging to the past, and sister Laura, a dreamer who had moved to childhood a serious illness – one leg in her and remained slightly shorter than the other. Tom himself, a poet in the shower, then served in a shoe shop and suffered painfully, engaged in a hated affair, and in theRead More →