“Love Yarovaya” Treneva in brief summary

    Love Yarovaya is a teacher. Mikhail Yarovoi is her husband, a white officer. Pavel Petrovna Panova is a typist. Roman Koshkin is a commissar. Shvandya is a sailor. Khrushch, Groznoy, Mazukhin – assistants to Koshkin. Maxim Gornostaev is a professor. Elena Gornostayeva is his wife. Malinin, Kutov – colonels. Arkady Yelisatov – the leader of the rear. Dunka is a maid, then a speculator. Marya is a peasant woman. Semyon, Gregory – her sons. Folgin is a liberal man. The Baron. The Baroness. Chir et al.
Action first

Former rich mansion, where it is placed by the Revolutionary Committee. The Reds get a message that the Zheglovsky Bridge is already with the Whites. While the commanders are going to the meeting, Shvandya tells Panova how he saw Marx: he stands on the cruiser and calls on the sailors in French to fight against the bourgeoisie and the “ohvitseriev.” Panova tells him that Marx has long since died, but Schwanda

does not believe. At this time, Grozny approaches them in chamberlain trousers and begins to flirt with the typist Panova. She offers her jewelry, but she refuses.

The Gornostayevs come in and complain that their lodger cut all the chickens. Groznoy arrested Gornostayev as a representative of the counter. Shvandya remarks that Gornostayev is very similar to Marx. Elisatov releases Gornostayev, a prominent European professor. Koshkin is going to appoint a professor as a temporary commissioner of public education.

Mary complains to Schwanda that her sons left her alone. Lyubov Yarovaya enters and reports that White was yesterday seven versts away. Love argues with Panova. Panova says that her husband, an architect, died from a bite of lice, and the same louse ate the culture of Russia. The spring objection is that there are parasites worse than lice, they ate her husband and children, and culture can also be created

Love notices a towel in the Gornostayeva, in which she learns that she has given her husband her way. Koshkin decides to explode the same night Zheglovsky Bridge. Vihor was called. With

him, he took Khrushchev and Mazukhin. In conversation with Koshkin Panova blurted out that Gornostayev had gold. Koshkin finds a stolen gold from Groznov and shoots him.

The second action

The evacuation ends hastily. There is a battle outside the city. The bridge was not blown up, and Vihore did not return with people. Koshkin decides to stay here with Schwandey and try to blow up the bridge. He intends to keep in touch through Yarovoi. Gornostayeva notices Yarovoy and finds out in him his lodger, the Whirlwind. Love meets her husband, whom she considered dead. To the surprise of Gornostaeva, he appears to be Lieutenant Yarov. Love does not want to believe that her husband has become white. Introduce prisoners Khrushchev, Mazukhin and other Zhiglovites. Schwanda manages to persuade one convoy to kill the other and run to the Reds together.

Action third

Love and Kolosov want to find out when they will execute the Zhoglovs. Yarovoy insists on the destruction of the gang of Koshkin. Gornostayeva asks Yarovoy to release her husband, who was just arrested, taking him for Koshkin. The professors are free. Kolosov asks Panov to tell him the time of the execution, but Panova refuses to help him. Koshkin, dressed in a woman’s dress and threatening Panova with a revolver, demands that she say where the paper with the order for execution. The appearance of Jarova frightened Koshkin.

Panova flirted with the officers. Yarovaya asks Panova for help in releasing the Zhoglovs. Panova said that it would be a pleasure to strangle them. Malinin enters. The spring pretends to be a white supporter. Yarovoy wants to be with his wife, but Love can not forgive him for betraying the revolution. Elisatov runs in and reports that an attack on Colonel Kutov occurred. The criminal took the briefcase with papers.

Step Four

Yarovoy asks Malinin to be more attentive, since he is sure that Koshkin is here. Marya recognizes her son Semyon in the White Guard. He tells his mother that Grishka is with the Reds. Semyon is going to find him and kill him.

Gornostaev at all calls Elisatova a swindler and a desolator. Coming Volgin asks the professor to help him with advice: Folgin bit a louse and now he will die in 2 weeks. Kolosov suggests that Folgin save five people who must be hanged today, but the bitten one does not want to save the Bolsheviks.

Panova asks Lyubov whether she found a paper with Kutov’s order. Panova decides to take revenge on Yarovoy, but at this very moment Elisatov leads Panov to a dance. Chir, having overheard the conversation between Panova and Yarovoy, reports about him to Yarovoy.

Love agitates the population to help the Zhoglovites. Kolosov warns the commissioner that Yarovoy is hunting him. Koshkin leaves, saying that at the hour of the meeting with Yarovaya. Shvandya intends to raise the masses, but citizens want to beat the sailor. Shvandya asks “Marx” to help explain to the people what Bolshevism is. While people are talking to Gornostayev, Shvandya is hiding.

Gornostaev calls on Yarovsky to cancel the execution. Yarovoy does not agree. Gornostaeva drives away from Spring Dunka, where the professor now works as a watchman. Yarovoy informs Malinin that the front has been breached, the army is rapidly retreating, and evacuation is scheduled for tomorrow. Yarovoy wants to know from Panova, whom she serves and who harms. Panova responds that she does not serve anyone, but harms everyone he considers harmful. Panova hints that the wife is waiting for Yarovoi. Having installed Panova’s observation, Yarovoy runs to Lyubov. He swears to his wife in love. Love agrees to forgive him on condition that he will save the Zhoglovs. After that she meets in the wasteland with Koshkin. Yarovoy orders to surround the wasteland and lock up his wife at school. There is a skirmish between Yarov and Koshkin, Semyon and Gregory. The Bolsheviks are being arrested.

Step Five

Courtyard of the headquarters of the White Army. Sudden evacuation of whites. Zakatov, Gornostaev and the baroness swear because of the seats in the car. Yarovaya accuses Panov of betraying the Bolsheviks. Elisatov takes Panov with him.

Spring requires her husband to release the prisoners, he refuses. She blames herself for not having coped with her love for her husband and thus betrayed her comrades. Love threatens her husband with a revolver, then sends a muzzle on herself, but Yarovoy takes her weapons from her. Love is placed under the guard. The spring Pris Kolosova take out Love from the city. Shvandya frees Yarovoy by cunning.

The crowd is gathering at the prison. The spring agitates the people. Yarovoy orders Semyon to shoot Zhoglov, but the people take prison by storm. Shvandya runs into the headquarters and intends to arrest Yarovoy, but the white officer manages to escape. The patrol is running after him. Kolosov, disguised as a Yarovoy, decides to surrender to the patrol instead of him, but Love betrays her husband. Gregory kills his brother Seeds. Spring is arrested. Love with a moan turns away from him. Koshkin calls Yarovoi a faithful companion. Love answers: “I have only been a faithful companion since this day.”

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“Love Yarovaya” Treneva in brief summary