Summary “At the knives”

Summary “At the knives”

Vesljenov Josap Platonovich, in past years convicted of political actions, returns to the provincial town, where he is met by his sister Larissa and ex-wife, who unexpectedly married General Sintyanin, who has a bad reputation in society. Also to meet Iosaph came Major Forov, who stated that he would never marry a man, but would remain with his stupid wife Catherine. Before the arrival of his brother, Larissa made an offer from the Spanish nobleman Podzory. At the evening at Bakharev, Gordanov declared himself an opponent of the woman’s mind. After meeting with her former Glafira Akatova, who married rich Bodrostin, in order to help the common cause, she demands a conscientious admission about the murder of her husband.

At nightfall, Vislenev opened the bag of money that he

had been given to save the Gordans. Then he sees a silhouette of a woman in a green dress in the garden, and in the morning tries to find out who it was. The attempt was unsuccessful, and he leaves for the Forens. Itself Форова has met the general with a reception daughter Vera who leave on farm. Vislenev met with the clergyman Evangel Minervin, who in the past was a writer of articles. He admitted that he did not really like Russia, that there was no nature or people there. At the peak of the thunderstorm travelers meet Bodrostin, who takes Vistleneva to her place. Glafira received a letter from Podrezelov, in which he learns that he is wary of her. Heinrich Ropshin, was a young and handsome guy. He brought Glafira Vasilievna another letter, in which there was a speech that she was a beggar. Glaphira loses consciousness. The narrator moves to Petersburg.

The son of a Gypsy Gordanov, quickly realized that at a young age he was of little use to himself. In the circle of friends, he raises “ituyism” to replace nihilism, because the old people rebelled against the latter, the leader of whom was Anna Skokova. Gordanov called the new movement Darwinism. Vancock does not spoil her views at all, she conducts many experiments, but she can not strangle the cat. At this time, most girls marry rich women, steal them and strive

for privacy. After three years of absence, Gordanov returned to Petersburg, and learned from Anna that the seller of newspapers Tikhon Kishensky was very rich. Viselev again begins to write articles that are built on lies. Vanskcom gives him the opportunity to write an excellent article, giving him Polish correspondence. Over time, his neighbor, the Meridians, visited him,

Gordanov offers to buy a husband and father for the children of Alina, Kishensky. They quickly bargain and agree. Later it was known that Viselev was sold. Then a request comes to the police to arrest Gordanov, to which a copy of Polish correspondence is attached. Soon comes the outfit with a search. Vancock, Gordanov and Viselev were subject to a thorough search. Gordan himself said that he had given Polish correspondence to Kishensky for storage. Viselev sits in prison, but Alina, fearing disclosure of secrets, forces him to marry. Viselev nervously rewrites all Alina’s children to her name, and at the end of the year he is provided with a bill with a round amount, which grows from year to year. Gordanov negotiates with Kishensky, but dreams of fulfilling a secret plan. Kishensky and Alina, unable to withstand the jokes, burned the apartment, where there were all Gordanov’s papers. Left without a single penny, he leaves with Vistlenev. Viselev himself took away from his sister, a previously presented part of the property. Gordanov deceived his men and accused Forova, together with Father Evangel in inciting. Glafira was the face of Bodrostin in a cut greatcoat. Kishensky writes articles in which it is a question of accusing Podozerov, and Anna writes notes on the theft of Gordanov’s money.

Larisa moved to live with Bodrostina. She considers her to be an empty girl, but she respects courtship with her from Gordanova, who seriously became interested in her. Podozerov asks for Larissa’s hands, and Vera blesses them and brings them in marriage. Bodrostin lost his confidence in his wife, and she became interested in Josap. Glafira receives a guest landlord Vodopyanov, who told a fascinating story about the student Spirilonov. This story is very reminiscent of some features of the life of the mother of Podzierov. He writes a letter to Glafira, in which we are talking about the fact that Bodrostin lured Kishensky and his friends into his networks, and tries to ruin them. Podozerov caught Gordanova and Larisa and summoned him to a duel. A woman intercedes for her lover, and says she wants to stay with her new friend, receives a blessing. Alexandra Ivanovna wrote a confession, in which we are talking about her truth, and that she married in order to save innocent people. She writes that the general wanted to kill her, but Vera did not let this happen. Sintyanina admitted that she was very much in love with Podozerov. After the duel, Podozerov said that Gordanov had shot earlier, and when he ran away from the venue, Forov shot his heel. Gordanov went to Petersburg for the final entrapment of her husband in the ranks of scammers.

Women do not leave Podzierov, but when he started a fire, Larisa sheltered him. She does not admit anyone to him, asks for protection and wants to marry him. Vislenev escapes from the city in an unknown direction. Gordanov, after scandals, he leaves for Petersburg. In Moscow, he met with the Glaforium, which demonstrates leadership qualities. She showed him an image in which he saw Flora in a secret green dress. Glafira met with Vistlenev and went to Paris, where he goes to the sessions of spiritualism and considers Josaphus a medium. Offended for the denunciation Sintyanin learned that Bodrostin wanted to be brought to life.

Glafira is actively watching all the events in St. Petersburg straight from Paris. Vyselyov became a lackey, and Bodrostin beckons him with his passions, and brings to the thought of the death of her husband, after which she can again marry. She has been very fond of Podzierova for two years, and dreams of forever forgetting her previous lovers. On the way to Petersburg, Vislenev changes appearance. Arriving home, he closed himself in the bathroom and arranged a flood. He was declared insane. Glafira freed her husband from paying debts to the orphanage to which they had given the child. Podorozvy live a not very happy life. Vislenev, through deception, receives money from Gordanov, hiding under the name of Larissa, and sells his sister. Podozierov wants to put his true wife on the road and show her real friends, but she says she hates everyone, and runs away with Gordanov.

Gordanov and Lara got married and live in Moldova. Larissa also stayed there, despite the fact that Gordanov left for Russia. In a short time, Larissa also returns to Russia and settles in an apartment with Gordanova. Larissa said that soon someone will be killed in her house, and asks Sintyanin to look attentively at Iosaph. A tragic death killed Vodopyanov, who fell from the bridge. As it became known later. his horses scared Vislenev, who confused them with the Bodrostinsky.

On the birthday of Bodrostin came Gordanov and Vistlenev. In the party also did not remain Sintyanin. They went to look at the rite of fire from the peasants who spent it not far from the estate. before this shirt Bodrostin accidentally flooded with red wine Lisa in a personal conversation, confessed Sintyaninom that has two husbands. Vislenev announced the murder of Bodrostin, and demands, marry Glafira. Visleneva was taken to the station, but the murder was attributed to the peasant rebellion. Ropshin informed Glafira that the body of the murdered old man had found traces of her stiletto, brought from Spain, and forced her to marry in exchange for silence. Josap admits that he did not kill the old man, but only left him a burn from a cigarette. Gordanov noticed that Ropshin began to behave like a master in his house, and began to follow him. At the funeral the dead man got his hands untied, which greatly frightened Glafira. Counting that this is a sign, she betrays Gordanova.

Gordanova was arrested with a rhinestone and cut off the hand suffering from burns. Bodrostina married a greedy Ropshin, and lives for Forov’s money. Visleneva was recognized as a madman and was taken to live in a house for the crazy, where he feels happy. Vera and Catherine, who have lived a difficult life, die. Before his death, Sintyanin bequeaths all the property to his wife. A year later, the father of Evangel came to visit Podorov and reported the death of Forov. He was completely sure that everything that was done “on knives” – this is just the beginning, and soon something terrible will happen.

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Summary “At the knives”