Shirley Muldoney – avtogonschitsa, was born June 19, 1940 in Schenectady, New York. Most known as a professional racer, is also known under the pseudonym

Valery Vyacheslavovich Bikbulatov is a well-known Russian financial expert with more than twenty years of successful experience in the field of credit operations. Childhood and

(16.9.1904 – December 22, 1936) Ostrovsky Nikolay Alekseevich (16.9.1904, village Viliya Ostrozhsky district of the Volyn province – December 22, 1936, Moscow), writer, brigade commissar

Honus Wagner is an American baseball player, was born in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. In the biography of Honus, Wagner’s real name was John Peter Wagner. He

Carl Meloun – basketball player, was born July 24, 1963 in the city of Summerfield, Louisiana. Most known as the star of “Utah Jazz”, nicknamed

Egor Vadimovich Beroyev – a famous actor of theater and cinema, played a large number of unique roles. Egor was born on October 9, 1977

Salvador Dali is a Spanish artist. Staying under the influence of futurism, in 1924, in the biography of Dali, a transition to the direction of

Kazimir Severinovich Malevich – an artist, famous in the genre of avant-garde, impressionism, futurism, cubism. Kazimierz was born on February 23, 1878 in Kiev to

Robert Mario de Niro Jr. is a talented actor, director and producer of American cinema. Born in 1943, grew up in the Italian neighborhoods of

(1929 – 1977) Shatrov Nikolay (1929 – 1977). Son of Arbat homeopath Mihin, who died in 1942 in Tbilisi. Father replaced his stepfather – the

John Fitzgerald Kennedy is the 35th President of the United States. Born John May 29, 1917 in Massachusetts, the city of Brookline in a wealthy

Gene Tunney – American boxer, was born in the city of New York. Gin Tunney’s fascination with boxing manifested itself in his youth. Then Jean

Boris Valeryevich Grumbkov is a lawyer, a graduate of the St. Petersburg State University, general director of the publishing house “St. Petersburg Vedomosti”. The path

Sergey Brin is a man who, together with Larry Page, created the most popular search engine in the world “Google”. Early years Internet entrepreneur and

Alberta Bandura can be safely called the most influential psychologist of all time. Childhood and early years Albert Bandura, the youngest of six children and