Summary of “The Ousters of the North” by Cyrus

A little bear cub of Neva is born in late March. His mother, an old bear, teaches the baby how to get food, how to avoid danger. Not sparing herself, the mother protects her cub.

The calm, carefree life of Neveu interrupts the meeting with the hunter Challoner, who kills the bear for meat and fat. Teddy bear misses his mother. It seems to Halloner that he committed a crime, and the hunter takes the beast with him. Neeva gets acquainted with the awkward, corn-eared puppy Miki. Challon tries to make friends with a bear cub, but Neeva sees him as an enemy. Okhotnyk is going to take Miki and Neiva to his sister.

Putting the bear cub in the bag and tied it to the puppy with a rope, Challoner on the shuttle sails on the lake. While swimming, Miki, sympathizing with the bear cub, tries to make friends with him, but he misses his mother. During one of these attempts, the shuttle swims in a dangerous place, and the bear cub with the puppy falls into the rapids. Challoner can not

help them in any way and is sure that they died. But due to its mass and fat, Neva is unsinkable. He becomes a life-belt for a puppy tied to him. Finally, the bear catches on to the snag, which safely carries them through the rapids.

Having got to the shore, Neeva and Miki find themselves in the forest, which is a home for the bear cub. But Miki is afraid of unfamiliar terrain, especially since he, like a domestic dog, can not get food in the forest, in contrast to Neeva, which feeds on wasps and ants. For Miki in the forest at every turn concealed dangers. Keeping together, the beasts help each other out and gain experience of survival. Finally, having mastered, they lead a serene life.

The cold comes, and Neeva plunges into winter hibernation, Miki remains alone. Suffering from loneliness, he hunts near the cave where his friend sleeps. Not understanding what is happening, Miki brings him food, trying to wake the bear cub. During the blizzard cave enters, and Miki is lost. He eats the bait in traps set by the Indian Jacques LeBot. To catch a thief, Lebo adds a strychnine to his bait. Miraculously survived

after the first piece of poisoned meat, Miki no longer touches the bait in traps, but eats live animals that are there. Lebo arranges a hunt for a thief. Running away from Lebo, Miki enters into a deadly battle with the wolves.

Meanwhile, Lebo buys a ferocious dog named Neto, which means “killer.” Neto must break the thief and win a fight with Lebo’s dog neighbor, braggart Durant. After making a cunning trap, Lebo catches Miki in a trap. Nato, he orders to rush to Miki, hoping that the dog is finished with the hated thief. But taught by the harsh forest life, Miki bites the throat of a terrible dog. The wounded Neto runs into the forest, and Lebo furiously beats Miki with a club.

The wounded Mickey Lebo leads home. Lebo’s wife, Nanetta, suffering from the beating of her husband, becomes attached to the puppy and nurses him. Lebo struck her breast as she fed her first-born. The blow left the milk and the child died. Nanetta can not forgive her husband and is looking for a safe haven for herself and her daughter. Lebo is training Miki, trying to make him a fighting dog. Secretly from her husband Nanette pampers Mickey.

Lebo leads Durant home to show what kind of beast he brought up. Nanetta, seeing that her husband swings at Miki with a club, rushes at him, trying to protect his pet. Seeing that Lebo raises his hand against his wife, Miki rushes at him. Lebo falls dead, hitting his head on a log lying next to it.

Durant burying a dead rival, and Nanetta feels relieved, getting rid of the tyrant. Duran deceives Miki with his escaping, intending to expose him as a war dog.

At the tournament, Miki wins a formidable opponent, half-dog-half-wolf. He, wounded and grown up, recognizes Chalonner. The dog and the master rush to each other, and Chalonner takes Mickey. But Durand does not intend to give up a war dog so easily, which brought him a good win. He says that Mickey has killed his former master, Lebo, and he needs to be shot. Chalonner goes to Nanette to find out the truth. Durand with the loser’s master dog attack Chelonner, but Miki saves her master.

Miki feels an irresistible craving for the former mistress, gnaws through the belt and resorts to it. Soon in the hut appears Challoner. Between him and Nanette flashes up love.

One day, Mickey runs off to hunt. Once again becoming a domestic dog, he loses the vigilance of the forest inhabitant, and with him the misfortune happens: the log falls on the dog, and its hind legs are taken away. When he regains consciousness, he runs home, but the owners left their hut. Miki again turns out to be alone in the forest, but now his loneliness becomes sadder than before.

With the coming of spring Miki comes to the cave where his friend Neeva is sleeping. He bites the bear by the ear, and he wakes up. Now the friends hunt together again, helping each other. At the end of the summer, a forest fire expels friends from a familiar and inhabited forest. In a new place, Neeva falls into a trap. The owner of the trap wants to give the bear cub to the newlyweds Nanette and Chalonner, but seeing that it is already an adult bear, decides to let him go. The newlyweds open the trap and see Mickey next to him, who came to help his friend out.

Now in these parts wanders a bear in a collar, and he is accompanied by a dog. In winter, the bear sleeps in a cellar specially dug for him, and at night Miki comes to him.

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Summary of “The Ousters of the North” by Cyrus