“Lilla Veneda” Slovak in summary

Sorceress Rose Veneda discusses in her earth grotto with Sister Lilla the course of the battle between the Venedian and Lechite tribes. Ecstatic visions reveal to Rose that her witchcraft does not help the Venedines win the battle, the homeland will be ruined and that Lilla will also die. Lilla cries, what causes Rosa’s wrath: how can you cry about yourself when the knights perish. Twelve elders come in with golden harps. They say that the father and brothers of Lilla and Rosa, the king of the Waredes of Dervid and his sons Lelum and Poleum, are taken prisoner, and that the golden harp of the leader of the Wends is also in the hands of the enemies. Rose decides to curse the prisoners. Then Lilla goes to rescue my father and brothers. Rosa, referring to the elderly bards, heralds that in three days there will be a terrible battle again. Only the harps of the elders – and above all the harp of King Dervid – will inflame the hearts of knights, and then the Wends will win

the battle. The witch summons the spirits and leaves to burn the bodies of the dead soldiers.

The leader of the victorious army, Lech, orders the captives to be brought. The Dervid is with a golden harp, his two sons are held in one chain by the arms. Lech sneers at them, even the high growth of the Venedas for the stunted Lech serves as a reason for ridicule. Lech Gwinon’s wife remarks that the harp must be magical. The captives are silent. The royal couple of winners decides to starve them until they speak.

At this time, Saint Gwalbert reasoned, being with his servant the Slug inside the gigantic skull serving as their dwelling, that he came to proclaim the Gospel, and then the conqueror broke in and destroyed all before they turned. Lilla enters, she asks for the help of a saint. He explains to her that she must give a vow of chastity and seek help from the Theotokos. After that, Lilla and St. Gulbert go to Lech. Left alone, Slyaz decides to look for a more satiated and fun life than the saint. He sets fire to the dwelling and leaves.

At this time, Gwinon and Lech are discussing what to do

with the prisoners. Gwinona asks to give them to her, and sends her husband to the hunt. Introduce Dervid – he does not part with the harp. Guinona is trying to get him to play the harp – she can not do it. In a rage, she orders to poke out the eyes of the old king. He is taken away, after which appear Saint Gulbert and Lilla. They ask for captives. Guinona said with indifference that her daughter was late. Introduce the blinded Dervid. In despair, Lilla defies Guinea, promising three times to save her father from death. Guinona tells him to hang the old man by the hair so that his feet almost touch the ground.

The Slyaz falls on the battlefield, where Roza Veneda burns the dead bodies of the dead. Rosa predicts the rogue and cynical servant of his role in the tragedy. After parting with the witch, the Slug stumbles upon a dying knight – this is the favorite knight of Lech Salmon. The Slug finishes him, puts on his armor and goes to Lech. Lilla Veneda tries to save her father. Despair tells her a terrible thought: let her brother throw an ax so that she will cut off the hair on her father’s head. Lech and Gwinona agree. They lead the chains of Lelum and Poleum. Lilla begs her brother to throw an ax. Reluctantly, Pollum throws an ax – and his father was saved for the first time.

The emerging Slyaz claims that he is Salmon, but that he was bewitched by a witch on the battlefield. The Knights believe him. Only Guinea is convinced that this is some kind of deceiver. She again orders Dervid to lead – she wants to make him play the harp. Again in a frenzy she comes up with a new execution: he orders to throw him into a tower with snakes. Lech and the knights begin to suspect that Salmon – not Salmon in fact and decide to try it. The Slyaz stands at the gate, he is afraid that his deception will open, he does not know what to do, and then Saint Gulbert appears at the gate. The Slave deceit changes his clothes with him, leaves him on duty, and runs himself. The knights seize the saint and want to kill him for allegedly pretending to be Salmon. He is carried to the tower with snakes – and forget about him, amazed at the opening picture: Lilla Veneda plays the harp, the snakes settle around her and listen, the enchanted, emaciated elder is sleeping in a deep sleep. “What to do?” the Knights ask Lech. He orders us to take the old man and starve him to death.

Two days later, Lilla Veneda comes to the castle in a simple shirt and a wreath of water lilies on her head. She begs Guinean to let her go to her father. Leh asks his wife to give in to the girl’s requests and, when they miss her, says that their son was taken prisoner to the Venedines. Despair of parents, screams of Guinea, Lech gathers soldiers to beat off his son.

The Slyaz, who escaped the Lechites, is sent to seek a better share of the Venedi. He ponders the options for false information, including the death of the king. He intends to get food for himself by the Russians.

And in the hall where Lech and Guinona are killed about their son, enters the triumphant Lilla. She saved her father from starving to death, feeding him with edible stems of water lilies, a custom known to the people of her tribe. Veneda asks them to let them go with her father. But the insidious Guinona tells Dervia to choose, he will take the harp with him or take his daughter away. Lilla persuades her father, Gwinon, Lech – and eventually leads his father away, promising that he will return for the harp with Lehony, the prisoner of the Venedines.

Witch Rose Benedict predicts that in the new battle the harp of Dervid will bring victory. At this time lead the Slyaz, who informs the false news about the death of Dervid. Rosa immediately kills Lehonya. After that, Dervid and Lilla come. “Where’s the harp?” the sorceress asks her sister. She replies that she is in the mortgage for her son. Upon learning of his death, Lilla goes to death to Gwinona. She takes the slug with her so that he brings the harp.

When Lilla appears on the doorstep alone, Gwinona, realizing that her son is dead, suffocates Venedin. The slug bears the wends of the harp in a case. But when, surrounded on all sides by the Lechites, the Wenedes open the case, they find there the body of the dead Lilla. Dervid dies of despair. Gibnet in the battle of Guinon. Lelum and Polloum are dying. At the fireplace of their funeral pyre Rosa Venedi rakes the ashes, finds a chain, which they were constrained, and throws it at the feet of Lech with the words: “Look what’s left of your slaves.”

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“Lilla Veneda” Slovak in summary