Bylina “Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin Zmeevich” in brief

The young hero Alyosha Popovich and his servant Ekim drive up to the stone, on which it is written, where three roads lead: to Tugarin, to Vuyandin and to the Kiev prince Vladimir. Well done they decide to go to Vladimir.

Vladimir is having a feast in Kiev. The prince puts Alyosha in a place of honor. Alyosha Popovich sees how thirty heroes are brought to Tugarin’s house. They put him next to the wife of Prince Vladimir, and Tugarin puts his head on her breast.

Tugarin and Alyosha are served half a bucket of wine. Alyosha drinks on the sly, and Tugarin drinks in one spirit. Alyosha Popovich is offered a swan to white and Tugarin on a platter, too. Bogatyr eats little by little and gives half to his servant, and Tugarin Zmeevich swallows a swan in one fell swoop. Turning to the servant, Alyosha Popovich recalls that his father, the priest of Leonti of Rostov, had a gluttonous dog that choked with a swan bone and died. And with Tugarin, concludes Alyosha, tomorrow will

be the same. Alyosha still remembers about his father’s greedy cow – she also choked with bone. And again he says that the same thing will happen to Tugarin. Tugarin Zmeevich, hearing these words, with vexation throws an Alyosha knife, but the agile servant Ekim picks up the knife on the fly. The hero summons Tugarin to battle.

The whole city guarantees that Tugarin will win, but Prince Vladimir vouches for Alesha.

Bogatyr asks the servant to see if Tugarin has already left for the field. Ekim sees that Tugarin flies on paper wings, and around him there are fiery serpents. Alyosha goes to church and prays to God for the rain to wet Tugarinov’s paper wings.

A terrible cloud comes, and Tugarin Zmeevich falls to the ground: his wings are wet. Alyosha Popovich approaches Tugarin, and he threatens to burn the hero with fire, strangling him with smoke. In response, Alyosha reproaches Tugarin: “What are you driving Tugarin for?” In surprise Tugarin Zmeevich turns around, and Alyosha cuts off his head.

Bogatyr sticks Tugarin’s head on a spear, sits on his horse

and goes to the city. Princess, Vladimir’s wife, seeing Alyosha from a distance, expresses the hope that this Tugarin won and carries Aleshin with his head.

Arriving at the prince’s chambers, Alyosha Popovich throws his head at the window and mockingly screams at the princess that she should take Alyosha’s head. The prince offers honors to the bogatyr. To this Alyosha answers that if Prince and Princess had not been his uncle and aunt, he would have called the prince a pimp, and the princess – and worse.

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Bylina “Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin Zmeevich” in brief