The summary of Andreeva’s Angel

Sashka, the hero of Andreev’s “Christmas story,” possessed an unruly and courageous soul, could not calmly take to evil and took revenge on life. For this purpose, he beat his comrades, rudely bribed his superiors, tore up the textbooks, and lied to the teachers and mothers all day… Before Christmas Sasha was kicked out of the gymnasium, but despite this, he was invited to a Christmas tree in a rich house. Before leaving to visit Sashka’s father – Ivan Savich, drunk, lowered, but kind in the soul of a man – asks to bring something from the tree. The block that built the “Angel” to the story of Fyodor Dostoevsky “Boy at Christ on the Christmas Tree,” wrote about Sashka: “He was simply dragged onto a tree, forcibly introduced into a festive paradise.” What was in the new paradise? It was positively not good, everything was as it is in many decent families – just, peacefully and badly. ” “Evil

to the boy”,

Suddenly (the beloved Andreev rebirth of the hero, obligatory in the Christmas story), Sasha’s “narrow eyes” sparkled with amazement: “On the side of the tree that was illuminated to the weaker than the others and made up her backside, he saw what was lacking in the the picture of his life and without which the circle was so empty, like the surrounding people are lifeless. That was a wax angel, carelessly hung in the thick of dark branches and seemed to be flying through the air. ” Amazed, Sashka saw that “the face of the angel did not shine with joy, it did not mourn with sorrow, but there was a seal of a different feeling on it, not transmitted by words, not determined by thought and accessible only to the same feeling.” Sashka did not realize what secret force attracted him to angel, but I felt that he always knew him and always loved… “.

Sasha first rude, and then kneeling in front of the mistress of the house begs the angel from the tree. And when he achieves his own, in a short moment of happiness, “everyone noticed the mysterious

similarity between the awkward, grown-up schoolgirl and the spiritualized hand of an unknown artist, the angel’s face.” Sasha brings the angel home, and the father also experiences a shock: “Father and son did not see each other, their hearts were grieving, crying and rejoicing in different ways, but there was something in their feelings that merged hearts and destroyed the bottomless abyss, which separates man from man and makes him so lonely, unhappy and weak. ” Both soon fall asleep, and the angel, hanging by the stove, began to melt. “Here the angel started, as if for a flight, and fell with a soft knock on hot plates.” And it is not clear,

Ten years later, in 1909, Blok wrote his poetic version of the story that struck him of Andreev: the poem “Susal angel.”

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The summary of Andreeva’s Angel