Daedalus, a descendant of Erechtheus, the ancient Athenian king, was the greatest and most talented sculptor, artist and architect of Athens. He built magnificent buildings

The oracle predicted to King Argos, Akrisia, that he would perish at the hands of his grandson. To avoid such a fate, Acrisius imprisoned his

In the well-to-do house live Vasily Vasilyevich Bessemionov, 58, the foreman of the paint shop, who marks a deputy in the city duma from the

The novel in three books, saturated with excerpts from authentic ancient Egyptian texts, adjacent to the highly modernized social realities of the distant past, begins

On the main square of Argos there is a mosquito-stained statue of Jupiter, Waving off large fat flies, enters Orestes. Screams scream from the palace.

Performed in picturesque contrasts, the color of “Giaura” is distinguished also by the following Byron’s work of the “eastern” cycle – the more extensive poem

Romain Rolland Cola Bryunion “The smoking-room is alive…” – Cola cries to friends who came to see if he died from the plague. But no,

Sashka, the hero of Andreev’s “Christmas story,” possessed an unruly and courageous soul, could not calmly take to evil and took revenge on life. For

F. Schlegel Lucinda Julius tries to find Lucinda where he used to see her-in her room, on their couch-and, without finding her, begins to conduct