Grazhina is a young beautiful Litvinka, the daughter of the “majestic Riga ruler”. Grazhina marries the Novogrudok prince Litavor. The subjects of the prince are

THE LIFE OF ALEXANDER NEVSKOGO. The first biography of Prince Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky (1221-1262) was compiled, according to scientists, in the 80’s. XIII century. a

The action of the “story” takes place in Moscow. Drunken guests disperse on an early summer morning. The owner, Eletskaya, “with a grimy eye” looks

Sherlock Holmes is often visited by Inspector Leistred. One day he talks about a strange incident: someone stubbornly smashes the statues of Napoleon. Hearing that

AI Solzhenitsyn Cancer case All gathered this terrible body – the thirteenth, cancerous. Persecuted and persecuted, silent and vigorous, hard workers and money-grubbers – they

AI Herzen Who is to blame? The action begins in the Russian province, in the estate of the rich landowner Alexei Abramovich Negro. The family

N. S. Leskov Imprinted Angel In the inn, some travelers are sheltering from the weather. One of them states that “every saved man… the angel

Hans Christian Andersen was born on April 2, 1805 in Odense on the island of Funen. Andersen’s father, Hans Andersen (1782-1816), was a poor shoemaker,