RURAL HONOR Opera in one act Libretto by G. Tarjoni-Tocetti and G. Menashey Characters: Santuzza, young peasant woman Turiddu, a young peasant Lucia, his mother

A small village in three houses, Zuyaty, stands between two lakes. Behind the village – a steep slope, overgrown with a thick forest of spruce

The action takes place in Moscow in the winter of 1924-25. Professor Philip Philipovich Preobrazhensky discovered a method of rejuvenating the body by transplanting the

J. Boccaccio Decameron The first day of the Decameron, “In the sequel, after the author reports on what occasion they gathered and what they talked

PS Shelley The Prometheus Released The romantic utopian drama Shelley is written in a white pentameter. The action begins in the Caucasus Mountains, where in

Boris Isaakovich Balter (1919-1974) – Russian Soviet prose writer, author of the story “Good-bye, boys!”. He graduated from school in Evpatoria. In 1936 he was