“The Tale of the Barrel” is one of the first pamphlets written by Jonathan Swift, however, unlike the “Battle of Books” that was created around

In the small town of Oldershote, where the military unit is quartered, Colonel James Barclay, a valiant veteran who began serving as an ordinary soldier,

BI Balter Goodbye, boys! That spring we finished the ninth grade. Each of us had plans for the future. I (Volodya Belov), for example, was

Henrik Ibsen Ghosts The action takes place in the modern Ibsen of Norway in the Fru Alwing Manor on the west coast of the country.

The protagonist of the story – Chudik, with whom something happens all the time – is going to the Urals, to his brother, whom he

Homer the Odyssey The Trojan War was started by the gods in order to end the heroes’ time and the present, human, iron age came.

V. Irving The ghost-ghost In the mountains of Odenwald in southern Germany stood the castle of Baron von Landshort. He fell into decay, but his

A. de Saint-Exupery The Planet of Men The book is written in the first person. Exupery dedicated it to one of his fellow pilots –

S.-G. Colette My angel She is almost fifty, he – half as many, their relationship lasts for seven years. She calls him an Angel. He

Two German soldiers – Hans and Willy – went to the French farm to ask how to drive to Soissons (one of the counties of

The novel tells of one day of the sixteenth day of June 1904 from the life of a 34-year-old Dublin Jew Leopold Bloom and twenty-two-year-old