Charles Dickens Hard Times There are two close friends in the city of Kokstown – if you can talk about friendship between people, equally deprived

P. Calderon Invisible Lady The action takes place in the XVII century. in Madrid. Arrived in the city, Don Manuel and his servant Cosme are

Sophocles King Oedipus This is a tragedy about fate and freedom: it’s not the freedom of a person to do what he wants, but to

O. Henry The Last Sheet Two young artists, Sue and Johnsy, rent an apartment on the top floor of a house in New York’s Greenwich

On the main square of Argos there is a mosquito-stained statue of Jupiter, Waving off large fat flies, enters Orestes. Screams scream from the palace.

Bertolt Brecht The Threepenny Opera Prologue. London. Soho. Fair. The street singer sings a ballad about the Mackey knife: “The shark teeth have wedges All

Sorceress Rose Veneda discusses in her earth grotto with Sister Lilla the course of the battle between the Venedian and Lechite tribes. Ecstatic visions reveal