“The Amazing Wizard of Oz” Bauma in brief summary

“The Amazing Wizard of Oz” Bauma in brief summary

The girl Dorothy lived with Uncle Henry and Aunt Em in the Kansas steppe. Uncle Henry was a farmer, and Aunt Em was farming. In these places, hurricanes often raged, and the family escaped from them in the cellar. One day Dorothy hesitated, did not have time to go down to the cellar, and the hurricane picked up the house and carried it along with Dorothy and dog Totoshka, no one knows where. The house landed in the magical land of Oz, in the part where the Munchkins lived, and so successfully that it crushed the evil sorceress who ruled in these parts. Munchkins were very grateful to the girl, but could not help her return to her native Kansas. On the advice of the good sorceress of the North, Dorothy travels to the Emerald City to the great sage and wizard Ozu, who, she believes, will certainly

help again with Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. Putting on the silver shoes of the deceased evil sorceress, Dorothy travels to the Emerald City on a road paved with yellow brick. Soon she gets to know the Scarecrow scared the crows in the corn field and they go to the Emerald City together, as the Scarecrow wants to ask the great Oz for a little brain.

Then they find in the wood of a rusty Tin Woodman who is deprived of the opportunity to move. Lubricating it with oil from the oil can, left in the hut of this strange creature, Dorothy brings it back to life. The Tin Woodman asks him to take him to the Emerald City: he wants to ask the great Oz for a heart, because, as it seems to him, without a heart, he can not truly love.

Soon the detachment joins Dev, who assures new friends that he is a terrible coward and he needs to ask the great Oz for a little courage. After going through many trials, friends come to the Emerald City, but the great Oz, presented to each of them in a new guise, sets the condition: he will fulfill their requests if they kill the last evil sorceress in Oz who lives in the West, intimidated by the Miguns.

Friends again go to the road. The wicked sorceress, noticing their approach, tries in many different ways to destroy uninvited guests, but the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion

display a lot of notes, courage and desire to protect Dorothy, and only when the magician summons the Flying Monkeys, she manages to take the upper hand. Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion are captured. The Iron Lumberjack is dumped on sharp stones, Straws are poured with straw. But the evil wizard of the West was not happy for long. Drained to desperation by her bullying, Dorothy pelts her with water from a bucket, and, to her surprise, the old woman begins to melt, and soon only a dirty puddle remains of her.

Friends return to the Emerald City, they demand the promised. Great Oz hesitates, and then it turns out that he is no mage and sage, but the most common deceiver. At one time he was a circus balloonist in America, but, like Dorothy, he was hurricaneed to Oz, where he managed to deceive the gullible locals and inspire them that he is a mighty wizard. However, he fulfills the requests of Dorothy’s friends: he stuffs the Scarecrow’s head with sawdust, why he experiences a surge of wisdom, inserts a scarlet silk heart into the chest of the Tin Woodman and gives the Cowardly Lion a drink of some potion from the bottle, assuring that now the King of Beasts will feel brave.

It is more difficult to fulfill the request of Dorothy. After much thought, Oz decides to make a big balloon and fly back to America with the girl. However, at the last moment Dorothy rushes to catch the runaway Totoshka, and Oz flies off alone. Friends go for advice to the good sorceress Glinde, the ruling southern country of the Quodling. On the way they have to withstand the battle with the Warring Trees, go through the porcelain country and get acquainted with the very ungracious Shooting Heads, and the Cowardly Lion is straightened out by a giant spider holding fears of forest dwellers.

Glinda explains that silver shoes, taken by Dorothy from an evil sorceress in the country of the Chest, can carry her anywhere, including in Kansas. Dorothy says goodbye to her friends. The scarecrow becomes the ruler of the Emerald City. The Tin Woodman is the ruler of the Miguns, and the Cowardly Lion, as it should be, is the king of the forest dwellers. Soon Dorothy and Totoshka find themselves in their native Kansas, but without silver shoes: they were lost along the way.

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“The Amazing Wizard of Oz” Bauma in brief summary