Summary “On the Mountains”

She changed, Darya Sergeyevna reported to her father, she did not become so zealous in prayer, and, most importantly, everything with this Marya Ivanovna is secluded,

But Marco Danilych waved his hand at warnings and even let Dunia and Marya Ivanovna go to her relatives’ house near Ryazan.

In the steppe wilderness, on the upper reaches of the quiet Don, the Lupovitsky estate is located. The inhabitants of the manor profess the Khlyst faith and got their courtyard into it. Otherwise, do not keep secrets, and the mystery is necessary: ​​this god-forgiving faith is persecuted by the government.

Lupovitsky fondled Dunya. Particularly affable was her poor niece, Marya Ivanovna Varenka, a smart and smart girl. Varenka gradually “enlightens” Dunya, informs her that Marya Ivanovna is “enlightened”, the Spirit of God lives in her and she is allowed to broadcast “the verbs of the belly.” Dunya looks forward to the hour when she

herself will join the mysteries of “God’s people.” It is discovered by Varenka Dunya and the fact that Nikolay Alexandrovich’s cousin Marya Ivanovna is the ship’s “boatman” of the Lupovitsky ship, who has long been guided not by his own but by the holy will of the Spirit.

Gradually Dunya enters all the subtleties of the Khlyst rituals, and they invisibly entice her immature mind and heart.

On the night from Saturday to Sunday a “ship” (Khlyst meeting) is appointed.

A strong impression on Dunya of the fierce sorrow of “God’s people”, she herself falls into ecstasy. But when the girl comes to her senses and begins to consider what she has seen, her soul is embarrassed.

However, a week later Dunya decided to take initiation into “God’s people”. Again, doubts began to take hold of her.

However, the rite of “baptism of the Holy Spirit” was successful, Dunya even danced in the women’s circle.

The next day Dunya receives a letter from his father. Notified Marko Danilych that on business

he will not be able to return home earlier than a month. Among the news was mentioned in the letter about Parasha Chapurina, who is waiting for the child, and about her pious, to whom the father-in-law had so many hopes and turned out to be useless. And about Samokvasov, whose business is not going so well, his father mentioned.

Lupovitsky with the same mail, too, received a letter – from Yegor Sergeyevich Denisov. He informed me that he intends to visit the Lupovitsky in the near future, who had distant relatives of him.

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Summary “On the Mountains”