“Hrani’s Ratnawali” in brief summary

The storm broke the ship on which the daughter of King Lanka Ratnavali was sailing, intended for the wife of the king of the Vats Udayana. Grasping at the board, Ratnavali escaped, and, found on the shore, she was placed under the name of Sagarika in the care of the first wife of Udayana, Queen of Vasavadatta.

At the solemn celebration in honor of the god of love of Kama, which takes place at the court of Udayana, Sagarika meets the king for the first time and falls in love with him, seeing in him the true incarnation of Kama. Secluded in a banana grove, she paints a portrait of her beloved, and her friend, the servant of Queen Susamgata, finds her. Susamgata immediately guessed about the feelings of Sagariki and next to the portrait of Udayana draws on the drawing board her own portrait. At this time, the palace rises turmoil because of an outraged monkey from the cage, and the girlfriends hide in a grove, in fright forgetting the drawing board. It is found Udayana and his clown

Brahmana Vasantaka. The king can not contain his admiration, admiring the portrait of Sagariki, and when the girlfriends return to take the picture, ardently explained to Sagarika in love and, to his great joy,

As soon as Sagarika leaves, Vasavadatta appears and, in turn, finds a drawing board, which Vasantaka has lost. Brahman clumsily tries to explain the similarity of portraits with Udayana and Sagarika by mere chance, but the queen guessed what had happened and withdrew, enamored. It establishes a constant monitoring of Udayana and Sagarika, so that Vasantanta and Susamgata have to make every effort to arrange a new date for lovers. So that the servants do not suspect anything, they decide to dress Sagarika in Vasavadatta’s dress. However, the queen knows about it in time and is on the first date. Accepting his wife for a disguised Sagariku, the king turns to her with words of love, and Vasavadatta, catching him in treason and showering with angry reproaches, quickly leaves. After a while she, however, begins to repent, that she treated Udayana too severely, and returned to make peace with him. However,

this time he finds his husband hugging Sagarik: he just pulled her out of the loop, because she wanted to end her life when she heard about the anger of Vasavadatta. Now Vasavadatta does not even want to think about reconciliation; insulted, she orders to imprison Sagarika.

Meanwhile, an ambassador from the king of Lanka arrives at Udayana’s court and informs Udayana that his master sent his daughter Ratnavali to the king of the Watts, who disappeared after the shipwreck. At the same time, the invited great magician gives a presentation in the palace. He creates the illusion of the appearance in the palace hall of the gods of Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and Indra, demigods – gandharvas and siddhas. Suddenly a fire broke out. Udayana rushes into the inner chambers of the palace and takes Sagarika out of her hands. It turns out that a sudden fire is also an illusion of the magician, but, to everyone’s surprise, the ambassador from Lanka learns of her princess Ratnavali, taken out of the fire of Sagarika. Wise Minister Udayana Yaugandharayana explains to the audience that the events that have taken place: the disappearance of Ratnavali, the appearance of her in the palace under the name Sagariki, the ardent attraction of each other to Udayana and Sagariki-Ratnavali, – all this is the fruit of his intention to conclude between the king of Wats and the princess of Lanka, the marriage of love is a marriage that, according to the sages of the sages, will provide Udayans with power over the whole world. Now for such a marriage there are no obstacles left.

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“Hrani’s Ratnawali” in brief summary