Summary “A Month in the Village” by Turgenev

When a new face appears in the village – this is considered an event. One summer a new home teacher came to the rich estate of the Islaevs. From the very first day of Alexey Nikolaevich, his pupil Kolya Islaev, who was ten years old, fell in love. The teacher made a bow to him, built a kite, and he promised him to teach him how to swim.

With the new teacher, it is also fun and easy for the seventeen-year-old Vera, who is a pupil of the Islaevs. They looked at the dam, tried to catch the squirrel, walked very long. Maid Katya also noticed a young man and even changed her attitude to Matvey, who was courting her. Something changed in the heart of Natalia Petrovna Islaeva. Her Arkady Sergeyevich is always busy, as he builds things all the time, leads them in order. Natalia Petrovna does not care for her husband’s economic concerns. She was also bored by Rakitin’s conversations, which is a friend of the house. She has a relationship with him.

Rakitin worries

about Natalya Petrovna, she is always in a bad mood. He suspects that she has changed attitude towards him, and when Alexei Nikolaevich comes she revives. This is noticeable even Spiegelsky, who is a district doctor who came to help Bolshintsov, so that Vera could get married. The groom is forty-eight years old, he is far from being clever, clumsy, uneducated. Natalya Petrovna was very surprised at this proposal, since Vera is still young enough. But when she saw that Vera was whispering with Belyaev, she returned to the conversation about matchmaking. Rakitin worries that he is not tired of Natalya Petrovna. She talked with Belyaev, revived and her face appeared cheerful and vivacious. She says about Belyaev that he made a strong impression on her.

Faith does not want to marry Bolshintsov. Vera admits that she likes Belyaev. In Natalia Petrovna, jealousy flares up. And she wants to give Vera for the old man. Rakitin believes that you need to advise the teacher to leave. Islaev comes. He sees his wife leaned on Rakitin’s shoulder, and clasps his handkerchief to his eyes. Mikhail Alexandrovich says that he

will explain everything later. Natalia Petrovna wants to tell Belyaev that he should leave, and also find out about what Vera like about him. After talking with the teacher, she understands that he does not like Faith. Isaev’s mother, Anna Semyonovna, also witnessed a scene that aroused jealousy in her son. About this Lizaveta Bogdanovna tells Shpigelsky, but calms and says that Rakitin was always a chatterbox.

Thanks to the occasion, Belyaev explained with Vera. It becomes clear to Vera that he does not love her. Vera realizes that Natalia Petrovna herself is in love with the teacher, that’s why she wants to give Vera the marriage for Bolshintsova. Belyaev still remains in the house. Vera realizes that Alexey Nikolaevich, he himself is in love with Natalya Petrovna. About this girl tells Natalia Petrovna. She becomes ashamed. And she decides that she will meet with Belyaev for the last time. She admits Belyaeva in love, and also says that he was jealous of Vera. Belyaev does not want to leave, but Natalia Petrovna insists that he leave. Belyaev has to leave. He leaves, but she unexpectedly quietly tells him to stay, and he embraces her, Rakitin comes to find out that Natalya Petrovna has decided about Belyaeva. She says she has not decided anything yet. Rakitin saw that, as Belyaev escaped. Islaev comes, and his face is noticeably surprised. He wants Rakitin to talk about their conversation with Natalya Petrovna. Isaev asks Rakitin, that he loves his wife. Rakitin wants to leave. Belyaev comes, and Mikhail Alexandrovich rakitin tells him about his decision.

At this time Natalia Petrovna asks Vera to forgive her and kneels before her. It’s hard for a girl to stay in this house. The girl asks Shpigelsky about whether Bolshintsov really is a good person. The doctor says it’s good. Faith says that he will marry him. Belyaev leaves and Vera sees Natalya Petrovna’s scene of despair that he did not even say goodbye to her. Faith tries to calm Natalya Petrovna. Islam found his wife in tears. He tells Rakitin that before telling her about his departure, it was necessary to prepare it.

Natalia Petrovna covers her face with her hands and runs out. Rakitin needs to go, they say goodbye to Isaev, but suddenly they find out that Aleksey Nikolayevich has disappeared somewhere. Rakitin says Belyaev’s departure. Islaev and Anna Semyonovna do not understand anything. Rakitin and Belyaev, and even Shpigelsky, left. There are only Schaff, the German teacher and Lizaveta Bogdanovna, who says that she also needs to leave.

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Summary “A Month in the Village” by Turgenev