Summary “Wild landowner”

Summary “Wild landowner”

Once upon a time there lived a stupid landlord Prince Urus-Kuchum-Kildibayev. He was rich enough, he liked to read the newspaper “News” and lay out the grasp. Once asked the prince of God, that he blew “peasant”. But God knew that the landlord was stupid, so he did not heed him.

Then the landlord began to impose huge fines on the peasants. The people prayed to God, and God made it so that no muzhik was left in the prince’s domain. The satisfied landowner began to breathe clean air from the “serf spirit” and immediately invited the guests. But the actor Sadovsky, and four familiar generals, finding out that the prince was left without peasants, found him stupid.

The prince spread out the grasp and confirmed that he was not stupid at

all. Then he began to dream, about how, without a man, he would order a car from England, which would be cleared of a fruit garden. But while eating candies and gingerbread and not washing.

The captain-police officer arrived in the morning began to scold the prince, because of the loss of the peasants, now there is no one to pay taxes, and in the market one can not buy anything. After calling the landlord stupid, the police chief went away. But even after this the prince did not give up his principles.

The time passed, the landowner was wild – he had grown hair, walked on all fours, lost the ability to pronounce sounds, ate rabbits with fur. Soon I became friends with the bear, but he also considered him stupid.

The provincial authorities were very concerned about the disappearance of the peasant, and the captain-police officer was attacked by a man-sergeant in whom he suspected a stupid landlord. Just at this time a swarm of men flew through the city, they were caught and sent to the county, after which everything returned to normal. The landowner was soon found, washed and instructed “to supervise the servant Senka.” “He is alive to this day,” “longing for his former life in the woods, washing himself only under compulsion and sometimes mumbling.”



the fairy tale “Wild landowner” Saltykov-Shchedrin depicted the most complicated social processes that began to occur in the Russian environment after the Peasant Reform of 1861. The author sneers at the consequences of the decree on the abolition of feudal law, shows in a satirical, exaggerated form the stupidity and real helplessness of the landowners, who at that time tried to oppress the rights of the ordinary people in every way.

A brief retelling of the “Wild landowner” conveys the plot of the tale, but for a better understanding of the work, we recommend that you read it in full.

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Summary “Wild landowner”