Summary of “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” Twain

The novel begins with a presentation of the hero and author to the readers. For those of you who have not read Tom Sawyer’s Adventure, the author, and in this capacity Huck himself, provides an opportunity to learn about what the protagonists are, as well as a summary of their adventures described in the previous book.

Of course, this thing needs to be read in its entirety, since the book “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, the brief content of which we will try to present, is written so captivatingly that it is simply a sin not to have it in your reader’s baggage. Not for nothing, the adventures of Tom and Huck are among the top most popular novels in the world, and these books are read with pleasure by adults and children alike. And among the many novels, stories and feuilletons that Mark Twain wrote, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” occupy the highest line in the parade of popularity. Even Tom is a bit inferior to his friend.


you have not read “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, a brief summary of the plot will certainly encourage you to buy a volume of Mark Twain. And surely then the work will take an honorable place on your bookshelf.

“The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, concise. First part

Huck Finn goes to re-education for the widow of Douglas, who has firmly decided to make a useful and exemplary member of the society out of a young pariah and a tomboy. The boy is forced to dress “decently,” trying to instill in him a manly manner and forced to go to school. Sincerely believing that all this is really necessary for him, Huck tries his best, but to overcome his freedom-loving nature and become “like everyone else,” he turns out badly. And then it is found out that his father was returned to the town by a beggar and an alcoholic who, after hearing that Huck became rich, inflamed his offspring with his parents’ feelings. The story of acquiring young Finn states you can read in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

His father stole Huck from the widow’s

house and took him to a cabin several miles from the town. Senior Finn decided to take possession of his son’s condition, and keeps him locked up as a guarantee of getting money. But Huck does not want to go on about the desires of the parent and escapes from the castle. Communication with Tom was not a gift for him, and he escapes his escape as his own murder. It is not hard to guess that this was done for the purpose that he would not be sought after. Having fled, he decides to settle on an island that is in the direct line of sight of the town. It was here that he and Tom in Joe Garland dreamed of becoming pirates.

But the previously uninhabited island is populated. On it already lives Negro Jim, escaped from his mistress – Mrs. Douglas. Two fugitives decide to go to the northern states, in which there is no slavery. They decide to move along the river. And only at night, as Jim threatens to escape a severe punishment.

And the further adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the brief content of which you are now reading, take place on a raft. Our friends meet two scammers who, with amazing dexterity and arrogance, rob the innocent inhabitants of small towns standing on the river bank. While the victims of scams are adults, Huck and Jim reconcile with the methods of “Duke” and “King”, but when they decide to rob three orphaned sisters, the oldest of which is only 16, the young Finn decides to prevent the injustice. His intervention did not allow the fraudsters to realize their plans, and those evil as devils are forced to retire unsentingly.

“The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, concise. The second part

Vexed by failure, scammers decide to fix their financial affairs, giving Jim authority. After all, the capture of a runaway slave is rewarded. Quarreling on the sly is a heinous thing, they think it’s a hat. But Huck can not accept the fact that Jim will be sold to the southern cotton plantations, and decides to arrange for him to escape. Having realized on what farm his friend is being kept, he is there, not knowing even what he will do and say. What is his surprise when the hosts meet the boy’s appearance with sincere delight, taking him for the nephew of Mrs. Phelps, who should just come to visit. Learning that this nephew’s name is Tom Sawyer, Huck is a little crazy with relief. After all, his best friend will be here soon, and knowing the love of a friend for adventure, Finn does not at all doubt that, that Jim’s escape will be carried out according to all the rules of the adventure novel. Tom, of course, fully justifies the expectations, and arranges from the preparation for the escape of the whole idea. Unfortunately, at the very end, randomness prevented triumph, and Sawyer even shook the bullet in the leg.

But everything ends not just well, but even splendidly, when Tom reveals the cards, and Aunt Polly, who came for her troubled nephew, confirms his words. It turns out that Jim is not any slave, as his mistress died, but in her will gave him free.

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Summary of “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” Twain