“The Naked King” of Schwartz in brief summary

Falling in love with the royal daughter, swineherd Henry for a whole month persuades her to come to the lawn, to see how the pigs graze. Princess Henrietta agrees to come only when she finds out that Heinrich has a magical bowler that can sing, play musical instruments and guess what is being cooked in the kitchen.

The princess is escorted by the ladies of the court, who must follow that the girl behaved according to her high position. A friend of Henry Christians demonstrates the extraordinary qualities of the pot, which tells which lady does not cook at home, because the hostess always dines at home, who cooks chicken cutlets from horse meat, and who only warms the stolen from the royal dinner. Dissatisfied with the exposures, the ladies are asked to go to the dance rather. Henry dances with the Princess. He likes her very much, and the meeting ends with a long kiss. From the bushes suddenly pops up the king-father. Ladies in a row. Outraged by what he saw, the king announces

that tomorrow he will give his daughter for his cousin, the neighboring king, and Henry and his friend will send him out of the country. But Henry is sure that he will marry the Princess anyway.

In the neighboring kingdom prepare for the meeting of the bride. The minister of tender feelings is concerned: he has to find out whether the real Princess comes to their domain. The fact that the King twice nearly died of “terrible” thoughts: at breakfast he choked on sausage, thinking: suddenly the mother of the bride was a naughty girl, and the Princess is not the daughter of the king, but the girl of unknown origin: the second time he nearly drowned, swimming on a shallow place, suggesting that the Princess herself could be a minx before collusion! The Minister comes up with a great idea: under the featherbeds on which the Princess will sleep, one must put a pea. After all, people of royal origin have such tender skin! If her Highness complains of insomnia in the morning, everything is in order; if not, she is not a real princess.

The Princess comes and immediately asks her to make her bed: she hopes

to see Henry at least in a dream. Arriving with her, Kamerger and the spiteful Governess vigilantly guard her. But the Minister, wishing to find out everything about the past of the royal bride, offers them a treat and places twelve bottles of strong wine, and sends the gendarmes to the bedchamber.

Henrietta can not sleep: something so sucks in the body through all the twenty-four featherbeds! To distract herself, she sings the song Henry taught her, and suddenly hears two men’s voices picking up words. The princess opens the door and sees the gendarmes, who suddenly ask her to tug at their beards. She is perplexed, but still pulls. Beards remain in her hands. This Henry and Christians dressed as gendarmes. They want to free and take away the Princess. In case this does not happen right away, Henry hands the girl a paper with the curses written on her and orders them to learn them and how to scold the bridegroom. Knowing about the pea, he advises the Princess to say that she slept perfectly. Then the King will refuse the wedding.

Escape falls through. When all three stealthily make their way past the intoxicated Minister of gentle feelings, the Camberger and the Governess, they are noticed. The governess is dragging the Princess into her room. Henry and Christian manage to slip away.

In the Palace of turmoil: valet, tailors, boot cleaners are busy preparing the wedding dress of the King. Under the guise of the weavers are Henry and the Christian. They offer a very unusual fabric for the royal costume, the secret of which they know alone. The King is promised to report, but while he is sleeping and disturbing him it is impossible. The First Minister checks that they have prepared the Princess for breakfast. Make a dish with pies. Henry manages to hide a note in one of them. The King wakes up, he is not in the spirit, he is capricious and angry. The joke manages to cheer him up. Now the King turns to business. After a conversation with the court scholar and court poet, the turn comes to the weavers. They talk about their magic fabric: only an intelligent person can see it, but a fool or someone who is not in his place, the fabric is invisible. The King likes the opportunity to learn this way, who is at his court. The Minister of Gentle Sentiments has reported that the pea did not prevent the Princess from sleeping, so she was not of noble birth. The king is distressed: he will have to drive the bride away, and he is so tuned in for the wedding!

And the Princess, having found Henry’s note, everywhere he is looking for and pulling at the beard of every bearded man, hoping that this is a disguised lover.

Finally she meets the King, and he immediately falls in love with her. On his courtesy, Henrietta responds with curse, as Henry told her, but this does not stop the King. He wants to get married – let him make a wedding dress faster! It is necessary to look at the magic fabric. But the King himself is scary, and he sends the First Minister. He, too, is afraid and, under a plausible pretext, passes the royal commission to the Minister of gentle feelings, which sends the court poet to the weavers. Entering the room, the poet sees empty tables and frames for stretching fabrics. He asks: where is the cloth? Henry and the Christians pretend to be amazed – here it is, before the eyes of the guest. The poet is in difficulty: if to admit that he does not see anything, then, it turns out, he is a fool. We have to join in the praise that the weavers waste their product.

The wedding procession is scheduled for the next morning. In the square the crowd is waiting for the King. Here is the Princess in a wedding dress and her father who arrived at the celebration. When the King comes out, everyone sees a naked man. Welcome cries break off. The king-father tries to explain to the cousin the state of things, but he is sure that he is dressed like a picture. But suddenly one very smart boy breaks the silence with a cry: “Daddy, he’s naked!” The crowd explodes with indignant cries to the King. The general confusion. The king rushes to the palace, the courtiers behind him. Appears Henry and the Christians. The princess and her lover are happy. And Christian announces that the holiday will still take place, because the power of love has overcome all obstacles and the lovers have united.

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“The Naked King” of Schwartz in brief summary