Summary “Stevenson’s Treasure Island”

The novel takes place in the 18th century. Not far from the English city of Bristol in the tavern “Admiral Benbow” settles mysterious stranger. This is Billy Bons, an elderly man with a noticeable saber scar on his cheek. He asks Jim, the son of the owners of the inn, to watch closely whether a sailor appears on the wooden leg somewhere.

The one from whom Billy Bones is hiding finds him. Between him and the Black Dog break out quarrel, the latter, having been wounded in the shoulder, still flees. From the experience with Bons, an apoplectic stroke occurs. He tells Jim that he was the navigator of the illustrious pirate, Captain Flint, now deceased. Now he is very afraid that the former accomplices, who are hunting for the contents of his chest, will send him a sign of piracy warning – a black mark.

It brings a blind man named Pugh. Bones was about to escape, but his sick heart could not stand it. He died. Jim and his mother take money from the pirate’s

trunk that they owe to them, and some package. Hardly they manage to leave their house, as there are fierce pirates. In the package found, which Jim gives to Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney, there is a map of the island where Flint’s treasures are hidden. They decide to go for the treasure, taking Jim with the boatman to the ship.

The recruited team does not like Captain Smollett, it seems to him that the sailors are reliable. As it turned out, many of them were recommended by the one-legged John Silver. Everything is finally clear when the ship sailed to the Treasure Island. Jung Jim accidentally heard a secret conversation between Silver and the sailors. He learned that mostly it’s pirates. Their leader is a one-legged cook, who was once Quartermaster of Flint. They want, after finding the treasure, to take them to the ship, then kill honest people on the ship. Jim immediately reports this conversation to his friends.

A riot is brewing on the ship. Captain Smollett gives Silver the opportunity to calm down the team. The captain suggests that the sailors calmly rest on the shore, then return

to the ship. Pirates led by John Silver go on boats to the island. One jumps Jim, who then runs away. Wandering around the island, he meets former pirate Ben Gunn, who was left here three years ago by his comrades. He says he is ready to help gentlemen. The captain and his associates manage to escape from the ship, taking with them everything they need. On the island, Jim Hawkins joins them, talking about the former pirate Gunn.

When they beat off the attack of pirates, in every way trying to get hold of a treasure map, Dr. Livesay goes to a meeting with Ben. Jim finds a boat belonging to Hannah and hurries to “Hispaniola”. He grabs the ship, then takes him to a secluded cove. Returning, he does not find his friends. It turns out in the hands of pirates who want to give the boy a painful death, but for him John Silver unexpectedly intervenes. The leader of the bandits realizes that the game is lost. Defending Jim, he tries to save, first of all, his own skin. Dr. Livesey gives Silver a card and gets a promise to save him from the gallows.

When the pirates arrive at the place where treasures are buried, they find an empty pit there. Suddenly shots are heard, two fall dead, the others run up. Driving down to help, Dr. Livesay, the sailor Gray and Gunn lead Jim and John Silver to the cave, where they are already waiting for the squire and captain. It turns out that Ben Gunn has long found the gold Flint, moved him to his home. After immersing the treasure on his ship and leaving the pirates on the island, they set off on their return journey. In one of the ports, Silver escapes, capturing a bag of gold coins. And the other participants of the journey, having reached the coast of England, got their share of the treasure.

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Summary “Stevenson’s Treasure Island”