Summary of the “Spring Waters” by Turgenev

Dmitri Pavlovich Sanin (landowner fifty-two years old) sorts out the old letters in the table. Unexpectedly, he finds a case with a pomegranate cross and is immersed in memories.

I of . In the summer of 1840 the young Sanin returned to Russia from Italy. He planned a trip to stay one day in Frankfurt, and in the evening to go further. After wandering around the city, Dmitry enters the Italian confectionery.

II . Suddenly, out of the inner room runs out a beautiful girl. She asks for help. Sanin follows her and sees the teenager in a faint. The girl is afraid for her brother, she does not know what to do. Dmitry advises to grind the boy with brushes. Together with the old servant, he tries to help the patient.

III . Soon the teenager comes to himself. Appear doctor and mother of the boy. Dmitry leaves, but the girl asks him to return an hour later in order to thank him for his help.

IV . Sanin

again goes into the bakery. Here it is taken as a native. Dmitry meets the Roselli family: the widow of Lenore, her daughter Gemma and the son of Emilio, as well as the old servant Pantaleone.

The V . The ladies know practically nothing about Russia and for a long time question Dmitry about his country. Sanin performs even a few folk songs and romances that lead listeners into raptures.

VI . Old man Pantaleone in his younger years was a famous singer. He is asked to perform a song, but the poor man can not do anything right. To make up for the awkwardness, Emilio offers her sister to read humorous plays for the guest.

VII . Gemma reads beautifully. Sanin is so carried away by her voice that she is late for the evening coach, which was supposed to leave. The ladies invite Dmitry to come again and promise to introduce him to Gemma’s fiance.

VIII . Sanin wants to stay in Frankfurt for a few days. To him at the hotel come Emilio and the young German Carl Klueber – Gemma’s fiancé. He thanks for the rescue of

Emilio and invites to a country walk.

IX . Emilio chatted with Dmitri for a long time. He says that his mother, under the influence of Kluber, wants to make him a merchant, and he himself dreams of becoming an artist. Then the new friends go to breakfast in the confectioner’s.

The X . After breakfast Sanin talks with Gemma and her mother for a long time, admiring the beauty of a young Italian woman. Lenore feels not quite healthy, she complains of a headache and falls asleep at Gemma’s arms.

XI . The buyer enters into the confectioner’s shop. Sanin is forced to serve him, because Gemma does not want to wake Frau Lenore. Young people quietly laugh at the inexperience of Dmitry as a seller.

XII . Sanin discusses with Gemma her musical and literary predilections. Emilio runs in, then wakes up to Lenore. Dmitry remains in the cake for lunch.

XIII . As a result, Sanin spends the whole day with Roselli’s family. Everyone is very pleased with his presence, the time is fun. Returning late at night to the hotel, Dmitry thinks only of Gemma.

XIV . In the morning Emilio and Kluber go to Sanin to go out together for a walk in the open carriage. Gemma’s mother again complains of a headache and prefers to stay at home.

XV . The walk passes a little tense. Kluber refers to the companions indulgently and patronizingly. Gemma is extraordinarily thoughtful and cold, all feel constrained.

XVI . During dinner in a tavern, a drunken officer comes up to Gemma and snatches out a rose, which the girl tore along the road. He showered Gemma with vulgar compliments. Kluber is indignant and in a hurry to lead the bride. Sanin calls the officer a boor and leaves his business card to call for a duel. He takes the rose and returns it to Gemma. All the way home Kluber rant about the fall of morals. Gemma frowns and turns away from him.

XVII . In the morning, Sanin receives a second from the officer. The abuser of Gemma is Baron von Dongof. Dmitry promises to send him his second. At this time, Pantaleone brings a note from Gemma. She asks Sanin about the meeting. Dmitry suggests Pantaleone to become his second. The old man is extremely touched and encouraged by this request.

XVIII . Seconds agree on a duel in a small forest. The duel should take place tomorrow at 10 am from a distance of twenty paces. Each participant has the right to two shots. Then Sanin and Pantaleone go to the pastry shop.

XIX . Gemma is very worried, but he does not talk about anything with Sanin. Dmitry spends the whole day in a pastry shop. Emilio is dedicated to the mystery. He looks at Dmitri with unconcealed delight.

XX . In the evening, Sanin does not want to go to his room. He wanders around Gemma’s house. Suddenly a window opens, the girl peeks out into the street and asks Sanin to enter her room. Gemma gives Dmitry a rose, which he won from the officer.

XXI . In the early morning Sanin comes Pantaleone, they go to the place of the fight. On the way Dmitry notices Emilio, who asks to take him with him. The old man confesses that he has told the boy about his important mission.

XXII . Sanin asks Pantaleone to return the rose to Gemma, if he is killed in a duel. The first shoots Dmitry and misses. The baron shoots into the air. Sanin refuses a second shot. Dongof does the same and admits his guilt. Young people shake hands. Dmitry returns to the hotel.

XXIII . Suddenly Lenore comes to him. She admits that she knows everything about the duel and is grateful to Sanin for his manly deed. But Gemma refused her fiance, and now the Roselles family is threatened with ruin. Therefore, Dmitry must persuade Gemma to marry Kluber. Lenore sobs and falls to her knees. Sanin agrees to talk with the girl.

XXIV . Dmitry finds Jemma in the garden. She thanks the young man for courage and protection. Sanin tells of the request of Mrs. Lenore. Gemma promises that he will listen to his advice. Dmitry asks her to change her mind. From such words the girl is very pale, so Dmitry hurriesly whispers to Gemma, so she does not rush to the decision.

XXV . Returning to the hotel, Sanin wrote a letter to Gemma with a declaration of love. In the reply letter the girl asks not to come to them tomorrow. Sanin invites Emilio to take a walk outside the city. The boy agrees with delight.

XXVI . The whole next day, young people are having fun. In the evening, Sanin receives a note from Gemma, in which she appoints him a meeting in the city garden. Dmitry is very excited about this offer.

XXVII . Sanin languishes, hardly waiting for a meeting. Gemma reports that yesterday she finally denied Kluber and invited Dmitry to his home.

XXVIII . On the way Sanin and Gemma meet Kluber. He smiles contemptuously and passes by. Entering the room where Mrs. Lenore sits, the girl tells her mother that she has brought a real groom.

XXIX . Lenore weeps bitterly and seeks to drive Dmitri away. Then, hearing about marriage, gradually calms down and gives his blessing.

XXX . Dmitry promises to sell the family estate, and transfer money for the confectioner’s device. Gemma gives her lover a pomegranate cross as a sign that their different religions can not be an obstacle to marriage.

XXXI . In the morning Sanin accidentally meets a childhood friend of Ippolit Polozov. He is married to a very wealthy woman who has an estate in the neighborhood of Sanin’s land. To sooner sell his legacy, Dmitry agrees to go along with Polozov to his wife in Wiesbaden. The decision to buy it can only take it.

XXXII . Dmitry hurries to Gemma to explain his unexpected departure to the bride. He promises to return in two days.

XXXIII . In Wiesbaden Polozov invites Sanin to have lunch. At the table, Dmitry meets his friend’s wife, who is called Marya Nikolaevna. This woman is inferior to Gemma in beauty, but very smart and charming.

XXXIV . Dmitri liked his wife Polozova, she tries to attract the attention of a young man. Marya Nikolaevna asks Sanin to stay for two days in order to calmly decide on buying his estate.

XXXV . The next morning Sanin, walking in the park, meets Marya Nikolaevna. Young people walk for a long time, and then go to the hotel to drink coffee and discuss the purchase of the estate.

XXXVI . Together with coffee they bring a poster. Marya Nikolaevna invites Dmitry to the theater. She deftly persuades her husband to stay at home.

XXXVII . Polozov in detail asks Sanin about the estate. This conversation turns into a real exam, which Dmitry fails miserably. He can not really explain anything, because he does not know much about the farm.

XXXVIII . Sanin is slightly perplexed by Polozov’s behavior, but he has to endure. He does not know that Marya Nikolaevna made a bet with her husband. She promised to seduce Dmitry in those two days.

XXXIX . In the theater Polozova not so much watching a boring play, how many conversations with Sanin. She tells him that she values ​​freedom most of all, and so she married Hippolytus. Marya Nikolaevna knew in advance that she could command him completely.

XL . Coming out of the theater, the couple meets Baron Dongof. Marya Nikolayevna laughs that the baron and Sanin will again shoot, but already because of her. Polozova invites Dmitry to ride on horseback and promises to sign the deed after that.

XLI . During riding, Sanin is even more attracted by the charm of his companion. He can not take his eyes off the fearless and dexterous rider. Marya Nikolaevna carries Dmitri all the way to the forest.

XLII . Downpour young people wait in a tiny guardhouse. Polozov lost the bet. When Marya Nikolaevna asks where Sanin will go tomorrow, Dmitry replies that he is going to Paris with her.

XLIII . Sanin bitterly recalls the days of “slavery” in Marya Nikolaevna. When Dmitry tired of the power woman, he was simply thrown out. Then came home, solitude and hopeless longing. Dmitry decides to go to the place where the only time he was happy.

XLIV . Sanin arrives in Frankfurt. He is trying to find traces of the Roselli family. Dmitry finds Dongof and learns from him that Gemma married a rich American, and then left with him to New York. The Baron has a friend who can tell Gemma’s address. Sanin writes a letter to America and waits for an answer.

The letter from Gemma is full of quiet sadness. She forgave Sanin and is even grateful to him. If it were not for Dmitry, she would marry Kluber and miss her feminine happiness. Gemma gave birth to four sons and a daughter, Marianna, whose photo was enclosed in an envelope. Sanin is shocked. The girl is very similar to his beloved. Gemma reports that Pantaleone died before leaving for America, and already Lenore died in New York. Emilio fought in Garibaldi’s detachments and died heroically.

Dmitry sends as a gift to Marianne a pomegranate cross, inserted in a luxurious necklace. Over the years, Sanin has grown rich and can afford it. Returning to St. Petersburg, Dmitry began to sell his estates. According to rumors, he was going to America.

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Summary of the “Spring Waters” by Turgenev