“Protection of Chick” Iskander in summary

Chick had a terrible trouble. The teacher of the Russian language Akaki Makedonovich said that he brought one of the parents to school. The teacher had a habit of writing grammar rules in verse form, and the pupils had to learn this poem, and at the same time the rule. Akaki Makedonovich was proud of his verse gift, the students laughed. This time the poem was such that Chick was simply shaking with laughter. And the teacher could not resist: “What’s so funny, Chick?” Since Chick did not yet have an idea of ​​the author’s vanity, he undertook to explain how ridiculous these verses are. And maybe Akaki Makedonovich could give a rebuke to the critic, but the bell rang. “I’ll have to talk to your parents,” he said. But it was impossible. For the aunt who brought up Chick and was proud of his good studies and behavior, The call to school would be an unthinkable shock. “What to do?” Chick thought desperately, secluded at the top of

the pear, where the vines formed a comfortable, springy bed.

Heavy thoughts did not prevent Chika from observing the life of their court. After Alikhan, a sweets merchant, returned from work, he sits now, his legs in a basin with hot water and plays backgammon with the Rich Tailor. Or for his crazy uncle Kolya, whose casual passer-by tries to find out some address, and Rich Portnoy chuckles, watching this scene. “Get off!” – Uncle Kolya finally said loudly in Turkish, brushing aside the passer-by. A small dictionary of Uncle Kolya, according to Chick’s calculations, was about eighty words from the Abkhaz, Turkish and Russian languages. With the passer-by spoke the Rich Tailor, and here Chika came up with a brilliant idea: he would take Uncle Kolya to school. You just have to get him out of the yard. The best way is to promise lemonade. Most of all, Uncle Kolya loves lemonade. But where to get the money? You will not ask at home. You need to solicit money from Onik’s friend. But what to offer in return? And Chick remembered about the tennis ball, stuck on the roof of the drainpipe, –

should it once wash away the rain.

Chik went to Onik: “I need forty kopecks, I’m selling you a tennis ball.” – “Is he already rolled out?” “No,” Chick said honestly, “but soon there will be showers, and he’ll jump out of the way.” “It’s still unclear whether it will roll out or not.” “It will roll out,” Chick said with conviction, “If you feel sorry for the money, then I’ll buy the ball from you later.” – “And when will you redeem?” “Onik,” I do not know, but after all, the longer I do not buy, the longer you will use a free ball. ” Onik ran for the money.

The next morning, choosing the moment, Chick went to Uncle Kolya, showed the money and loudly said: “Lemonade.” “Lemonade?” His uncle asked reassuringly. “Let’s go.” And added in Turkish: “The boy is good.”

On the street, Chick took a pre-packaged father’s jacket from his briefcase. “Can?” asked my uncle and looked cheerfully at Chick. Uncle bursting with joy. In the store, the seller Mesrop opened two bottles of lemonade. Uncle quickly poured a glass of boiling lemonade into a glass and drank it just as quickly. After the first bottle he took a breather and, slightly intoxicated with the drink, tried to explain to the seller that Chick was a pretty kind boy. After the second bottle, my uncle was delighted, and when they left the store, Chick pointed to the school: “Let’s go to school.”

The teacher was walking in front of the teacher’s room on the open veranda. “Hello, Akaki Makedonovich,” said Chick, “this is my uncle.” He does not hear well. ” The teacher, taking his uncle’s arm, began to walk along the veranda. Chick could hear the words: “What did he find funny in these verses? .. Affects the influence of the street.” On the face of his uncle, it was noticeable that he was pleased with the conversation that a serious adult with him was leading. “Street, street,” his uncle repeated in Russian the familiar word. “I hope, Chick, you realized your behavior,” the teacher finally stopped him. “Yes,” answered Chick. “I will not hide,” the teacher continued, “your uncle seemed strange to me.” – “He is illiterate.” – “Yes, it is noticeable.” And Chick started to take his uncle out of the school yard. Suddenly my uncle stopped at the column and began to wash his hands. Chick glanced sideways and, meeting Akakia Macedonovich’s puzzled look, shrugged slightly, as if letting him know that uneducated people always wash their hands as soon as a column comes under their hands. Finally, Chick led his uncle out into the street and directed him toward the house. Quick walk uncle removed. The bell rang, and the happy Chick ran to his class.

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“Protection of Chick” Iskander in summary