Events take place in July, in Lucerne, one of the most romantic cities in Switzerland. Travelers of all nations, and especially the English, in Lucerne – an abyss. Under their tastes the city is adjusted: old houses have broken, on a place of the old bridge have made straight, as a stick, quay. It may be that these embankments, and houses, and limes, and the English are very good somewhere – but not here, amid this oddly majestic and yet unspeakably harmonious and mild nature. Prince Nekhlyudov was captivated by the beauty of the nature of Lucerne, under his influence he felt an inner anxietyRead More →

Emilia owns a passionate desire to avenge Augusta for the death of her father, Kai Thorania, educator of the future emperor who was executed by him in the time of the triumvirate. As a revengeer she sees her lover, Cinna; no matter how painful Emilia is to realize that, raising her hand to almighty Augustus, Cinna endangers her life, priceless for her, yet duty is above all else. to evade the call of duty is the greatest shame, the same one who fulfills his duty is worthy of the highest honor. Therefore, even fervently loving Cinna, Emilia is ready to give him her hand onlyRead More →

Childhood of the hero took place in the small town of Knyazhye-Vieno of the South-Western Territory. Vasya – that was the name of the boy – was the son of a city judge. The child grew, “like a wild tree in the field”: the mother died when the son was only six years old, and the father, absorbed in his grief, paid little attention to the boy. Vasya wandered all day around the city, and pictures of city life left a deep trace in his soul. The city was surrounded by ponds. In the middle of one of them on the island stood an ancientRead More →

Moonstone – a huge yellow diamond – from time immemorial decorated the bosom of the moon god in one of the temples of the sacred Indian city of Somnaut. In the XI century, saving the statue from the Mohammedan conquerors, the three brahmins transported it to Benares. It was there that the gods of Vishnu appeared to the Brahmins in a dream, commanded them to guard the Moonstone day and night until the end of the century and foretold the misfortune of that daring who would dare to take possession of the stone and all his descendants to whom the stone would pass after him.Read More →

Dante Alighieri The Divine Comedy Hell On the half-way of life I – Dante – got lost in a dense forest. Scary, wild animals all around – allegories of vices; to go nowhere. And here is a ghost that turned out to be the shadow of my beloved ancient Roman poet Virgil. I ask him for help. He promises to take me away from here on a journey through the afterlife so that I can see Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. I’m ready to follow him. Yes, but can I have such a journey? I was stunned and hesitated. Virgil rebuked me, saying that Beatrice herselfRead More →

The narrative begins with the description of Nevsky Prospekt, its beauties, which no inhabitant “will exchange for all good”. A prospectus is described in the morning when it is still empty and it is possible to see only the working people going to the service or a sleepy official. At twelve o’clock in the afternoon on Nevsky “the tutors make tutors” with their pupils. By two o’clock “their parents take the place of pupils”, and later all other regulars of this street join them. Only on Nevsky can you find the best whiskers, mustaches, dresses, hats, ladies’ sleeves, smiles, frock coats, noses, rings and muchRead More →

Tiltil and Mitil peacefully sleep on the eve of Christmas. Music is heard outside the windows and wakes the children. They look out into the street and see the noisy celebration of Christmas from rich neighbors. Then someone knocked at the door. On the threshold stood an old woman in green robes with a coquettish red cap, slightly shifted sideways. It was the Fairy of Berilyun – lame, hunchbacked, with a hooked nose and a wand. She says that children should find the Bluebird and is very angry when the children do not understand why. Berilyuna gives the girl a green hat with a diamondRead More →

Summer of 1914. In his Ukrainian estate Molinci lives a beautiful young landowner Evelina Royskaya. She has two sons: Yuzek is seventeen, a sweet, serious boy, and unbridled Valerek fourteen years old. Her husband studied agriculture in English agronomic journals and tried to instill in the Ukrainian estate English ways of farming. In the estate lives also the sister of Evelina, Mihas. She was already middle-aged and married some dubious doctor. After the birth of her daughter Olga, her husband left her, and she settled in Molintsy as a prizhivalka. Olya is a vigorous, not an adult woman. Among the inhabitants of the manor, Uzek’sRead More →

The young man-narrator, whom “fate threw for six months in a remote village Perebrod Volyn province, on the outskirts of Polissya,” intolerably misses. His only entertainment is hunting with the servant Yarmola and trying to teach him the last reading and writing. One day, during a terrible blizzard, the hero learns from the usually inconsiderate Yarmola that about ten versts from his house the real witch Manuilikha lives, who knows where from whence she appeared in the village, and then was evicted beyond its limits for her sorcerous deeds. The opportunity to get acquainted with it appears quickly: as soon as it becomes warmer, theRead More →

On a stifling summer day, I returned from hunting in a jolting cart. Suddenly my coachman was worried. Looking forward, I saw that the funeral train was crossing our path. It was a bad omen, and the coachman began to drive the horses to catch the road before the train. We did not pass a hundred paces, as our trolley broke the axis. Meanwhile, the deceased overtook us. The coachman Erofei reported that they were burying Martyn the carpenter. We made our way to the Yudin settlement in order to buy a new axle there. There was not a soul in the settlements. Finally IRead More →