Summary “The Monk in the New Pants” Astafyev

The story is written on behalf of the boy Viti. He was told to touch potatoes. Grandmother measured his “lesson” with two trousers, and he sat all morning in a cold, frosty cellar. Only the dream of new pants with a pocket that the grandmother Kateryna promised to sew to the first of May – the Vitya Eighth anniversary – is hindering the boy from leaving.

I see myself clearly in these pants, smart, beautiful. My hand is in my pocket, and I walk around the village and do not take out my hand. Vitya never had new pants. Up to now, clothes have been altered to him from his obsolete things. A couple of times moving the trousers closer, Vitya overcomes the “lesson” just in time for dinner. Grandmother notices deception when the boy is already jumping out of the cellar.

Mother bought pants for grandmothers for a long time. She was kept in the depths of her trunk. Vitya, however, doubted that her grandmother will be able to sew pants: she is

always busy. In their village she is like a general, everyone respects Grandma Katerina and runs to her for help. When a guy drinks and starts to run wild, all family values ​​are deposited in the grandmother’s trunk, and the family drunkards are saved in her house.

When the grandmother opens the treasured trunk, Vitka always appears beside him and ironing the cloth with dirty fingers. Do not help, neither punishment nor delicacies – the boy roars and demands pants.

My hopes did not come true. By the time of his birthday, by the first of May the pants had not been sewn. In the very thorny grandmother went blind. She is put in the upper room on a high bed, and from there grandmother commands numerous assistants. My grandmother is going through-she did not sew her pants to her grandson-and Vitka tries to distract her by talking, and asks what kind of illness she has. Grandmother says that this illness is from hard work, but even in her difficult life she finds more joys than sorrows.

Grandmother began to sew her pants as soon as she recovered a little. Vitya does not leave her all day,

and is so tired of endless tests that she falls asleep without dinner. After waking up in the morning, he finds new blue pants, a white shirt and mended boots at his bed. Grandmother lets Vitya alone to her grandfather for a zaim.

Discharged in the dust and dust, with a knot in which were fresh post-litter for my grandfather, I left the yard when the sun was already high and the whole village lived its ordinary, unskilled life. Hearing delighted sighs, the boy goes to his grandfather.

The way to the zaimk not distant, through the taiga. Vitya does not play tricks, goes sedately, so as not to stain his trousers and do not bring down new toe on his boots. On the way, he stops on a rock that marks the merging of two mighty rivers – the Mana and the Yenisei – for a long time admiring the taiga distances and manages to soak precious pants in the river. While his pants and boots are drying, Vitya is asleep. The dream does not last long, and now the boy is already at the zaimke.

Together with his grandfather, the neighbor Sanka lives on the mine, learns how to plow. He looks at Vitka with envy, calls him “a monk in new pants”. Vitka understands this because of envy, but still finds a cunning on Sankin. He chooses the remaining after the river bottling pit with viscous mud, very briskly runs across it and begins to punch on the same feat Vitka. The boy does not stand Sanka’s bullying, runs into the pit and gets bogged down. Cold mud squeezes his arthritic leg. Sanka tries to get him out, but he does not have enough strength. We must run after my grandfather. And then the grandmother Katerina appears at the pit. She felt that she was in trouble with her grandson and hurried to the zaim.

For four days, Victor lay on the stove with an attack of arthritis.

My grandmother could not catch Sanka. As I guessed, the grandfather took Sanka out from under the planned retribution. Sanka is forgiven when he inadvertently set fire to his refuge – an old hunter’s hut by the river. Boots drowned in the mud, and grandmother’s trousers washed, and they faded, lost their shine. But ahead of all summer. “And fool with them, with pants and boots, too,” thinks Vitka. “I’ll make more money.”

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Summary “The Monk in the New Pants” Astafyev