Summary “Cloud, lake, tower”

Summary “Cloud, lake, tower”

Vasily Ivanovich, a Russian emigrant living in Berlin, was a modest, gentle bachelor with intelligent and kind eyes. Once, at a charity ball, arranged by emigrants from Russia, he won a ticket for a fun trip. He did not want to go anywhere, but he could not sell the ticket.

At the station he saw his companions. The leader chosen by the society was a tall blond with a huge backpack. The group consisted of four women and the same number of men. One of the men named Schram started talking about the merits of the excursion. As it was later found out, it was a special heater from the society of voyages.

The train was placed in an empty wagon of the third class. Everyone handed out music sheets with poems, which had to be sung in chorus. Did not succeed in evading Vasily Ivanovich.

Everyone was asked to give out their provisions in order to divide it equally. Cucumber Vasily Ivanovich was found inedible and thrown into a window. He was forced to play in the stingray, braked, questioned, checked, did first good-naturedly, then with a threat.

We spent the night in the tavern curve. The next day, from early morning to five in the afternoon, we walked along the highway, and then by a green road through a thick boron. Vasily Ivanovich, as the least loaded, was given a huge round bread under his arm.

Then they were amused: the women chose the shops and lay down on them, and under the shelves men were hiding. Then it turned out who got into the pair with whom. Three times Vasily Ivanovich remained without a couple. They spent the night on straw mattresses in a shed and once more went on foot.

After a rest in an hour’s walk, Vasili Ivanovich suddenly discovered the happiness that he had dreamed of. It was a clean blue lake, in which a large cloud reflected. On that side, on a green hill, stood an ancient black tower.

Vasily Ivanovich went to the shore and went to the inn, where there was a room for visitors. There was nothing special about it, but from the window it was clearly visible a lake with a cloud and a tower.

Vasily Ivanovich in one sunny second realized that here, in this

room with a charming view to the tears in the window, at last so life will go, as he always wanted it to be.

He decided not to return to Berlin and settle here. But the leader of the group categorically forbade Vasily Ivanovich to stay. He was twisted, squeezed and dragged to the train. In the car, he was beaten, quite subtly. It was very fun.

Upon his return to Berlin Vasily Ivanovich visited his supervisor and asked him to release him. “I let him go, of course.”

Summary “Cloud, lake, tower”