Short description “Nedopes” by Koval

Part 1

At the fur farm “Mshaga”, Praskoviashka usually took care of the arctic foxes. Before the holidays, the director of the fur farm, Pyotr Yerofeyich Nekrasov, stripped her of the prize. This turned out to be a real blow for the employee – she already had her own plans for a prize, she wanted to help her sister with three children. All day she walked lost and, feeding the animals, for two she forgot to lock the cage. When it was lunch time, a metal bell rang through the fur farm. These arctic foxes began to “play on the plates” – twist their bowls-hollows. At this time, Praskovyushka also discovered the loss of two arctic foxes: Napoleon III, with a very valuable platinum-colored fur, and blue fox at number 116. Upon learning of the incident, Nekrasov was furious-the escape of a rare Arctic fox promised great losses, it was decided to look for fugitives.

First, the director Nekrasov and foreman Filin went on the search. They themselves

did not achieve anything and turned for help to the hunter Frol Nozdrachyov, who had the Davylon hound. The dog did not like the smell of fox, he only ran for a while on the trail, and then discovered a hare and with joy drove the animal. The fugitives could not be found.

In the meantime, Napoleon flew farther and farther from the fur farm. Freedom liked him, and nature seemed familiar, although earlier he had seen her only from his cell. Napoleon confidently fled forward, to the north, and One hundred and sixteenth followed him right. It was necessary to spend the nights in a badger hole, but Napoleon could not sleep – he felt danger and was ready in case of something to fight back.

At the fur farm was uneasy: everyone worried about the fugitives. It was decided to send the Marquis after them. The Marquis, an adult, a red-haired arctic fox, lived in a cage next to Napoleon. The Marquise was known as a wise and calm fox. “For the third time in his life, the Marquis was at liberty.” For the first time, like Napoleon, he fled and for three days poked about in the woods. “Hungry and

ripped, he returned to the farm.” A year later another fox, named Riesling, fled. and the trail of the fugitive could not be found, and then the director of Nekrasov came up with the idea to send the Marques after him, and the director understood that the Marquis, who had had a free life, would return to the farm, and indeed Marquis returned to dinner, followed by the exhausted Riesling. “

And the director did not fail: the Marques could find the foxes that had escaped and bring them back to the farm, but Napoleon did not want to return, and Hundred and Sixteenth had long been tormented by doubts. He wanted to eat, be warm, but still he decided to follow Napoleon, who so confidently led him somewhere. The fugitives never returned to their cells.

Arctic Foxes ran along a country road. A lorry was passing by. The chauffeur Shamov took One Hundred and Sixteenth for a gray fox, realized that it could be valuable, and caught, returned to the farm. He was extremely surprised when he received a reward for a fox, a bonus of 20 rubles.

Now Napoleon became more cautious, he was already running along the side of the road, so that in case of danger he could hide. But still two motorcyclists noticed him, again they took him for a fox and wanted to catch him. Napoleon was able to escape from them, and at the same time to drag the glove.

Himself not knowing how, Napoleon ran into the village of Kovylkino. There he fought with mongrels, and the carpenter Merinov separated the dogs and saved the fox, taking him for an English Spitz. In the tavern, no one wanted to shelter such a rare animal, and the carpenter had to take it to himself.

Napoleon was introduced to the family of Merinov – with his wife, Claudia Efimovna, with her daughter Vera, second-graders, and with the dog Palma. Napoleon had to live in the same kennel with Palma, but they became friends, Palma hospitably received her guest, treated them with deferred bones, and at night warmed them.

Part 2

In the morning the mongrels came to the palm tree, they recognized the Arctic fox. A fight broke out. Passed by the preschooler Lesha Serpokrylov dispersed the dogs, and at the same time led Napoleon. Lesha pictured himself as the head of the expedition, and Napoleon (he called him Filka) was supposed to lead people to the North Pole.

The last lesson was taking place, the preschool child was running around with the fox, trying not to feel the rope around his neck. At the drawing class, Vera glanced out the window and saw Lesha with her Tisha (she called the Arctic fox). After the lessons, she, along with Kolya’s classmate and art teacher Pavel Sergeevich, ran to save her Arctic fox. It turned out that a man had taken the beast from a preschooler, and was planning to kill Napoleon, to make his wife a collar. But Napoleon managed to save. It was decided to leave the beast for the night in school, in a rabbit cage, and return the farm in the morning. For the third night Napoleon was at large – his hair was no longer platinum, and the beast itself was more like a mongrel, not a proud arctic fox.

Morning in the schoolyard gathered a lot of children, everyone wanted to see a rare animal, which the cleaning lady called Sikimora. The director of the school, the Governor, did not like it. He broke up the disciples, and Kolya and Vera began to find out what kind of animal it was and where it came from. It was decided to call the fur farm.

Vera and Kolya became real celebrities in the school, incredible rumors began to spread about them about the animal. The second class decided that they should not give the fox to the farm – they would make a collar of it. They instructed preschooler Lesha to hide Napoleon in the bathhouse.

The disappearance of the Arctic fox was revealed when the director of Nekrasov arrived. Two directors, Nekrasov and the Governors, had a serious conversation with the students. The director of the fur farm explained to the guys that Napoleon is a rare Arctic fox, he lives to get a completely new species, and no one is going to make a collar out of him. The boys were even allowed to come to the farm and take care of the animals. Everyone agreed to give a fox, but in the bath it was not.

Lesha released the arctic fox so that he could run to the North Pole. The boys were disappointed, but they went to look for the beast. And Vera in an instant from a good and diligent girl-hero turned into an outcast: it was she who vouched for the preschooler.

Vera returned home and began to wonder whether she had acted properly when she fed Arctic Foxes, tied it, left it in her house? But soon all these thoughts were gone, and as if the mountain fell from the shoulders. And it was at this point that the girl saw Napoleon emerging from the kennel of Palma. The mountain again climbed on the shoulders of the Faith. It turns out, the Arctic Fox ran not to the North Pole, it ran into warmth and comfort.

Faith led Napoleon to the farm director. The Arctic Foxes were returned to the cage. In the evening Vera came to visit Lesha, the girl could not figure out if she had acted correctly.

“The evening dragged on for a long time, delayed, moved the night, but at last it swept to the ground, extinguished all the windows, and in the sky over the lonely pine, on the road woven from the smallest stars, Orion slowly rushed off, dimly burning red star on his shoulder, dagger, star point pointed at the water pump, marking over the black forests of the fur farm “Mshaga”.

The Arctic Foxes have long fallen asleep. Only the Marquis and Hundred and Sixteenth were rushing about the cells, rattling the gratings and looking, not looking up at Napoleon’s coiled ball.

This concludes the story of the lack of succession of Napoleon the Third. Add nothing more, except that exactly a month later the lack of success again fled. This time he did not stay anywhere and probably got to the North Pole. “

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Short description “Nedopes” by Koval