Brief description “Quench My Sorrows” Vasilyeva

In the novel there is a dispute that there is observance of historical traditions. Justifying the commemorating wide celebrations of the coronation, the general observes: “A people without historical traditions turns into a crowd of wannak who do not remember their kinship.” Roman Trifonovich Khomiakov argues that a great tradition and great honor is caring for his subjects, and not parades with illuminations. The absence of genuine concern for the people of the authorities caused the Khodyn tragedy. Prepared 400 LLC gifts for the entire population of Moscow was too small, and this already hid the cause of the crush. In addition, no measures have been taken to ensure the safety of people. The magnificence, splendor of the “sacred coronation” is the main concern of the imperial court.

Is Kaliayev right, who saw the main culprit of the tragedy in the person of Prince Sergei Aleksandrovich, governor-general of Moscow?

To some extent

right. Sergei Aleksandrovich, as Governor-General, is responsible for order in the city and the security of citizens, especially during the period of mass events. He is also responsible for the reluctance to break the tradition and invite the emperor to suspend the coronation celebrations. Kalyaev is wrong in that he blames only the Grand Duke. Guilty system based on the indifference of the authorities to the people and their destinies.

The novel touches upon the problem of political terror. How does the author relate to the heroes who have taken the path of terror? Why did this happen to Kaliayev?

The author sympathizes with people who have embarked on the path of terror, as individuals, with sympathy speaks about their human qualities. It is no accident that Mashenka and Ivan put in a situation of the most difficult choice, when together with the object of the planned terrorist act, the children turn out to be. One sacrificed her own life, the other for the time canceled the execution of the plan. Ivan Kaliayev was not a born criminal. On the way of murder of the mayor, he rose from despair:

the state did not punish the perpetrators of the tragedy, on the contrary, covered their guilt. Finding no other way, Kaliayev devotes his life to vengeance for the mountains of dead people and thousands of tormented hearts. And in this lies a warning to society: evil, indifference give rise to reciprocal evil. The novel rejects the idea of ​​political terror, as well as mass revolutions.

What is the significance of the image of Masha Oleksina in the novel?

The incursion character – Mashenka Oleksina, one of the first revolutionary terrorists – has a significant significance in the novel. Its image shows the incompetence of terrorism as a way of fighting for freedom. She had already set in motion a bomb destined for the Ufa governor, but seeing that he was sitting in a sleigh with the children, covered her with her own body and perished by the explosion itself.

How do you understand the words of the writer that for Russia the starting point for the new century was the “sacred coronation of the reigning monarch”, and “the inhabitants of the second Russian capital and especially the Moscow intelligentsia did not become the starting point of the coronation, but the Khodyn tragedy”?

Official assessments of the events of the late XIX century differed from the opinion of the Moscow intelligentsia. The Khodyn tragedy undoubtedly left a huge imprint on the further course of history, having begun a long series of catastrophes of the 20th century: wars, revolutions, local non-vanishing conflicts, natural catastrophes. In the mouth of Nadenka, who had hard survived the death of people in the Khodynka field, the author puts the prophetic words: “Khodynka bell was a bell in Russia”.

Analyze the dialogue between Elisaveta Fedorovna and Ivan Kaliayev. What is its meaning? How can you understand the words of the Grand Duchess: “Who will assess our debts? People? God? The future?”

Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fedorovna, subsequently canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church for her great martyr’s feat, came to Kaliayev to take care of the salvation of his soul. Between them there is a dialogue about duty. Kaliayev realizes that he caused her grief, but claims that he fulfilled his duty. He is ready to accept the death penalty, pardon for him is unacceptable – his and the power is shared by the Khodyn tragedy. The question of Elisaveta Fedorovna contains doubts about Kaliayev’s right to fulfill this duty. Who can give a person the right to judge others and dispose of someone else’s life? By donating the icon of the Mother of God “Wear My Sorrows” and promising to pray for him, she calls for humility of the soul, for cleansing herself and her conscience before God, and also hopes for the peace of mind that this miraculous icon will bring him.

What do you see the meaning of the title of the novel “Soothe my sorrows.”?

The main heroine of the novel Nadya Oleksina, shocked by the tragedy in the Khodynka field and feeling her guilt for the death of Fenichka, confesses before the icon of Our Lady “Soothe my sorrows”, known for its help to people in the days of mass disasters. Confession brings heroine relief, humility and, in the future, a pious family life with Vikenty Kornelievich Vologodov.

The novel not only gives pictures of the Khodynka crush, but also contains deep reflections on the Russian intelligentsia, on the future fate of Russia. The title of the novel, based on the name of the miraculous icon, has a symbolic meaning. The author seeks to quench the sorrows of our long-suffering homeland, its long-suffering people.

Why is the novel “Quench My Sorrows.”, Dedicated to the events of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, is addressed to today’s reader?

Today’s era for Russia, especially the years of the creation of the novel, is a crisis period. The social order has changed, moral and cultural values ​​have been deformed, armed conflicts have arisen and are continuing. It was in those years, as Boris Vasiliev believes, that a sober historical analysis of the past, especially the miscalculations made by the authorities, is important, in order to avoid in the future the opposition of the people and power, arbitrariness and lawlessness leading to bloodshed. In this sense, the novel “Quench My Sorrows…” can be regarded as a warning.

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Brief description “Quench My Sorrows” Vasilyeva