The action takes place in the modern author of France, mainly in Mansa, a city that is located two hundred kilometers from Paris. “Comic novel” is conceived as a parody of fashionable novels of “high style” – instead of wandering knights, its heroes are wandering comedians, countless fights replace fights, and the scenes of kidnapping that are mandatory in adventure novels are extraordinarily amusing. Each chapter is a separate comic episode, strung on the core of an uncomplicated story. The novel is distinguished by a whimsical composition, it abounds with plug-in episodes – as a rule, it is novels told by one of the characters,Read More →

FG Lorca Bloody wedding Spain, early XX century. Mountain village. The play begins in the house of the Bridegroom. Mother, learning that he is going to the vineyard and wants to take a knife, breaks into curses to the one who invented the knives, and the guns and pistols are all that can kill a man. Her husband and elder son are dead, perished in knife fights with the Felix family, the hated Mother. The mother hardly endures the idea of ​​the wedding, the bride is annoyed in advance, the Bridegroom leaves, the Neighbor appears. The mother asks her about the Bride and finds outRead More →

Mishka Pryaslin did not have long to live at home. From autumn to spring – on logging, then rafting, then suffering, then again the forest. And how will appear in Pekashina – women are piled: this fix the roof, then lift the door. There are no peasants in Pekashino. This time, as always, houses were waiting for him. Mishka came with a cart of hay, asked about the guys, screamed for omissions, then took out the presents – Egorsha Stavrov, the best friend, gave him his manufactured goods. But the guys reacted to the gifts with restraint. But when he took out a loaf ofRead More →

Manor in the Carpathian Mountains. Here, after marrying and deciding to settle down and take up farming, a wizard settled. He is in love with his wife and promises to live like everyone else, but the soul asks for something magical, and the owner of the estate is unable to keep from “pranks.” And now the Mistress realizes that her husband has started new miracles. It turns out that the house is about to arrive uneasy guests. The young man appears first. To the Mistress’s question, as his name is, he answers: Bear. The wizard, informing his wife that it is precisely because of theRead More →

The estate of the landlord Lyubov Andreyevna Ranevskaya. Spring, cherry trees bloom. But a beautiful garden should soon be sold for debts. For the past five years, Ranevskaya and her seventeen-year-old daughter Ana have lived abroad. On the estate remained brother Ranevskaya Leonid Andreevich Gayev and her adopted daughter, twenty-four-year-old Varya. Ranevskaya’s affairs are bad, there is almost no money left. Lubov Andreevna always licked money. Six years ago her husband died of drunkenness. Ranevskaya fell in love with another person, met with him. But soon her tragically died, drowning in the river, her little son Grisha. Lyubov Andreevna, unable to endure grief, fled abroad.Read More →

Theodore Dreiser American tragedy Kansas City, a hot summer evening. Two adults and four children sing psalms and give out brochures of religious content. The older boy clearly does not like what he is forced to do, but his parents are passionately devoted to the work of saving lost souls, which, however, brings them only moral satisfaction. Ace Griffiths, the father of the family, is very impractical, and the family is barely making ends meet. Young Clyde Griffiths is trying to escape from this dull little world. He arranges an assistant soda seller in a pharmacy, and then a messenger to the hotel “Green Davidson.”Read More →

Sherlock Holmes seeks help from Colonel Ross, who kidnapped a stallion named Silver, the first favorite of the races for the Wessex Cup. Silver coach John Straker was found dead. The great detective arrives at the crime scene. Since the last time Silver took all the prizes at the races, there are a lot of people in whose interests it was to prevent his presence in the nearest competition. Realizing this, the stable of the favorite was carefully guarded. John Straker served the colonel for 12 years. At first he was a jockey, then he became a coach. He fulfilled the duties exemplary. In theRead More →

Terence Beetle Young Pamphil was very partial to the Bacchides. But under the pressure of his parents, reluctantly, he married a neighbor – a respectable Filumen. She loves her young husband. But the heart of that, probably, still belongs to the heterere… An unexpected case: at death the close relative, and Лахет, father of Pamphil, sends the son to other city on affairs about the inheritance. In the absence of Pamphylus, the unexpected happens: Filumena returns to her parents’ house. This is puzzled and upset by her mother-in-law Sostrata: she managed to fall in love with her daughter-in-law and does not understand the reasons forRead More →

Wilhelm Gauf of Alexandria Sheikh Ali Banu and his slaves Alexandria Sheikh Ali Banu was very rich, but very unhappy man: the Franks took his son Kayram, and the boy had no news, and his wife died of grief. Every year, on the day of Kayram’s abduction, the sheikh cleaned the house as a holiday, for the dervish said that on the same day the son would return home and convene guests who comforted the sheikh with fairy tales. Little Longnose In Germany, lived shoemaker Frederick. His wife Hannah and son Jakob successfully traded on the market with vegetables. When the ugly old woman approachedRead More →

About the work The comedy of Moliere “The philistine in the nobility” was written in 1670. The work was created within the literary realism direction. In the comedy “The Bourgeois in the Nobility” the author ridicules the typical bourgeois – the ignorant Mr. Jourdain, who tried to join the “upper class”, but he could only clumsily imitate the lives of the nobility. Main characters Mr. Jourdain is a philistine who wanted to be a nobleman. The surrounding people laughed at him, but played up to him for his own benefit. Mrs. Jourdain is the wife of Mr Jourdain; did not share his desire to becomeRead More →