Summary “Petersburg”

The events of the novel begin with the arrival of Prince Myshkin in St. Petersburg. This man is 26 years old, orphaned early. He is the last representative of the noble family. In view of the early illness of the nervous system, the prince was placed in a sanatorium, located in Switzerland, from where he kept his way. On the train he meets Rogozhin, from whom he learns of the beautiful Nastasya Filippovna. The novel “The Idiot”, the brief content of which will undoubtedly impress everyone and prompt you to read the original, is a highlight of Russian classical literature.

Prince Myshkin visits his distant relative, where he gets acquainted with her daughters and for the first time sees a portrait of Nastasya Filippovna. He makes a good impression of a simple eccentric and becomes a trusted intermediary between Ganya, the secretary of the seducer Nastasya and her fiance, and Aglaya, the youngest daughter of Mrs. Epanchina, a distant relative of Myshkin. The prince settles

in Gani’s apartment and in the evening sees the same Nastasya, after which his old friend Rogozhin arrives and arranges a kind of bargaining for the girl: eighteen thousand, forty thousand, a little? One hundred thousand! The summary of “The Idiot” (Dostoevsky’s novel) is a superficial retelling of the plot of the great work. Therefore, in order to understand the depth of the events, you need to read the original. For his sister Gani, his bride seems to be a corrupt woman. Sister spits his brother in the face, for which he is going to strike her, but Prince Varvara is intervened by Prince Myshkin. In the evening, he visits Nastasya’s dinner and asks her not to marry Ganya. Then Rogozhin appears again and spreads a hundred thousand. “Selling woman” decides to go with this darling of fate, even after the recognition of the prince in love. She throws money into the fireplace and offers the former groom to get them. In the same place everyone will know that the prince has received a rich inheritance.

It takes six months. Before the prince comes rumors that his lover has

already run several times from under the wreath from Rogozhin (the novel “Idiot”, the brief content of which can be used for analysis, shows all the everyday realities of the time). At the station, the prince catches someone’s eyes. As it turned out later, Rogozhin watched him. They meet with a merchant and exchange crosses. A day later, the prince has a fit, and he leaves for a dacha in Pavlovsk, where the Epanchin family is resting and, according to rumors, Nastastia Filippovna. On one of the walks with the general’s family he meets his beloved.

Here the engagement of the prince with Aglaya takes place, after which Nastasya writes her letters, and then even orders the prince to stay with her. Myshkin is torn between women, but still chooses the latter and appoints a wedding day. But here she also runs off with Rogozhin. The day after this event the prince goes to Petersburg, where Rogozhin calls him with him and shows the corpse of their beloved woman. Myshkin finally becomes an idiot…

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Summary “Petersburg”