Summary “Vasilieva was not on the list”

Part one

Nikolai Petrovich Pluzhnikov was awarded a military rank, gave out the lieutenant’s uniform and a heavy TT. The most beautiful evening has begun. He did not have any girls, and he invited Zoya, the librarian. Then all the guys went on vacation, and Kolya was asked to help in the school. He had to count the meters of cloth and sets of uniforms, when his classmates enjoyed summer vacations. Then he, as an excellent student in all disciplines, was offered to stay in the school and enter the academy. But Nicholas refused – he wanted to serve in the army. And he was sent as a platoon commander to the Special Western District. Nikolai rejoiced, although he regretted that the vacation home, to Moscow, was quite a brief one. Arriving home, he hardly recognized his sister Vera in the girl. But the mother has not changed. She burst into tears: like a son looks like a father.

His father died in Central Asia at the hands of the Basmachi back in 1926. At the family

dinner came the beautiful Valya, a friend of her sister. Kolya realized why he had not even kissed in his 19-there is she in the world, Valya. But he could stay only until a later night train. Saying goodbye to the mourning girls, Nikolay worries that the metro station is not closed. The young officer went to Brest. The war began.

Part two

Pluzhnikov was in the center of an unfamiliar and already blazing fortress. The shelling continued, but the Germans transferred the fire to the external contours. All around it was burning, people were burning alive. Nikolai fled to the checkpoint – where he was to appear, where he should be. Escaping from the shell, jumped into the funnel. A soldier who also jumped into this funnel, said that the Germans are in the club. They were looking for a fighter, but they did not find a warehouse, and Pluzhnikov stayed with one pistol. Once among his own, he received an order to fill the cartridges with the shot. But in the basement of the cartridges there was no more – they were over. We were expecting help from the city. The zampolit asked Nikolai what regiment

he was from. Nikolay said that he does not yet appear on the lists. He was given ten men to attack the windows of the building, where the Germans settled. Pluzhnikov distributed the windows between the soldiers, rushed to the attack.

The young officer saw grinning mouths and heard the animal roar, rushing into the general battle. The Germans fled. In addition to nausea and fatigue, he did not experience anything. He was instructed to keep the church – this is the key of the citadel, promised a machine gun. They gave out helmets. Then there was a bombing. In the building were three women – they saw the Germans in the basement. There went three turns. The lieutenant divided the fighters into groups and, not giving out his own horror before the darkness of the cellar, checked – they did not find anyone and decided that the women were frightened with fright.

A new attack. The sergeant was hitting the machine gun, Pluzhnikov was holding windows, shooting at the gray-green figures of the Germans. After the attack there was a bombing, and behind it – an attack. And so all day. I wanted to lie down and close my eyes, but I can not. There are no more cartridges. Five remained alive and two wounded. The people and the machine gun need water. With the collected flasks the fighter ran to the Bug. The border guard and Pluzhnikov decided to “feel” the Germans: do not take automatic weapons, only cartridges and grenades. Having typed ammunition, they stumbled upon a German – wounded, he shot them. Nikolai did not allow to finish off, but the border guard got angry – how many of our people have already died! And still finished off.

There was an order to collect weapons and establish communication. Women and children transferred to the cellars. And continue to hold the church.

The answer to the question about help sounded so that Pluzhnikov realized – she did not need to wait. An hour later, reinforcements arrived – ten fighters. Nikolai wanted to instruct them, but tears flowed from his burned eyes and there was absolutely no strength. The lieutenant lay down and how he failed. The first day of the war was over. How many of them are ahead – none of the fighters knows.

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Summary “Vasilieva was not on the list”