Maxim Gorky Childhood Narration on behalf of the protagonist I Father (now dressed “in white and unusually long, fingers of his bare feet strangely stretched

LS Petrushevskaya Your Circle A friendly company for many years gathered on Fridays at Marisha and Serge. The master of the house, Serge, talent and

L. Feuchtwanger Family Opperman In November 1932 Gustav Opperman turns fifty. He is the senior owner of a furniture manufacturing company, owner of a solid

AI Kuprin Staff-captain Rybnikov Shchavinsky, employee of a large Petersburg newspaper, met Rybnikov in the company of well-known St. Petersburg reporters. The miserable and miserable

Old peasants, husband and wife, died. Before his death, his mother punished his son in all things to obey his older sister. At the request

The action takes place in 1920-1930-ies. In Great Britain. In a small mining town Blanelli comes a young doctor Andrew Manson – a new assistant

This book is not a novel, not a story, not a lyric diary and no memoirs. Chronological connections are replaced here by associative, and the