There were three famous writers of tragedies in Athens: the elder – Aeschylus, the middle one – Sophocles and the younger – Euripides. Aeschylus was

Maxim Gorky Mieschans Vasily Vasilyevich Bessemionov lives in a prosperous house, he is 58, the foreman of the paint shop, who marks a deputy in

The plot of this novel by a well-known Italian writer, philologist and historian of literature falls on the beginning of the seventies of the 20th

The action takes place in the Belarusian village in the mid-thirties. Collectivization has already taken place, a collective farm has been created, so-called kulaks have

THE SPARROW Opera in four acts Libretto by IV Shpazhinsky Characters: Prince Nikita Danilych Kurlyatev, Grand duchess in Nizhny Novgorod Novgorod Princess Eupraxia Romanovna, his

In a provincial town, a young merchant of Bavarian kvass meets a walking woman in the evening. She, drunk, stands in a puddle and stomps