Italy, the twenties of the XX century. Three days from the life of five people: an elderly lady, Mariagratsii, mistress of the declining villa, her children, Michele and Carla, Leo, the longtime lover of Mariagratsia, Lisa, her friend. Conversations, meetings, thoughts… Of all the five, Leo alone is content with life and says that, if he ever came into the world again, he would like to be “exactly the same and wear the same name – Leo Merumeichi.” Leo is alien to repentance, anguish, remorse, discontent with himself. His only desire is to enjoy life. Carla’s youth arouses in him unbridled lust, which he, withoutRead More →

Main characters: Ranevskaya Lyubov Andreevna, landowner. Anya, her daughter, is 17 years old. Varya, her adopted daughter, 24 years old. Gayev Leonid Andreevich, brother Ranevskaya. Lopakhin Ermolai Alekseevich, merchant. Trofimov Pyotr Sergeevich, the student. Simeonov-Pischik Boris Nikolaevich, the landowner. Charlotte Ivanovna, governess. Epihodov Semen Panteleevich, clerk. Dunyasha, the maid. Firs, lackey, the old man is 87 years old. Yasha, a young lackey. Passer-by. Head of station. Postal official. Guests, servants. First action The Ranevskaya estate, cherry blossoms. A room that is still called a nursery. Enter Dunyasha and Lopakhin. They say that the train arrived late. Lopakhin came earlier to meet Ranevskaya with the familyRead More →

Plautus Amphitryon The most beloved hero of Greek myths was Hercules, a mighty toiler who saved the gods from destruction, and people from terrible monsters, but who did not make himself a kingdom or happiness. The Greeks composed songs about him first, then tragedies, then comedies. One of such comedies also reached us in the Latin processing of Plautus. Actually, the very Hercules here on the scene yet. It’s only about his birth so far. It should be conceived by the god Zeus himself from the mortal woman Alcmene. To make the hero-savior become mighty of the mighty, a long work is needed – that’sRead More →

The story of Andreev’s “Kusaka” narrates about the hard share of the stray dog. The summary will help the reader to learn the plot, to get acquainted with the main characters in less than 5 minutes. Who is Kusaka? Previously, this dog had no name. The author acquaints the reader with the homeless animal. His life was not easy. The yard dogs drove him away from the huts, preventing him from feeding, and the children threw sticks and stones into the animal. Once she seemed to like to cuddle a drunken man, but when the dog came up to him, he hit her with theRead More →

Settled and dilapidated sheds, where the Germans brought hay and straw. Ataman Krivolob shot four Muscovites and one Ukrainian here, so the boys are afraid to play here. Not afraid only Dimka: he hides in the shed two cartridge rounds, a ramrod from the rifle and a rusty Austrian bayonet without scabbards and plays in different commanders. If white, then he slanders: “The Communists wanted? Freed wanted? Against the legitimate authority…”. If the red: “Against whom are you going? Against your brother a worker and a peasant?” Generals need you and admirals… “ Playing, Dimka forgets to arrive on time home and runs, afraid ofRead More →

Vasily Andreevich Zhukovsky (January 29 (February 9), 1783, Mishenskoe, Tula Province – April 12 (April 24), 1852, Baden-Baden) – Russian poet, the founder of romanticism in Russian poetry, translator, critic. Member of the Russian Academy (1818), Honorary Member (1827) and subsequently Academician (1841) of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, Privy Councilor (1841). He was born on January 29 (February 9) in 1783 in the village of Mishensky, Tula Province. The illegitimate son of the landowner Afanasy Ivanovich Bunin (1716-1791) and the captive Turkish woman Salha (baptized by Elizaveta Dementievna Turchaninova, died 1811), brought in 1770 by the serfs Bunin, participants of the Russian-Turkish war,Read More →

Henry Fielding The story of Tom Jones, a foundling In the house of the wealthy squire Olverti, where he lives with his sister Bridget, throw up the baby. Squire, a few years ago, lost his wife and children, decides to raise a child as a son. Soon he manages to find the mother of the foundling, a poor country woman Jenny Jones. Olwerti can not learn the name of the boy’s father from her, but since Jenny repents of her deed, the squire does not refer the case to the court, but only sends Jenny out of her native places, having previously lent her aRead More →

AP Chekhov About love Pelageya, beautiful maid Alekhina, in love with cooks Nikanor, a drunkard and a bully, but, nevertheless, so pious person that he does not agree to live with Pelagia, without concluding a legal marriage. The maid herself does not want to marry Nikanor, he is angry with her and even beats. Alyokhin argues that everything is in love individually, that some general laws do not work here, and that Russians have a habit of not just loving, but constantly complicating their own lives, asking themselves a lot of unnecessary questions. Alekhine tells the story of his love. At the end of theRead More →

Stephen Geim Agasfer The novel has three storylines: the first is a narrative that is conducted on behalf of the angel Agasphere, whose name means “Beloved of God”; 2 nd – a story about the life path of Paulus von Eichen, a younger contemporary of Martin Luther; 3rd – correspondence between Professor Siegfried Baifus, Director of the Institute of Scientific Atheism in East Berlin (GDR) and Professor Johanaan Leuchtentrager of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The immortal spirits Agasfer and Lucifer, created by God on the first day, were cast from heaven for refusing to bow to Adam, who was created before their eyes fromRead More →

Events develop in the mid-50’s. The novel begins with the meeting of Father Tassin, a seventy-year-old member of the Jesuit order, and Saint-Denis, director of a large state reserve in French Equatorial Africa. Father Tassen is a scientist who studies in Africa his paleontological hypotheses and has among the missionaries the reputation of a person more occupied with the science of the origin of man than the salvation of the soul. Saint-Denis is one of those colonial officials who love Africa, who, after working for a long time as an administrator in the outback, has done a lot to alleviate the fate of the localRead More →