Summary of the “Financier” Dreiser

Chapters I-LIX

Frank Algernon Cowperwood has been attracted to the world of finance since childhood. At the age of 14 he turns the first commercial adventure – he buys and resells the soap. Already in adolescence, he is interested in exceptionally beautiful girls. At the age of seventeen, Cowperwood leaves school and begins to work. “Frank’s appearance… was comfortable and pleasant in those years… A tall… broad-shouldered and well-cut, with a large beautiful head and thick, curly dark chestnut hair.” A lively thought shone in his eyes, but their eyes were impenetrable. .. “

In the house of his father Henry, also a financier who works in a bank, there often appears a married couple of Samples. Frank is fascinated by the 24-year-old Lillian Sample. “It’s hard to say what attracted the young Cowperwood to her, for neither temperament nor reason she was equal to him… Lillian had thick, lush hair of ashy color,

a pale… face, tender pink lips and a straight nose. Her gray eyes, depending on the lighting, seemed blue, then quite dark, her hands struck with subtlety and beauty… Cowperwood attracted her appearance. “

After a while, Mrs. Sample’s husband dies. Ignoring the difference in five years, Frank takes care of Lillian. He manages to charm a woman, and she marries him. For four years of marriage they have a son, Frank and daughter Lillian.

Having worked in different firms and combining the initial capital, Cowperwood begins its account-bills business. He believes in the future of equestrian railways and invests big money in stocks. Frank understands that all officials in Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania are engaged in speculation.

During the civil war of the South and the North, he enlists the support of the Irishman Edward Butler for taking a loan, which allows Cowperwood to assert itself and compete with other major financiers. Butler is a prominent figure in the political world and has extensive connections in the highest circles. He is very sympathetic to the young


Frank notes the beauty and youthful freshness of the elder daughter of Butler Eileen, a blue-eyed girl with reddish-golden hair. Butlers, along with children (the daughters of Nora and Eileen and the sons of Kalem and Owen), are frequent visitors to the Cowperwood house. 18-year-old Eileen irritates Lillian and Frank’s sister Anna with her whims and fervent temper. Frank opposite believes the girl is alive and cheerful. Eileen also likes Cowperwood. She plays the piano and sings in his house only in the presence of Frank.

Turning in Cowperwood’s career becomes cooperation with George Steiner, the city treasurer. Steerer is a toy of the Republican Party, namely the financial bosses: Butler, Mollenhauer and Senator Simpson. They need a man who can turn money from the city treasury. To do this, invite Cowperwood. All participants in the case receive a good income from such financial transactions. Behind the back of the three main influential figures, Steiner and Cowperwood (on Frank’s advice) begin to buy shares in equestrian and railroad lines through frontmen.

Frank and his father are building mansions, connected to each other. The decoration of the houses is good taste. At this time, the financier begins to collect works of art.

Between Cowperwood and Eileen a romance is fastened. Despite the Catholic upbringing, the girl does not think that her love is criminal. Frank is not used to reckoning with moral and religious considerations. “My desires – first of all” – this is his motto.

The Chicago fire on October 7, 1871 at the moment destroys the financial well-being of Cowperwood. The fire that swept the trading part of the city causes stock market panic. Frank put in circulation five hundred thousand from the city treasury, and now this is his biggest problem. There is no stener in the city, and Cowperwood decides to tell the whole story to Butler, hoping that he and Mollenhauer and Simpson will not allow the depreciation of the papers. The banker also mentions the upcoming elections: the disappearance of such a huge amount from the treasury will quickly reveal itself, and Stener as a representative of the Republicans will cast a shadow on the party. Butler brings him down with two other aces. However, everyone sees what is happening in the event and, although they sympathize with Frank, do not consider it necessary to help him. At the same time, Butler receives an anonymous letter stating that Eileen is confused with Cowperwood. The reaction of the daughter to the letter confirms what was written. The old Irishman at the time embraces hatred of Frank. Butler decides to drown the scoundrel, taking advantage of the forthcoming threat of Cowperwood’s bankruptcy.

Steiner, a man of the weak-willed and narrow-minded, the troika of the tycoon managed to convince in no circumstances to lend Frank any more money in the city. A new loan could save both Cowperwood and Stener, in addition to bring them a financial profit. The treasurer is afraid of the wrath of his masters, and, despite all the reasonable arguments of the banker, he refuses Cowperwood. Frank, in spite of his order, manages to take a check from his secretary, Albert Styres, for $ 60,000.

Lillian also receives an anonymous letter, but it does not mention the name of Frank’s mistress. “She knew that he was selfish, engaged only in himself, and not so much fascinated with her as before, her fears about the difference in their age were gradually justified.” But decency, children and habit prompt to stay with Cowperwood, especially now that he faces bankruptcy.

Frank declares himself insolvent. Before the elections, it is possible to hide the theft from the treasury, after Cowperwood and Stener, a lawsuit begins. For this, Butler did his best, although by law the banker does not bear any responsibility. It was the ill-fated check issued by the secretary that was the reason to accuse Frank of intentional theft.

All attempts by the Irishman to force Eileen to leave and abandon her lover are in vain. The old man decides to take an extreme step: he turns to Pinkerton’s agency and hunts with the detectives Eileen and Cowperwood in the visiting house. The daughter is terribly offended: her father exposed her secret to strangers. How low!

Eileen leaves home to live with her friend, despite the adoring of the domestic. Only with the help of Frank Edward manages to return her home. Father understands that he can not convince Eileen. Hope only of the court’s recognition of the guilt of Cowperwood.

The banker hires an intelligent lawyer, Harper Steger. However, prosecutor Dennis Shannon and Judge Payderson are Butler’s people. Frank and his lawyer count on the jury, but they endure the conviction. Stegger submits an appeal, but this also does not bring results. The financier will serve a term of four years and three months in the Eastern prison.

Cowperwood does not lose the presence of the spirit and courageously accepts his fate. For his entire family and wife, this is a hard blow. Eileen alone is determined to fight for her Frank, although she is in despair. Both the luxurious mansion – Frank and his father – go under the hammer for debts.

Once in prison, Cowperwood sees a striking contrast between his former life and the present. Now he will live in a tight cell with rats. He is given a job – to weave chairs, which brightens the monotony of the convict everyday life.

Cowperwood liked the head of the prison, Michael Desmas, and the obliging subordinate of Desmas, Boncheg, for a fee makes Frank every indulgence: the prisoner is brought from the house the right things, goodies, more than three months (which was a violation of prison rules), he can write letters and meet with visitors. Therefore, as soon as this opportunity arose, Eileen comes to her lover.

For the first time in his life, Cowperwood’s self-control changes, and he cries on Eileen’s shoulder. “Her love was so boundless, so genuine…” At the same time, “her soul was overcome by a mad, merciless fury against life… Father – be he damned! Native – what’s up to them! .. Frank for her – everything! ” She helps her beloved to regain control of herself.

On one of the dates with Lillian, Frank asks for a divorce from her. They have completely different views on life, and he loves another. Lillian refuses to get divorced.

Thirteen months later, both Stener and Cowperwood were released. This is due to the death of Edward Butler. Eileen all this time underlined behaved coldly with her father, that she did not hide from her brothers. Soon they find out the reason, and begin to disdain the sister.

While Frank was in prison, his business was led by Wingate, an honest and conscientious person. All this time Cowperwood advised him, Frank’s younger brothers, Joseph and Edward, worked at Wingate and Co.. Therefore, when the financier was released, he continued his business as a broker.

The largest credit institution, Jay Cook and Co., has invested heavily in the construction of a railway in the uninhabited territories, which accounted for almost a third of the US. But on September 18, 1873 the company becomes bankrupt. At the stock exchange immediately panic begins. The Hour of Cowperwood has come!

In just a few days, selling and buying everything you can, on the difference Frank earns a lot of money. He is a millionaire. Now he does not hold anything in Philadelphia. Because of the brand of the prisoner, Frank can no longer regain his former reputation. Cowperwood gets a divorce from Lillian and leaves with Eileen in Chicago.

Something about Mycteroperca Bonaci

The author on the example of the fish Mycteroperca Bonaci, simply black sea bass, talks about the creative power. Due to the change in skin pigmentation and the ability to adapt, the fish can go away from pursuit and insidiously attack surreptitiously. “For what purpose did the perch bestow this feature on the omnipotent and intelligent nature? .. it can be mistaken for a tool of deception, for the personification of lies…” Can this testify that the visible world is only an illusion?

Magic Crystal

“Three witches that praised Macbeth in a thunderstorm in a wasteland, seeing Cowperwood, could say”: “reality for you is only the loss of illusions”, for the heart is tired with everyday experience, and the soul is cold as night. Eileen, they could promise a lot of anxieties, hopes, crumbling to dust, love, flying around like a dandelion, and dying out in the dark!

“And all this would be true.” In such a beginning, any reasonable person can not see the other end. “

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Summary of the “Financier” Dreiser