Biography of Greg Maddax

Greg Maddacks is an American baseball player, was born in the city of San Angelo, Texas.

For his biography, Greg Maddox played with the teams “Chicago Cubs”, “Atlanta Braves”, both times in the national league.

The baseball player was famous for his subtlety, control, preferring these qualities to strength and speed. Greg Maddaks has won more than 300 victories. Maddox won the Su Young award as the best pitcher for four consecutive years, becoming the first to do so. The awards of 1994, 1995 were assigned to Greg by unanimous vote. Such titles and honor put Greg Maddaks on a par with Sandy Koufax.

The constantly winning pitcher set the average number of legitimate runs at 1.80 in two successful seasons of 1994, 1995. He was the first who did this after Walter Johnson in 1918-19. The percentage of victories in the biography of Greg Maddaks was 0.905 in 1995, when Maddax helped the Braves become champions in US competitions. This is the highest number ever achieved by pitchers in a single season.

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Biography of Greg Maddax