A. Rhodesian Argonautics In Greece, there were many myths about the exploits of individual heroes, but only four – about such exploits, to which heroes from different parts of the country united. The last was the Trojan War; penultimate – the campaign of the Seven against Thebes; before this – Kalidon’s hunt for a giant boar, headed by the hero Meleager; and the very first – swimming behind the golden fleece in the far Caucasus Colchis on the ship “Argo”, headed by the hero Jason. “Argonauts” means “floating on the” Argo “. The Golden Fleece is the skin of a sacred golden ram, sent downRead More →

Emile Zola Doctor Pascal Doctor Pascal is a sixty-year-old scientist, an innovator, out of his pen goes medical works. He is engaged in healing, using his own methods and giving hope to the sick. He is interested in questions of heredity. On the example of his own family, he creates his theory of heredity, based on the data of the genealogical tree he compiled. Pascal’s mother, Felicite, is an eighty-year-old woman, enjoying her position and status in society, guarding family secrets that could blacken the glory of the Rugons. In 1851 the Rugons rescued Plassan from anarchy, contributing to the recognition of a coup d’état.Read More →

RM Vallé-Inklan Sonata. Notes of the Marquis de Bradomin The cycle consists of four novellas: “Spring Sonata”, “Summer Sonata”, “Autumn Sonata” and “Winter Sonata”. They are presupposed by the “Warning” of the author: “This book is part of the” Pleasant notes “, which the Marquis de Bradomin was already quite gray-haired, was an amazing don Juan, perhaps the most amazing of all! A Catholic, ugly and sentimental.” “Spring Sonata” The middle of the XIX century. Young Marquis Xavier? de Bradomin comes to Liguria with the instruction of his Holiness to bring a cardinal cap to Monsignor Stefano Gaetani. He finds the venerable prelate at theRead More →

The story takes place at the steelworks in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The factory whistle was roaring, announcing the beginning of the working day. The dull dawn of the rainy August day gave him a touch of sadness and threat. The buzzer caught the engineer Andrei Ilyich Bobrov at tea. Recently, Andrei Ilyich suffered greatly from insomnia. The reason for this was a long habit of morphine, with which Bobrov recently began a stubborn struggle. From the window, Andrei Ilyich could see a small square lake surrounded by shaggy willows. Everything was gray and faded. At seven o’clock, putting on an oilclothRead More →

Fazil Abdulovich Iskander (March 6, 1929, Sukhum, Abkhazia, USSR) is an outstanding Soviet and Russian prose writer and poet of Abkhaz origin. Born in the family of the former owner of a brick factory of Iranian origin. In 1938, the writer’s father was deported from the USSR. He was brought up by his mother’s relatives in the village of Chegem. He graduated from the Russian school in Abkhazia with a gold medal. I entered the Library Institute in Moscow. After 3 years of study he transferred to the Literary Institute. AM Gorky, who graduated in 1954. He worked as a journalist in Kursk and Bryansk.Read More →

John Wayne Hurry Down The action of the novel unfolds in the fifties. A difficult conversation takes place between Charles Lumley and the landlady. She suspected that something was wrong, it was painful to spend time idly, apparently, does not work anywhere. Overtaken by surprise, the young man on the run composes a criminal story, posing as a private detective, which is even more alarming to Mrs. Smythe. She demands that the tenant immediately move out. And what else could he have come up with? Charles is twenty-two years old, he has just come from university campus. There is no place and no prospects. HeRead More →

A protagonist, a young man, who knows nothing, even a name, tells about his wanderings through foreign lands. It is only known that England was the starting point of his journey. Here he decided to return to his homeland, and a passenger on a ship went from London to Russia. And so, at the exit of the Thames, the wind changed its direction, and the ship was forced to wait for a fair wind near Grivzend. The hero and the captain went ashore. They walked along the shore, when suddenly the hero noticed a young man with a guitar in his hand, all expressed hisRead More →

Emil Zola Creativity Claude Lantier, an artist, hanged himself in his studio before the unfinished painting in November 1870. His wife, Christina, posing for this picture and excruciatingly jealous of her, lost her mind from grief. Claude lived in complete poverty. He left nothing but a few sketches: the last and the main picture, a failed masterpiece, was torn from the wall and burned in a fit of rage by a friend of Claude Sandoz. In addition to Sandoz and Bongran – another friend of Claude, the artist-master and the academician-rebel – at the funeral there was none of their company. … They were allRead More →

AP Platonov The Inmost Man “Foma Pukhov is not gifted with sensitivity: he cut his boiled sausage on the coffin of his wife, starving because of the absence of the hostess.” After the burial of his wife, Pukhov goes to bed, having taken a nap. Someone is knocking at him loudly. The watchman of the office of the head of the distance brings a permit for cleaning the tracks from snow. At the station Puhov signs in the order – in those years, try not to sign! – and together with a brigade of workers servicing a snowplow, which pulls two locomotives, it is sentRead More →

Robert Musil Man without properties Book 1. Part 1. My own Introduction The novel takes place in Vienna in 1913. The main character, the thirty-two-year-old Ulrich, a mathematician and an exalted dreamer, an intellectual and a cynic, already tired of himself and of the world, lives a bright but disorderly life. He does not have to take care of the daily bread due to the wealth and connections of his father, who started with being a home teacher and assistant lawyer, but over time he made a brilliant career and was honored that His Majesty bestowed on him a hereditary nobility. When Ulrich once againRead More →