Summary of D. Fonvizin’s play “The Minor”


Fitting the caftan. Sophia receives a letter from Starodum. A new meeting between Sophia and Milo after the separation. The desire of Prostakova to marry Mitrofan at Sofya. The indignation of Skotinin. The arrival of Starodom to Prostakov. Milo asks Sophia’s hands to Starodom. Attempt to kidnap Sophia the Simpletons. Wards over the estate of the Prostakovs. Characters:
Mrs. Prostakova, his wife.
Mitrofan, their son, is not worthy.
Eremeevna, Mitrofanova’s mother.
Sophia, the niece of Starodum.
Kuteykin, a seminarian.
Tsyfirkin, a retired sergeant.
Vralman, the teacher.
Trishka, tailor.
Servant of Prostakov.
Starodum’s valet.

The action takes place in the house of the Provosts. The comedy begins with the stage of fitting the caftan. Prostakov scolds tailor Grishka for sewing the caftan for Mitrofan too narrow.

Skotinin appears

in a merry mood: on the evening a conspiracy between him and Sophia is appointed, which after the death of her mother lives in the house of the Prostakovs, their distant relatives, and they manage her estate as her own. She does not yet know that she is going to be married.

Then Sofya appears. The girl reports that her uncle Starodum, who once went to Siberia and for several years did not make any news about himself, so that he was already deemed dead, it turns out he is alive and is currently in Moscow. In addition, he accumulated a fortune of ten thousand and makes it his heir. She learned all this from a letter that Starodum sent to her. Hearing this news, Prostakov immediately begins to be more supportive of Sophia, since she planned to marry her son Mitrofanushka to a rich bride.

In the village belonging to Prostakov, the soldiers who are led to Moscow by the officer Milon stop to stay. Milon meets his friend Pravdin, who has lived here for three days, because he is a member of the vicegerency. Pravdin travels around the district in order to find “evil” masters, inhumanely using their

power. Milo, in turn, says that he is looking for his beloved girl, who has not seen more than six months. She was taken away by distant relatives to her villages after her mother’s death. It turns out that we are talking about Sophia. There is a meeting of lovers.

At this time, Skotinin expressed a desire to marry Sophia, because the money that her uncle had bequeathed to him, he could redeem the pigs from all the white light and build a shed for everyone. Pravdin informs Skotinin that Prostakova reads Sophia for her son. Skotinin starts a quarrel with his nephew and pounces on him with his fists.

Comes from Moscow Starodum. Talking with Pravdin, he talks about upbringing and service to the Fatherland, remembering stories and giving examples from his own life. Then he gets acquainted with the owners, who are trying hard to please him, hoping to become his relatives. After that, Starodum goes to rest from the road, and Mitrofan sits down for a lesson, during which he shows himself completely ignorant.

After rest Starodum talks with Sophia, discussing the various virtues and moral qualities of man. Then Pravdin introduces him to Milo, who asks for the hands of his niece. Young people receive the blessing of their uncle. Then Skotinin and Mitrofanushka woo to Sophia, but Starodum denies them, informing them that she has already been agreed. Then, Prostakova decides to kidnap Sophia to force her to marry her son. But this attempt ends in failure, as the girl is rescued by Milo. Pravdin takes care of the house and village of Prostakov. The landlord, wanting to find support from her son, rushes to him with embraces, but he roughly repels his mother. Prostakova faints. Starodum, Sofia and Milo are going to go to Moscow. The play ends with the words of Starodom, pointing to Prostakov: “Here is the evil worthy fruits!”

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Summary of D. Fonvizin’s play “The Minor”