“Three girls in blue” Petrushevskaya in brief summary

Three women “for thirty” live in the summer with their young sons at the dacha. Svetlana, Tatiana and Ira are second cousins, they bring up their children alone. Women quarrel, finding out who owns half the dacha, whose son is an offender, and whose – offended… Svetlana and Tatiana live in the country for free, but on their half the ceiling flows. Ira rented a room from Fedorovna, the hostess of the second half of the villa. But she is forbidden to use her sister’s toilet.

Ira meets his neighbor Nikolai Ivanovich. He cares for her, admires her, calling the beauty queen. As a sign of seriousness of his feelings, he organizes the construction of a toilet for Ira.

Ira lives in Moscow with her mother, who constantly listens to her own illnesses and reproaches her daughter with the fact that she leads a wrong way of life. When Ira was fifteen years old, she ran off to spend the night at the stations, and now, having come home with the ill Pavlik

five years home, leaves the child with her mother and quietly leaves for Nikolai Ivanovich. Nikolai Ivanovich is touched by Ira’s story about her youth: he also has a fifteen-year-old daughter, whom he adores.

Believing in the love of Nikolai Ivanovich, about which he speaks so beautifully, Ira goes after him to Koktebel, where her lover is resting with her family. In Koktebel, Nikolai Ivanovich’s attitude toward Ira changes: she irritates him with her devotion, from time to time he demands the keys to her room to retire with his wife. Soon Nikolai Ivanovich’s daughter will find out about Ira. Unable to withstand the daughter’s hysteria, Nikolai Ivanovich drives the bored mistress. He offers her money, but Ira refuses.

On the phone, Ira tells her mother that she lives in the country, but can not come after Pavlik, because it has washed away the road. During one of the calls, the mother reports that she immediately rushes to the hospital and leaves Pavlik at home alone. Having called back in a few minutes, Ira realizes that her mother did not deceive her: the child is alone at home,

he has no food. At the Simferopol airport, Ira sells her cloak and on her knees begs the duty officer at the airport to help her fly to Moscow.

Svetlana and Tatiana in the absence of Ira occupy her dacha room. They are determined resolutely, because during the rain, half of them completely flooded and it became impossible to live there. Sisters again quarrel because of the education of their sons. The Svetlana does not want, that its Maxim has grown a nerd and died as early as his father. Unexpectedly, Ira appears with Pavlik. She says that the mother was put in hospital with hernia infringement, that Pavlik remained alone at home, and she miraculously managed to fly from Simferopol. Svetlana and Tatiana announce to Ira that they will now live in her room. To their surprise, Ira does not mind. She hopes for the help of the sisters: she has no one to count on. Tatiana says that now they take turns to buy food and cook, and Maxim will have to stop fighting. “There are now two of us!” she says to Svetlana.

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“Three girls in blue” Petrushevskaya in brief summary