Summary “The stationmaster” of Pushkin

At the beginning of the work the narrator talks about the attitude of people towards the station wardens. He told me that someone constantly swears with them, sometimes they can hit them.

Generally, station supervisors are officials of the fourteenth grade. And they lead with them, mostly class officials are higher than the fourteenth. However, one such stationmaster, very sunk in the soul of the narrator.

In 1816, the author passed by one road, and while the stationmaster was rewriting the roadway, the narrator noticed his fourteen-year-old daughter Dunya, a very beautiful girl with blue eyes. Then the narrator offered the steward to drink a punch, and Dunya a tea. And they, drinking, began to say that they knew each other for a hundred years.

The supervisor was called Samson Vyrin and he was about fifty years old. He brought up his daughter alone, because her mother died. In society, he was a small man.

For the narrator, the horses were given, it was time

for him to leave. Dunya liked him very much, and so he did not want to leave, but he needed it. He sat in a wagon and, saying goodbye, asked Dunya to kiss him, she fulfilled his request. He often asked the girls about it, but this kiss was the most memorable.

Some time passed and the narrator was at the same station. He remembered that beautiful girl Dunya. He understood that the caretaker could no longer work there, and Dunya could marry or something happened to them at all. But the narrator decided to convince himself or to refute his conjectures. But he still saw the same Samson Vyrin, but he already aged. He was tired and frowned.

The narrator asked him about Dunya, but the latter rudely replied that he knew nothing about her life. The narrator was interested in this story, and he, noticing that the caretaker does not want to talk about it, decides to invite the attendant to drink a punch and talk heart to heart.

Samson tells us that a few years ago a black-haired hussar of Minsk called at his station. He liked Dunya. While Samson Vyrin rewrote the roadway, the hussar became ill, and he lay down

on the caretaker’s bed. Dunya did not leave him and took care of him. The doctor who came to the patient prescribed him a bed rest. The hussar handed him 25 rubles for a visit and invited him to dinner.

A day later Minsk recovered and decided to start off. Saying goodbye to the superintendent, he invited Duna to bring her to the church, where she went to the service. Dunya did not know whether to agree or not, but the inspector insisted, as he began to trust the hussar. Then Dunya got into the cart and they left.

The girl was gone for a long time and Samson began to worry. He went to the church, where Dunya went, but she was never seen there either. In general, he learns that Dunya left with Minsk and cried, leaving the house. Later it turned out that the hussar was lying about his health, and the doctor suspected his intentions.

The inspector goes to St. Petersburg for his daughter and tries to get to the hussar. Minsky, seeing the sufferings of his father, asks not to look for her and gives the money-maker, talks about mutual feelings and asks to disappear.

In the evening, Samson Vyrin, following Minsk, finds his daughter happy and luxurious. She saw him, fell to the floor, so that the hussar threw Samson out of the house. The stationmaster is going home depressed and frustrated. Time has passed, but nothing can be heard about my daughter.

While the caretaker was telling this story, he wept bitterly and drank six cups of punch. After listening to Samson, the narrator left.

Time passed again and, by a lucky chance, the narrator enters that station a third time, but it no longer exists. He learns that the local superintendent died of drunkenness. Then the narrator decided to go to the village where Samson Vyrin lived.

When he arrives, he tries to find the grave of the caretaker and local people help him in this. The boy who escaped the narrator told him that shortly before his arrival, Samson’s grave was visited by a beautiful, luxurious woman with three children. The narrator realized that it was Dunya. According to the boy, she brought the father to her father’s grave, wept bitterly and generously distributed money.

The narrator, under the impression of the fate of these people, leaves.

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Summary “The stationmaster” of Pushkin