Summary of “Queen Margot” Dumas

1570, the time of civil wars in France. The leaders of the warring parties also died. There is a peace in Saint-Germain, and to secure the princess Margaret must marry Henry of Navarre, which outrages both countries. King Henry of Navarre explains that their marriage is political and, despite their feelings for others, they must support each other to the end.

And in the palace, Catherine of Siena, a widow who hates the Huguenots, wove intrigues. The world lasted a week, Charles IX instructs Morvel to attempt on Admiral Coligny. Count Lerac de La Mole, the Huguenot, arrives in Paris with letters destined for King Henry, as well as Admiral Coligny, and Annibal de Coconnas is a Catholic, with a message intended for the Duke of Guise, the enemy of Coligny. They quickly became friends behind the game of cards, and in conversation they say that this night in the Louvre important audiences will be held. This night – in August from 24 to 25 – is the night of St. Bartholomew,

that is, the bloody night of the Huguenots.

La Mole and Coconnas are in a fight against a friend. The wounded La Mole is rescued in the quarters of Queen Margarita of Navarre. Coconutas is also severely wounded and huddles near Margarita’s closest friend – this is the Duchess of Henriette Neverska.

To Margo comes the brother – this is the Duke of Alanson, he reports that at this time the marriage with the Huguenot is reprehensible. But Margo betrays her husband, because of the disaster that threatens them. Madame de Sauz arranges intrigues for her son-in-law, but she does not get anything. After Margarita introduces Henry to La Mole, who passes him a letter warning of the danger. All three sleep on the same bed.

Queen Ekaterina is furious that she can not get rid of Henry of Navarre. Her adventures bring only defeat. She also did not reconcile the transfer of son-in-law to Catholicism.

La Mole also accepts Catholicism. Coconut and he cured the master René – now they are friends who have a warm feeling for their ladies – this is Margarita and Henrietta. La Mole

can not believe that the queen loves him and goes to the clairvoyant René who provides a waxed figurative figure in the crown and expressed with a heart that is pierced with a needle. La Mole Hanit is the image of Marguerite, adored by him.

The head of the Huguenots, de Mui, seeks revenge in politics. The Duke of Alanson tells de Mui that he is the best pretender to the throne, after Charles’s death. For penetration into the Louvre, he advises the Duke of François to sew a parade ground, like that of La Mole. At Henry on the way again someone is standing, and this is again the machinations of the mother. She is scorching King Charles about the appearance in the Louvre de Mui, forcing his son to consent to the arrest of Henry, charging it to Morvel.

Karl regrets this decree, since Henry rescues him on the hunt. He not only saved his life, but prevented the change of sovereigns in the three kingdoms, but most importantly – it saved his life and Margot. When Henry spoke with Alanson, the latter proposed a conspiracy against the king, but he rejected it. Then de Mui will send his proposals to Prince Conde and others. But Henry knew all the intentions of François. He vigorously persuades the King of Navarre to become the head of the Huguenots. That everyone loves him, and François wrote an act about the abdication of the throne heritage in his direction: They shake hands, and at this time Catherine of Siena enters, who hypocritically rejoiced at the brotherly handshake, because she triumphed over Henry.

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Summary of “Queen Margot” Dumas