A brief summary of “The Story of Alexander the Russian Nobleman”

Once upon a time in Moscow, the capital of Russian lands, a nobleman of noble bloods named Dimitri. He was distinguished by a good temper and mercy, for which God gave him a beautiful son, whom he called Alexander.
The boy was easily given science, but he prefers entertainment to teaching. And somehow, when he was twelve years old, he decided to go traveling the world, and went to his father to ask for permission. No matter how he was persuaded or implored, the young adventurer was adamant. His parents let him go, having given a couple of gold rings with diamonds, having sentenced them never to part with them.

Alexander took one servant, mounted his horse and set off. I got to Paris, and on the way I heard stories and the city of Lille, and interest prompted him to visit this city. Only after glancing, the young man realized, that he must either achieve glory and honor here, or die as an unknown traveler. Having rented an apartment next to the pastoral home, he healed carelessly,

indulging in entertainment, and after a while earned a reputation as an interesting and attractive gentleman.

Once Alexander fell into despair, took the flute, and began to play on it a sad melody. These sounds were heard by Eleanor’s pastoral daughter, and, listening under the window, she sent a servant to find out who was playing it. The maid came to Alexandra’s quarters, and asked the servant who played so charmingly. The servant replies that his lord gets rid of boredom. Hearing voices, Alexander left the room, but how did he know that the pastor’s daughter showed interest in him, jumped out onto the street to look at her, and when he saw, noted the extraordinary beauty of her.
The maid advises the young man to write a letter with confessions of love, which he does. Having received the hopeful answer, Alexander immediately got rid of the anguish, but began to reproach himself that he indulged in only pleasures without accomplishing anything meaningful.
However, he did not scold himself for long. Having persuaded a familiar merchant to start a reception, the young man sat

down with Eleanor for a table. All through the night they played cards, Alexander sang his aria passion and whispered fiery speeches. Eleanor vowed to love him forever, only he must swear an oath of loyalty. A young man writes an oath with blood, moreover he gives a promise not to leave the walls of his apartment, however, these victims were nothing compared to the love of Eleanor.

So the happy passed three years. For the fourth year, Eleanor began to let Alexander out of the city, being sure of his loyalty. Here he was waiting for Hedvig Dorothea, the general’s daughter. She overtook him in the open field and, bringing the blade, began to threaten to kill herself, if Alexander does not fulfill her desire to enjoy it. The young man could not resist her pleas, and the desire to life embodied. On his return home, Alexander fell asleep with a heroic sleep, and missed the time of the night meeting with Eleanor. Torn with anxiety, she ran to her lover, and heard him muttering the name of Hedvig Dorothea in a dream. Immediately the girl understood what had happened. For a long time the girl lamented, she criticized the gentleman for impermanence. So strong was her grief that the light of life began to fade in her, and after a while Eleanor left this world.

A strong blow struck Alexander’s death Eleanor. On the day of the burial, he walked behind the coffin, bursting into tears. Then, taking leave of the deceased, he took the ring in his mouth, and dropped it at the right cheek of the deceased. The young man undertook to bury the grave and level it with his own hands.
After a while, Alexander moved to Paris, where his mind captivates Tirr, the daughter of the royal marshal. But she only plays by reading Alexander’s love letters. In the end, he asks her to either answer love, or finish it off. To which he receives an answer that there is nothing between them before the legal wedding, and if he wants to continue to communicate with her, then let him make an oath with blood, that he will love her like a relative until the ties of marriage tie them together. Young people exchange vows. But the development of relations hampered many detractors, because of which the couple is forced to leave Paris, while a loyal friend of Alexander, Vladimir accompanies them. Tirra takes an armor, a spear and a sword, after which the group leaves.
On the way to the travelers, bandits attack, young men fearlessly give them a rebuff. But in the dark forest, travelers lose each other, and continue the path one by one. Alexander wandered for a long time, not knowing the way, and meets a dying knight who turned out to be the famous “Knight of Wrath”. He promises a young man armor, for this he is asked to bury him in a human way.

Alexander goes to Egypt to admire the pyramids, then to England, where he participates in knight tournaments. At the Fleet holiday, Alexander exchanges glances with the Admiral’s daughter. Learning of this, the admiral throws him into confinement, from which the young man with great difficulty gets out through the tunnel. After this story, Alexander takes the road to Malta, where he reunites with Tyrra, who was an ordinary servant in Spain.
After a week of celebrations, the couple decides to return to Russia. Alexander’s friend, Knight Tigranor, escorts them to Amsterdam, where they take the ship to Russia. In the sea, a storm happens, but the ship can withstand the onslaught of the elements and drop anchor. But then, out of nowhere, robbers fly in, rob a ship, Tirru is sold into slavery to a Chinese merchant, and Alexander and others are sold to Florida. People there turn out to be cannibals, they fed the young man as a beast for slaughter. However, before the execution Alexander himself manages to take away the knife and shred the nearest enemies, and then hide in the forest.

Long days and nights he went to Egypt, from where he returned to Malta. Having waited there for the faithful companion, knight Tigranor, he goes to save Tyrrus from captivity.
They succeed, and the three of them return to France. At the same time, Vladimir appears. However, the stories were not destined to end well. Bathe in the sea on his way to Russia, Alexander sinks. Tirra, unable to bear it, plunges the blade into himself. Lovers are buried together. Here, Hedvig-Dorothea is declared, which has crushed Alexander’s happiness with Eleanor. Having learned about everything, her mind dwarfs anger, she digs out the corpse of Tirra and jumps with him into the abyss.
Vladimir arrives in Russia and informs Alexander’s parents about the fate of his son, trying to console them with all his might. Those after many days of sorrow have elected Vladimir the heir, instead of the deceased son.

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A brief summary of “The Story of Alexander the Russian Nobleman”