The main heroine of the story – Vera Nikolayevna Sheina, the wife of the nobility leader – had a pleasant time with Anna’s sister’s company at her seaside dacha, waiting for the imminent holiday. On the name day, not many guests gathered, all good friends and relatives. One event knocked Shane out of the rut: a woman received as a gift a pomegranate bracelet sent by mail to a certain anonymous person, who fell in love with the Faith before her marriage, and for eight years has been sending her letters with modest confessions. The husband of the Faith, Vasily Lvovich, was alarmed by hisRead More →

Like a pack of ravens “on piles of smoldering bones,” a gang of bandits flies to the Volga. Here people of different “tribes, dialects, states” – fugitives from the Don, long-haired Jewish outcasts, steppe inhabitants, gypsies, Finns. Danger, blood, debauchery, deceit – The essence of the terrible family ties. There comes a late night. The moonlight illuminates the bandits scattered around the campfire. Some are already asleep, “other stories cut a sullen night idle hour.” Everyone fell silent and listened to the sad story of the robber who had appeared in the gang recently. The robber and his younger brother were orphaned by strangers. FromRead More →

Anna Howe writes to her friend Clarissa Garlow that in the world there is a lot of talk about a clash between James Garlow and Sir Robert Lovelace, ending with the wound of his older brother Clarissa. Anna asks to talk about the incident, and on behalf of her mother asks to send a copy of that part of the testament of Grandfather Clarissa, which tells the reasons that prompted an elderly gentleman to refuse his property to Clarisse, and not to his sons or other grandchildren. Clarissa in response describes the incident in detail, starting her story from the way Lovelace got to theirRead More →

Bylins from ancient times glorified the courage and bravery of soldiers, patriotism and love for the homeland. This oral folk art reflected the life of Ancient Rus of the IX-XIII centuries. We come close to the theme “Bylina” Sadko “: a summary, the main characters.” Here, the guslar appears as a true patriot of his land, a deeply religious man whose soul can not be deceived and not bought for any mushrooms. The king of the seas will be exactly the tempter who is ready to give all his treasures for such a talented young man. Bylina “Sadko”: a short summary for children In VelikyRead More →

Sisters Dorothea and Celia, left without their parents, lived in the house of their uncle-guardian, Mr. Brooke. The sisters were almost equally good-looking, but they differed in character: Dorothea was serious and devout, Celia – sweet and moderately frivolous. Frequent guests in the house of Mr. Brooke were two gentlemen who had a clear intention to soon offer Dorothea’s hand and heart. One is the young baronet Sir James Chetteum, the other is a scholar and, let’s add, a very wealthy priest, Mr. Casaubon. Dorothea stopped the choice at the latter, although in his fifty years he was like a withered tongue, like a driedRead More →

Peter Blood takes on board his ship four Spaniards, shipwrecked. One of them is don Ilario de Saavedra, the new governor of Hispaniola, who arrived in the New World to assist the Marquise Riconete in the capture of Captain Blood. In spite of this circumstance, Blad provides medical assistance to the Spaniard and delivers him to the Spanish port of Santo Domingo. Going ashore, Don Ilario decides to allow the Corsair ship to repair and stock up fresh water on a small deserted island located at the entrance to the bay. Pirates do not have time to finish the repairs, as the squadron of MarquisRead More →

The central heroes of the work are old man Nikitich and a young fellow. The action takes place in the taiga. The old man Nikitich, who, from “small years dragged along the taiga”, sometimes lives in huts, which are cut down in the taiga. So it was this time. Uninhabited, but already warmed by the heat burning in the stove firewood, it seemed long-lived. Nikitich was sitting and smoking. Suddenly on the street, “skimmed skis,” then knocked on the door with a stick. The voice that fell from the frost asked if it was possible to enter. Nikitich immediately understood: “Not a hunter,” because theRead More →

Tirso Molina The pious Marta Doña Marta and donja Lucia, the daughter of Don Gómez, mourn the brother killed by Don Felipe. But both girls are in secret from each other in love with Don Felipe and in fact are more worried about his fate than grieve about his brother. Marta guesses about Lucia’s love for Felipe. To convict her sister of pretense, she tells Lucia that Felipe was captured in Seville and will be brought to trial. Lucia, who a moment before demanded death for his brother’s murderer, can not hold back tears. Seeing the sorrow of her sister. Martha understands that the flairRead More →

Almost one hundred and thirty years have passed since the Norman Duke William the Conqueror defeated the Anglo-Saxon armies and captured England at the Battle of Hastings (1066). The English people are going through hard times. King Richard the Lionheart did not return from the last crusade, taken prisoner by the treacherous Duke of Austria. The place of his imprisonment is unknown. Meanwhile, the brother of the king, Prince John, recruits his supporters, intending in the event of Richard’s death to remove the legitimate heir from power and seize the throne. A clever schemer, Prince John sows troubles all over the country, fueling a long-standingRead More →

M. M. de Lafayette Princess Klevskaya The novel takes place in the middle of the 16th century. Madame de Chartres, for many years after her husband’s death, lived away from the court, and her daughter comes to Paris. Mademoiselle de Chartres goes to the jeweler to choose jewelry. There she accidentally meets the Prince of Cleves, the second son of the Duke of Neverovsky, and falls in love with her at first sight. He is very. wants to know who this young lady is, and the sister of King Henry II, thanks to the friendship of one of her maids of honor with Madame deRead More →