The saga begins with a story about the parents of the main characters. Thorstein, the son of Aegil and the grandson of Scallagrim, lived in the Gorodische. He was a clever and decent man, everyone loved him. Once he sheltered one Norwegian. He was very interested in dreams. Thorstein dreamed that on the roof of his house sits a beautiful swan, to which flew two eagles – one from the mountains and the other from the south. Eagles began to fight among themselves and fell dead, and then the falcon that flew in from the west led the sad swan behind it. The Norwegian interpretedRead More →

“Borodino” – a work dedicated to the historical events of the war of 1812. In this poem, the story of the war is entrusted to the old soldier. Lermontov was able to show the people’s view of the war. And his lyrical hero – a soldier – speaks with a common language, with characteristic proverbs and sayings. The lyric narrative begins with a question to the old soldier: “Tell me, uncle, it’s not for nothing that Moscow, burnt by fire, After all, there were fighting fights, Yes, they say, even what! No wonder the whole of Russia remembers the day of Borodin! The old soldierRead More →

KG Paustovsky The Story of Life Once in the spring, I was sitting in the Mariinsky Park and reading Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Sister Galya sat next to her and also read. Her summer hat with green ribbons lay on a bench. The wind moved the tapes, Galya was shortsighted, very trusting, and it was almost impossible to get her out of a good-natured state. In the morning it rained, but now the clear sky of spring shone above us. Only lilac drops of rain flew from the lilac. The girl with the bows in her hair stopped against us and started jumping over the string.Read More →

L. Feuchtwanger Family Opperman In November 1932 Gustav Opperman turns fifty. He is the senior owner of a furniture manufacturing company, owner of a solid current account in a bank and a beautiful mansion in Berlin, built and furnished to his own taste. The work attracts him a little, he appreciates his worthy, informative leisure more. A passionate bibliophile, Gustav writes about people and books of the 18th century, he is very pleased with the opportunity to conclude an agreement with the publishing house on the biography of Lessing. He is healthy, complacent, full of energy, lives with taste and pleasure. On his birthday GustavRead More →

N. Hawthorne House of the seven pediments In the warning, the author writes that all his characters are fictitious and he would like his work to be read as “a fantastic story, where clouds reflected over the Essex district, but not even the span of his land is imprinted.” In one of the towns of New England, on the street, which everyone calls Pinchenova, stands the old house of Pinchenov – a large wooden house of seven gables. The first place in this place was settled by Mathew Mol, but when the settlement grew, his plot attracted Colonel Pinchen, and the colonel obtained from theRead More →

Officer Zhilin served in the Caucasus. He received a letter from his mother, and he decided to go on vacation home. But along the way, and another Russian officer, Kostylin was captured by the Tatars. It happened due to Kostylin’s fault. He had to cover Zilin, but he saw the Tatars, was frightened and ran away from them. Kostylin turned out to be a traitor. The Tatar, who captured Russian officers, sold them to another Tatar. The prisoners were shackled and held in a barn. The Tatars forced the officers to write letters to the families demanding ransom. Kostylin listened, and Zhilin specially wrote anotherRead More →

R. Aldington Death of the hero The action takes place in 1890-1918. The work is written in the form of the author’s memories of his peer, a young English officer who died in France at the very end of the First World War. His name appeared on one of the last lists of those who died on the battlefield, when hostilities had long ceased, but the newspapers still continued to publish the names of those killed: “Winterbourne, Edward Frederick George, captain of the Second Company of the Ninth Battalion of the Fodershire Regiment.” George Winterburn believed that his possible death would hurt four people: hisRead More →

Romantic story of Maxim Gorky “Old Woman Izergil” was written in 1894. The composition of the work is “a story in a story”. The narration is conducted on behalf of the author and the heroine of the story of the old woman Izergil. Three parts are subordinated to a common idea: meditation on the true value of human life, the meaning of life, human freedom. The story “Old Woman Isergil” is studied in the course of the 11th grade literature. As an introduction to the works of Gorky’s early work, you can read the summary of “Old Woman Izergil” by chapters. Main characters Old womanRead More →

At the end of November, a train approaches St. Petersburg Station. In one of the carriages of the third class, two passengers sit opposite each other. “One of them was short, about twenty-seven years old, curly and almost black-haired, with gray small but fiery eyes, his nose was wide and flattened, his face was bilious, his thin lips were continually forming into some sort of brazen, mocking and even wicked smile, but his forehead was tall and well formed and brightened the ignobly developed lower part of his face… This is Parfen Semyonovich Rogozhin, the son of a recently deceased rich man who is warmlyRead More →

Italy of the thirties of this century, the working margin of Turin. In these dim scenery unfolds a sad story of the first love of the young girl Ginia to the artist Guido. Ginia works in the studio and leads the company with the factory workers and the neighborhood guys. Once she meets Amelia. About Amelia knows that “she leads a different life.” Amelia – a model, it draws artists – “full face, profile, dressed, undressed.” She likes this work, artists often have a lot of people going to the workshops, you can sit and listen to clever conversations – “cleaner than the movies.” OnlyRead More →

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