“Alexandrian sheikh Ali Banu and his slaves” Gauf in brief summary

The Alexandrian sheikh Ali Banu was very rich, but very unhappy man: the Franks took his son Kayram, and the boy had no news, and his wife died of grief. Every year, on the day of Kayram’s abduction, the sheikh cleaned the house as a holiday, for the dervish said that on the same day the son would return home and convene guests who comforted the sheikh with fairy tales.

Little Longnose

In Germany, lived shoemaker Frederick. His wife Hannah and son Jakob successfully traded on the market with vegetables. When an ugly old woman approached their tray, Jacob was angry with her finickyness and criticized the woman for this old woman who promised that he would become the same. When Jacob helped her to carry the bags, in her house, where the guinea pigs and squirrels served, the old woman fed him with a delicious soup. He fell asleep and saw a dream about how he served the old woman as a squirrel for 7 years, and even became an excellent cook. When the boy woke up and

returned to the market, it turned out that it really took 7 years, and he turned into an ugly dwarf. Parents did not recognize and did not believe him. Jakob found a job as an assistant to the chief of the kitchen for the dukes. The Duke ate his concoction and praised him. Once the dwarf among other things bought a goose Mimi enchanted girl in the market. She helped him cook “

We return to the palace of the sheikh. The four young men whom the old man had visited here discussed the charm of fairy tales and tried to discover what their charms are, maybe, they described an unknown beautiful world more attractive than the real one? The old man remembered the novels, where nothing supernatural happens, where the art with which the image of the hero is transferred is important, his character.

Young Englishman

Then the next narrator began his story. In a small town Grunvizel appeared a visitor who led a secretive way of life, which gave rise to a lot of conversations on his account. However, after visiting the town with a circus, he brought his nephew = a foreigner who, after teaching the dances and

the local language, was introduced to the society. Despite the terrible manners and strange behavior, the guy conquered the city all found him cute, the youth even inherited his manners. At the concert, which ends the winter evenings, the nephew was to take a duet with the daughter of the mayor. Krasavchek began to sing well, very fake, and when he was completely razuliganyanis, the buhomist weakened the knot of his neck scarf on the advice of his uncle. When the raging nephew was caught, it turned out that under the clothes and wig hiding an orang-out from a wandering circus. In the house of the stranger only a letter was found, in which he explained that he did not want to wallow in local customs, and therefore left his deputy. Obezyan was left to the scientist, who owned the study of natural history.

On the same day, the sheikh released slaves, hoping thereby to deserve the mercy of Allah for his son. The old man turned out to be a learned dervish Mustafa. He introduced the boys to the sheikh, and he promised to fulfill their desires: he allowed one to manage his books, some entertainments, the third to amuse himself with the help of his dancers and musicians, and decided to sponsor the trips of the fourth.

History of Almanzora

His story began the last slave of those who were supposed to let go. On the ship of the Algerian pirates, along with the narrator was a young man, it seemed to him, born not for slave clothes. He said that he was taken from a noble family and taken away by the Franks. Listeners began to resent this story cruel to the sheikh, but he asked the narrator to continue. So: although the Franks promised to send Almanzora home, he was brought to Franconia and showed in the guise of a guarantee of peace with Egypt saying, the father sent his son to study in a friendly country. Almanzora was lodged with a doctor who taught the boy to local customs. But Almansor was a frequent visitor to an old orientalist who arranged “eastern talks” with a guy. The Franks elected the king of the general, who was friends with Almansor as far back as the Frankish camp in Egypt. The young man accidentally met him, not knowing about the appointment, and asked to get acquainted with one of the nobles, that he put in a word for him before the king. And then when they entered the hall full of people, and only his friend did not take off his hat, Almansor realized who his acquaintance really was. The emperor sent him to Egypt, but the ship was captured by the British, then by Tunisian pirates. The young man fell into slavery and was bought by his own father

So the sheikh found a son, and Kayram’s father. Four of the young people sheikh introduced to his son and invited them to visit and entertain him. The youths thought that if they had not had a conversation with the old man, they would have missed their chance.

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“Alexandrian sheikh Ali Banu and his slaves” Gauf in brief summary