“Winner” Kireeva in summary

“Winner” Kireeva in summary

This Sunday Ryabov returns home unusually late, at 2 o’clock in the morning. His wife sleeps serenely because he is not one of those husbands whose morals are baked. However, he and the son are exemplary, and the worker is beautiful. The economist, with a brilliance defended in twenty-seven candidate, is a very infrequent case, comrades!

But my mother, who went into the kitchen, today does not recognize her exemplary, always so reserved-ironic son. He does not even drink his traditional yogurt. In general, he somehow changed after his two-day trip on an excursion to Adjara.

Until Saturday, five days. And on Saturday morning Ryabov will be in Zhabrov – that’s where the girl with whom he met on the tour is working after distribution and just parted. Zhabrovo.

Eighty kilometers from the light-field, the regional center, where our hero lives and works.

Since morning charging with dumbbells, then a peaceful breakfast with his wife Larisa. “Eggs in a bag”. – “Minaev called.” “This is the right person, can make a cooperative apartment.” – “Apartment?”

While they live with Stanislav’s parents, the prudent Larisa does not want to hear about the child. Larisa is such a beautiful woman! Men are fooling around in the street! Before lectures, there is still time to go to Aunt Tamara, the mother’s sister. This Ryabov arranged for her to spend the night at a girl from Zhabrov. But my aunt does not say a word about her nocturnal guest. Demonstrates to his nephew that he is not curious. But he willingly discusses the future birthday of Andrei, Stanislav’s brother.

The brother is the destroyer. A geek in a family whose motto is creation. It is this word that is inscribed on the family banner that their mother, the director of the confectionery factory, has been holding in the untiring hands for three decades now. But the brother does not care about the pharisaic sense of duty, his motto is “I want”. By the time he was thirty, Andrei was going to become an artist. Constantly rhetoric about the fact

that there is talent. Is talent the indulgence of all sins, the literacy of being empty and loose? In this case, Stanislav does not pretend to him, like his mother, however.

Tomorrow, Andrei is just thirty. The younger brother will not gloatly remind him of not achieved fame. Andrew – a loser, does some trash, advertising posters, but the luck of his younger brother despises, suspecting her for almost a lie and secret meanness. Celebration will take place in the aunt Tamara, because his housing after the divorce Andrew lost. Neither father nor mother will come to his son’s birthday. They do not communicate with him because, according to the mother, Andrei acted irresponsibly, leaving the family and leaving the child.

In the department of Ryabov news – after the illness the headmistress, Margarita Goratsievna Shtakayan came out. For anyone, including for Stakayan, it’s no secret that Ryabov will become her successor. Actually, the director of the institute Panyushkin tells him about this. Makes a compliment to the efficiency of the subordinate. After all, Margarita Horatsievna, in fact, is always ill and the department is actually managed by Ryabov. The leadership appreciates the modesty of Stanislav Maksimovich and his noble attitude towards his teacher. The management understands that it is not easy for Professor Shtakyan to part with the team. But business should not suffer. If the planned work of the department is not delivered on time, the conversation with Margarita Goratsievna will be the most important.

“The work will be delivered on April 1,” Ryabov replied evenly. Most likely, Ryabov now does not see the department as his ears. Four days later – a trip to Zhabrovo. For now, lunch with Minaev, who can help with the apartment. Ryabov really wants to tie the bows. A freak in a man’s brotherhood, he would prefer to have a daughter.

Fatty lips Minaeva with relish suck a chicken bone. He argues that the foundation must be laid in the youth, then later it will be dashed. Personally, he, Minaev, with the foundation is all right. He’s a rather big boss, he has a high-ranking father-in-law.

“By the way,” says Minaev, “after eating sturgeon,” may be it’s up to you? ” “I just wanted to talk about it.” Ryabov’s eyes are clean and innocent.

At Andrei’s birthday Andrey’s aunt Tamara is devastatingly elegant, the table is served without any petty-bourgeois tricks. My friend’s brother, artist Tarygin, is ardently discussing Renoir. Among the creative intelligentsia, reigned supreme here, perhaps, only Ryabov, a crude utilitarian, represents the earthly profession. Noisy success has a gift from his aunt, Toulouse-Lautrec’s album. Have fun yet for at least two hours…

Nearby the birthday girl is torturing her next beloved woman, Faith: “Why is it always difficult for me?”

The spirit captures him from the contradictions and boundlessness of his own soul. But with Stanislav everything is simple. To fulfill all their rites – to sigh, suffer, bow before Toulouse-Lautrec – why? To cross into the unknown Zhabrovo, into a hole for eighty kilometers, just to prove to myself that his heart is also inclined to ecstasy… No, he will not go. Let Andrey remain these joys. To Stanislaus, however, sentimentality is alien, he came to this world to work, and not to sigh. He is like a mother, although he does not live up to her. But, God, how small her hands are, how dangerous, how unhealthily the blue veins have appeared on them…

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“Winner” Kireeva in summary