Prince Vladimir the sun is feasting in the Gridnitsa with his sons and a crowd of friends, celebrating the wedding of the youngest daughter of Lyudmila with Prince Ruslan. In honor of the newlyweds singing guslyar Bayan. Only three guests are not happy with Ruslan and Lyudmila, three knights do not listen to the prophetic singer. These are three rivals Ruslan: Knight Rogdai, braggart Farlaf and Khazar Khan Ratmir. The feast is over, and everyone diverge. The prince blesses the young, they are taken to the bedchamber, and the happy groom is already looking forward to the love raptures. Suddenly there was a thunder, aRead More →

Several people suspected of murder give testimony to the investigator, who are listed in the order in which they were shot. We do not hear the questions of the investigator, but we reconstruct them according to the content of the answers of the interrogated. A person brought in as a witness or suspected of investigating a murder case answers the investigator’s questions. From his answers it follows that on the Saturday night his acquaintance had to come to him to disassemble the chess etude of Chigorin, which they agreed on Tuesday by telephone. However, on Saturday afternoon his friend called and said that he couldRead More →

On how Wang Xinzhi’s death saved his whole family During the time of the Southern Song Dynasty, many were honored with sovereigns. But it happened more than once that worthy men never met with a happy fate. The rich man Wang Shizhong got sued for murder, but somehow got out. He had a younger brother, Wang Xinzhi. Once the elder brother allowed himself a cruel joke, the younger one was offended and left the house without a penny in his pocket. He settled in the town of Madipo – Hemp slope, founded a smelting business and so succeeded that soon he crushed the entire district.Read More →

The novel in prose, left unfinished and finished, according to legend, the son of Bana – Bhushana To King Shudrake comes a girl from the caste of untouchables and gives him a talking parrot. At the request of Shudraki, the parrot tells that, as a chick, he barely escaped the mountaineers-hunters and took refuge in the cloister of the wise-visionary Jambadi. Jambali told the parrot about his past births, for the sins of which he suffers in a bird’s guise. Once in the city of Ujjayini, King Tarapid reigned, who had no children for a long time. One day he saw in a dream howRead More →

“Pied Piper” – the first poem Tsvetaeva, written in exile, in Prague. This is a prophecy about the fate of the Russian revolution, the romantic period of which ended and began a deadly, bureaucratic, dictatorial one. It is the verdict of any utopia about the possibility of a people’s celebration, people’s power. This is a mockery of talk about the revolutionary nature of the masses, the riot of which is always based on the lowest motives – social envy and thirst for enrichment. Tsvetaeva’s poem is extremely multifaceted. “Pied Piper” therefore became one of the eternal, stray subjects of world literature, that the interpretation ofRead More →

AN Tolstoy Peter the First By the end of the XVII century. After the death of Emperor Fyodor Alekseevich, a struggle for power begins in Russia. Rebellion streltsy, instigated by the princess Sophia and her lover, ambitious prince Vasily Golitsyn. There were two tsars in Moscow-the youngest Ivan Alekseevich and Pyotr Alekseyevich, and above them the ruler of Sophia. “Everything went the way it was.” Nothing happened: over the Moscow, over the cities, over hundreds of counties stretched across vast land, centuries-old twilight squealed – poverty, serfdom, and unfruitfulness. “ In those same years in the village, on the land of the nobleman Vasily Volkov,Read More →

A. T. Averchenko Slepts The royal garden was open at this time of the day, and the young writer Ave entered there, wandered along the paths and sat down on a bench on which an elderly gentleman with a friendly face was already sitting. He turned to Ave and affably asked who he was. He explained that he was a writer, that he liked the master. He himself is the king of this country. The writer also approved this, because in this place you can write good laws. The king waved his hand. “In my place… I would plant you for a week, see whatRead More →

In the Italian city of Ferrara, around the 16th century, two young men lived: Fabius and Muzio. They were relatives and close relatives, they belonged to old and rich families and never parted. Muzio was a musician, and Fabius an artist. Having the same tastes and inclinations, outwardly they were not alike. Fabius was tall, blue-eyed and light-haired, with a bright, affable smile on his lips. Muzio had a swarthy, serious and unsmiling face, black hair and brown eyes. Both friends were beautiful and liked ladies. At the same time in Ferrara lived a beautiful Valeria, a modest, meek and shy girl, the daughter ofRead More →

The story begins with a description of a terrible fight between the Orlovs in their apartment, which is located in the basement of the old and dirty house of the merchant Petunnikov. Behind the fight watches the whole yard led by Senka Chizhik – pupil of the painter – a mischievous boy of 12 years old. Senka is a “passionate lover of all sorts of incidents,” “half-child, half-adult, lively and impressionable, like a sponge of moisture, greedily absorbs the dirt of his life, he already has a fine wrinkle on his forehead, a sign that Senka Chizhik is thinking.” Although these Saturday fights spouse shoemakersRead More →

Pierre Cornel Nicomedes To the court of King Bithynia Prussia two of his sons arrive. Nycomed, the son of the first marriage, left the army, at the head of which he won numerous victories, laying at the feet of his father not one kingdom; his deceit was enticed into the capital by his stepmother, Arsinoe. The son of Prussia and Arsinoe, Attalus, returned to his homeland from Rome, where he had been a hostage since the age of four; the efforts of the Roman ambassador Flaminius Attalus were released to their parents for the fact that they agreed to extradite the worst enemy of theRead More →

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