Summary of “Frosty” by Tolstoy

Once upon a time there lived an old man and an old woman. The old man had her own daughter, and the old woman had her own daughter, who did everything, she was stroked on the head, but she got everything for her daughter, she watched the cattle and burned the stove, and cleaned the hut, in general, all the dirty work the house did. But it was simply impossible to please an old woman angry and grouchy, and she decided to get on with her stepdaughter from the very light.

Once she orders her weak and spineless old man to take his daughter to the woods in a frosty frost, if only her eyes could not see. The old man tightened his neck and cried, but his grandmother was afraid of the thick of death and even could not contradict her. Then he harnessed the horse, put his daughter in a sleigh and drove her homeless into the forest. And then he threw it right into the snowdrift near the big spruce.

The summary of “Morozko” can be continued by the fact that the poor girl

sits under the spruce and gets a strong chill. Then she sees – Morozko jumps from branch to branch, crackles and snaps. And soon he found himself near the girl and began to ask cunningly about whether she was warm. She humbly replied to him that she was very warm, and called him affectionately – Morozushko.

Then Frost began to sink even lower and crackle more than before. And again he asked the girl about whether she was frozen? But she again responded in kind, calling him Father and Morozushka, and assured him that she was warm. Then Morozko lowered himself even lower and cried more violently. And again she turned to her with her questions about whether she was warm, a red maid? And the girl could hardly speak and barely stiffened from the cold, and then turning to him, by kindness of her kind darling Morozushka, she called and calmed him again, saying that she was very warm.

Reward for patience and kindness

Then Morozko took pity on her, threw a warm fur coat over her and warmed her with feather duvets.

The summary of “Frosty” goes on to say that at this time in the

house the old women of the wake are in full swing, she bakes pancakes and sends her grandfather to bring his stiff daughter from the forest to bury.

The old man came to the place and sees that his daughter is ruddy and cheerful, wearing a sable coat, in gold and silver, and next to a full box with rich gifts. The old man was very happy, he put his daughter in a sleigh, loaded all her wealth and drove home.

As the old woman saw that the old woman’s daughter in silver and gold was being transported, she immediately ordered the harnessing of other sledges and carrying her daughter to the same place. The old man did this, he drove his stepdaughter into the forest and dumped it again under the same spruce.

The girl is sitting, cold, and knocks her teeth. And Morozko in the woods crackles and snaps and looks at the old woman’s daughter. And then he asks if the girl is warm, and she answered that she was a student and she was cold! Frostily falls lower and shook the oldest and crackles and again asks the girl about whether it’s warm to her. Then she cried out that her hands and feet were frozen. But Morozko took it completely and struck harder. The girl completely moaned about how Morozko the damned disappeared and disappeared. Then he became angry and so much was enough that the daughter of the old woman completely ossified.

The short summary of “Frosty” ends with the fact that in the morning a little old woman calls for an old man to go immediately for her daughter and bring her in gold and silver. The old man harnessed the sleigh and drove away, and the dog under the table yapping about the fact that the old man’s daughter will soon be taken to his wife’s wife, and the old woman’s daughter is carried in a pile of bones.

When the grandfather returned, the old woman ran up to his sleigh, lifted the mat, and there her dead daughter lay. The old woman screamed, but it was too late.


This Russian folk tale is included in the school program on literature. The main characters of the fairy tale “Morozko”, as expected, there are positive and negative, otherwise it would be uninteresting to read. The plot presents a variation of the story about the persecuted person (stepdaughter), to whom the wonderful assistant (Morozko) comes to the rescue and for his kindness, meekness, humility and diligence rewards. And he punished another person (the daughter of an old woman), proud, mercenary and evil.

The stepmother, of course, in this folk piece is the main evildoer of evil and the instigator, to whom also retribution has come. Her husband is a subject person who can not resist her because of the weakness of her character, and fate did not offend him either.

This story is clearly educational and moral character, which is very easily read. The meaning of the fairy tale “Frosty” is that the triumph of justice will come sooner or later, but it will definitely come, and everyone will be rewarded according to his deeds, as they say, who sows something will reap.

Tale of “Morozko”: reviews

The end of the tale is quite tragic, if not cruel. Russian folk tales, “Morozko” including, are narrated on behalf of the people, who in all ages have condemned the envy, greed and oppression of the defenseless. According to reviews, the behavior of negative heroes, such as stepmother and her daughter, causes in the soul of the reader the rejection of injustice, and punishment is perceived, on the contrary, as a triumph of justice.

In general, a lot of discussions cause Russian folk tale “Jack Frost”, for example, like many others, supposedly very much bloodthirsty and cruel, which are approved by the dubious ideals of humility instead of assertiveness, but also emphasis on material goods.

To protect the child from excessive cruelty, according to some parents, you should not let the children read such stories. Negative protagonists of the fairy tale “Morozko” seem to serve as a bad example for imitation.

However, it must be understood that this is our ancient heritage, so to speak, folklore folklore, and the plot is therefore conditioned by the realities of that very primitive and dark time. Then such cruelty was justified, since it set a goal to instruct the younger generation, and the brighter the paint, the deeper the educational effect.

Wisdom of the centuries

It should be noted the main thing in this topic: fairy tales have always preserved the centuries-old wisdom of the people, and the task of modern teachers is not to cut off the thread that binds generations and help the young reader to read, understand correctly and respect the folk wisdom of fairy tales invented by our ancestors.

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Summary of “Frosty” by Tolstoy