Settled and dilapidated sheds, where the Germans brought hay and straw. Ataman Krivolob shot four Muscovites and one Ukrainian here, so the boys are afraid

“Acts of Rama” is an ancient Indian epic consisting of 7 books and about 24 thousand couplets-shlok; attributed to the legendary sage Valmiki (Vabmiki) Once

Stephen Geim Agasfer The novel has three storylines: the first is a narrative that is conducted on behalf of the angel Agasphere, whose name means

A. A. Bestuzhev Frigate Hope Captain-Lieutenant Ilya Petrovich Pravin was in love for the first time and with all possible passion. In vain are the

Robert Musil Man without properties Book 1. Part 1. My own Introduction The novel takes place in Vienna in 1913. The main character, the thirty-two-year-old

FA Abramov Brothers and sisters Pekashinsky muzhik Stepan Andreyevitch Stavrov cut down the house on the mountainside, in the cool twilight of a huge larch.