Summary “Demon” Lermontov

The demon looks at the world from an unearthly height. He sees the wonderful world of the Caucasus. Kazbek, Terek and the winding river Dariala lead him to despise and yearning. It all ceased to please, even the authorities ceased to inspire him. He flies around his possessions, the landscape changes slowly. All the beauties of this world can not provoke even new thoughts.

He notices the feast of a Georgian feudalist named Gunal. Feudal notes the preparation of the wedding of his only daughter, the heiress of all his lands.

All relatives have gathered and have already begun to celebrate. The wine flows like a river. The bridegroom is not here yet. He will come only in the evening. The Synodal, the fiance of Tamara is very noble. Preparations are coming to an end. The bride, according to the customs of this country, should dance a pre-wedding dance and already with might and main prepares for him. The bride begins to dance, her dance is beautiful and feminine. She does not

yet know how her new family will meet her and enjoy the last day at her parents’ house. Tamara is happy, she marries for love, because the choice of the father coincided with her choice, but still scary, because here she is free, and what awaits there…

The father is proud of his beautiful daughter. She is admired by all the guests, raising wine for her health, and uttering the most respectable toasts. Even the demon could not look away from the young beauty. He again and again flies over the castle of the feudal lord, unable to fly away. In the soul of the Demon there are feelings. He feels a passion for the earthly girl. The demon can not allow a wedding and kills his rival, pouring robbers on him. The robbers routed all preparations for the wedding and killed all the guards. Only the noble horse of the prince takes his master, already wounded in battle, beyond the reach of robbers. But, when it was already quiet for his life, he gets a stray bullet. A faithful horse continues its journey with a semi-living feudal lord. Gunal jumps back and falls at the gate.

The bride’s family is broken.

The girl is crying, imperceptibly, in the night, an unfamiliar, very pleasant and calm voice appears. He tries to console the beauty, and when she calms down a little, he promises to come to her in the evenings, every day. Tamara looks around, seeing no one, comes to the conclusion that she saw it all.

By morning the girl falls asleep. She sees a strange dream in which an unknown stranger bends her head. She does not understand who it is, he does not look like an angel, he does not have that purity and those fine curls, but he also does not look like something evil, because he looks with tenderness and love. That voice holds back its promise and as soon as the beauty prepares for bed. he comes to her. Realizing that most likely this spirit is evil, she asks her father to give her to a monastery. From the suitors there is no release, Tamara refuses everything. The father is angry, again and again refusing her request. The father threatens to curse her, but the girl again does not concede. Then Gunal allows his daughter to go to the holy abode, but here the spirit does not leave her alone. Tamara and here sees his image, yes those same eyes that came to her in the father’s house.

The girl falls by the icon, praying to the saints indefinitely, but after a while understands that all her prayers are addressed to him. The handsome understands that she fell in love with this voice and in those eyes. The demon knows what the beautiful princess does not know, because if they have physical closeness for a moment, then it will turn out to be grief for her, she will die. Demon desperately wants to appear before Tamara, but he is almost ready to abandon the plan, so as not to harm a beautiful earthly girl. At least, he already begins to seem so. One night he approaches the coveted cell, and when he makes an attempt to leave, he realizes that he can not wave his wings. They do not move. He drops a tear on the floor, inhuman, one that burns everything in its path.

He is no longer a ghostly image in the dark, he is a fine man, albeit with wings, but very beautiful appearance. He approaches the asleep girl, but in an instant he is blocked by the way her angel. The angel demands to leave and not touch Tamara. The demon explains to him that he came too late, that this is his possession, and the angels are closed here. Tamara wakes up and, not recognizing the beautiful image in him, frightens him. The demon opens the soul to the beautiful woman and ceases to seem dangerous to her. The girl pities the Demon. She asks not to deceive her and not play with her trustfulness. The demon gives her an oath. He swears to everything that is his power, both earthly and unearthly. But what a man in love does not promise, if he wants to master a woman, but if you imagine that this man is a Demon… He promises to take her to his world and build a paradise on earth.

This meeting ends, not only with the first touch of Tamara’s hand, but with a hot kiss of her lips, gentle, trembling, affectionate, like rose petals. Making an ordinary detour, the watchman stops near the room of Tamara, as he hears in her the sounds of love, the notes of tenderness and greedy kiss. He quieted at the door of the princess, listened, and moaning from the room, he led to a stupor, he was terrible, weak but heard through solid doors. And then he heard the nun’s death cry.

Gunalu receives a notice that his daughter died in a monastery. He takes her dead body. The father wants to bury his only daughter in a family cemetery, where once long ago, one of their relatives, in order to atone for his sins, built a beautiful temple. Similarly, the father does not want to see his princess in a coffin in the rags of nuns. He gives the order to dress her so that she was more beautiful than ever looked on holidays. It’s already been three days and three nights, Gunal jumps faster than the train. All those who are close to the princess are in silence and silence. Already a few days have passed since the death of Tamara, and her skin becomes more beautiful and whiter, and the smile that has frozen in the moment of death still does not fall off her face.

Tamara is buried. The caravan starts on the return journey.

Gunal did everything right, because it’s been many years since that tragic ending happened. The river washed away the house of the feudal lord, she destroyed all the memory of the former owners who lived in this house, but the dear church is still standing, and the grave of the girl named Tamara is so high that there is no way to get to the person.

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Summary “Demon” Lermontov