Agrippina is the widow of Domitius Enobarb of Nero’s father and the second widow of Emperor Claudius. With the help of intrigues and crimes, Nero

Banabhatta (Hindi Ba? Abha?? a or Bana, Hindi Bana; 7th century) is an ancient Indian Sanskrit poet. He was “Asthana Kavi” (court poet) in the

Dashil Hemmet Maltese falcon In the reception of private detective Sam Spade appears a young and beautiful woman. She appears as Miss Wonderly and reports

Strange adventures have occurred with a young scientist named Christian-Theodore, who came to a small southern country to study history. He settled in a hotel,

MOLIERE Imaginary patient After many counts and checks of records, Argan realized finally why his state of health had deteriorated so recently: as it turned