KG Paustovsky Smoke of the Fatherland Having received from the famous Pushkinist Schweitzer the invitation to come to Mikhailovskoye, the Leningrad artist-restorer Nikolai Henrykovich Vermel

Pushkin’s story “The Snowstorm” was written in 1830 in Boldino. The story was the last product of the prosaic cycle “The Tale of Belkin,” published

The action takes place in 1984 in London, the capital of the Runway number one, the province of Oceania. Winston Smith, a short, frail man

If the military ranks were appropriated to the birds, then this goose should have been given to the admiral. All he had was an admiral:

Nicholas Erfa was born in 1927 in the family of a brigadier general; after a brief service in the army in 1948, he entered Oxford,

LF Baum The Amazing Wizard of Oz The girl Dorothy lived with Uncle Henry and Aunt Em in the Kansas steppe. Uncle Henry was a