“Vasily Terkin” Tvardovsky in brief summary

In the infantry company – a new guy, Vasily Terkin. He is fighting for the second time in his lifetime. Vasily does not climb into his pocket for a word, the consumer is good. In general, “the guy though where”.

Terkin remembers how he, in a detachment of ten, retreated from the western, “German” side to the east, to the front. On the way there was a native village commander, and the detachment went to his house. My wife fed the soldiers, put them to bed. The next morning the soldiers left, leaving the village in German captivity. Terkin would like to return to this hut on the way back to bow to the “good woman simple.”

There is a river crossing. Platoons are submerged in pontoons. The enemy fire disrupts the crossing, but the first platoon managed to move to the right bank. Those who stayed on the left are waiting for dawn, do not know how to proceed. From the right bank, Terkin sails. He reports that the first platoon is able

to provide a ferry if it is supported by fire.

Terkin is making contact. A shell is bursting nearby. Having seen the German “cellar”, Terkin occupies it. There, in ambush, waiting for the enemy. Kills a German officer, but he manages to injure him. By the “cellar” they start to beat us. And Terkina is discovered by tankmen and taken to a medical battalion…

Terkin jokingly argues that it would be good to get a medal and come with her after the war for a party in the village council.

Coming out of the hospital, Terkin overtakes his company. He is brought in by truck. Ahead is a stopped convoy of transport. Frost. And only one accordion is for the tankmen. It belonged to their deceased commander. Tankmen give the accordion to Terkin. He plays first a sad melody, then cheerful, and dancing begins. Tankmen remember that they brought the wounded Turkin to the medical battalion, and they give him the accordion.

In the hut and grandmother. To them comes Terkin. He repairs the old man saw, watch. Guess that the grandmother has a hidden fat… Grandmother treats Turkin.

And the grandfather asks: “Will we beat a German?” Terkin replies, already leaving, from the threshold: “We’ll beat, father.”

The bearded bearded man lost his pouch. Terkin remembers that when he was wounded, he lost his hat, and the nurse-girl gave him her. This cap he keeps till now. Terkin gives the bearded man his pouch, explains: in war you can lose anything, but not Russia.

Terkin hand-to-hand fighting the German. Wins. Returns from intelligence, leads with a “language”.

Spring is at the front. The buzz of the May beetle is replaced by the bomber’s buzz. The soldiers lie face down. Only Terkin gets up, shoots a plane from a rifle and knocks it down. Terkin is given the order.

Terkin remembers how he met a boy in the hospital who had already become a hero. He proudly stressed that he was from under Tambov. And his native Smolensk region seemed to Terkin “sirotinushka.” That’s why he wanted to become a hero.

The general lets Terkin go home for a week. But his village is still with the Germans… And the general advises you to wait for vacation: “We are on your way with you”.

Fight in the swamp for the small village of Borki, from which nothing remained. Terkin encourages his comrades.

For a week, Turkin is sent to rest. This is a “paradise” – a hut where you can eat four times a day and sleep as much as you want, on the bed, in bed. At the end of the first day, Terkin thinks… he catches a passing truck and goes to his native company.

Under fire, the platoon goes to take the village. leads all “dapper” lieutenant. He’s being killed. Then Terkin understands that “to lead his turn.” The village is taken. And Terkin himself was seriously wounded. Terkin lies on the snow. Death persuades him to submit to her. But Vasily does not agree. It is found by people from the funeral team, they are brought to the Sanbat.

After the hospital, Terkin returns to his company, and there everything is different, the people are different. There… a new Turkin appeared. Only not Vasily, but Ivan. Who is the real Turkin? Already ready to give each other this honor. But the foreman declares that each company “will be given his own Terkin.”

The village where Turkin was repairing the saw and the clock was under the Germans. The German took the watch from his grandfather and grandmother. A front line ran through the village. I had to move old people to the cellar. They come to our scouts, among them – Terkin. He is already an officer. Terkin promises to bring a new watch from Berlin.

With the offensive, Terkin passes by his native Smolensk village. It is taken by others. There is a ferry across the Dnieper. Terkin says goodbye to his native side, which is no longer held captive, but in the rear.

Vasily tells of an orphaned soldier who went on vacation to his native village, but there was nothing left, the whole family was lost. The soldier needs to continue to fight. And we need to remember about him, about his grief. Do not forget this when the victory comes.

The road to Berlin. Grandmother returns from captivity home. Soldiers give her a horse, a cart, things… “Say, they say, what Vasily Terkin supplied.”

Bath in the heart of Germany, in some German house. The soldiers are hovering. Among them there is only one – a lot of scars on his wounds, can be sober, he can not climb in his pocket, dresses – on the uniform of the order, medals. Soldiers talk about him: “It’s like Terkin.”

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“Vasily Terkin” Tvardovsky in brief summary